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THE SNATCHER, a short film by Maria Gordillo's video poster

What if a bag snatcher is chased by a guy who just never gives up? Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on October 6, 2012.

What if a bag snatcher is chased by a guy who just never gives up?

New York, NY Shorts
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A guy snatches a girl’s bag in an East Village café. Her boyfriend starts chasing the bag snatcher. The race goes on for miles, as neither of them is willing to give up. The girl’s phone rings. The situation shifts from that moment on…


We have been developing this project for a few months and we are now ready to shoot. We have a great storyboard, the shot list, our locations, part of our crew and last but not least the cast!

We are planning to shoot the first week of October (3 days), when our two lead actors and models, Yuri Pleskun and Michael Borne are available. That way, they won't have to run in the snow: winters in New York can be pretty tough...


WRITER & DIRECTOR - Maria Gordillo’s background is in creative advertising. She holds a degree from the Advertising University of Madrid. She led an impressive career as a Creative Copy writer at BBDO Madrid, Euro RSCG NY among other major advertising agencies, working for brands including Verizon, Wendy’s, Home Depot, Smart Car, Canal+, Heineken and DirecTV… Developing a deep understanding of how to effectively craft good stories that engage all kinds of audiences. 

Maria left advertising to study film in New York at Columbia University. She has since embarked upon a series of personal projects both writing and directing, and finished writing her third feature film, a black comedy. 

PRODUCER - Marta Garcia Larriu is a Young international producer. She fell into this crazy world by chance about 7 years ago, and keeps on doing it at the heart of Paradoxal INC. 

She has since participated in 6 feature films, produced 4 documentaries, amongst others : award winning Under The Green Sun directed by Chantal lasbath. Her 5 short films have also been award winning pièces, the last one La Migala filmed in Spain and directed by Jaime Dezcallar, won best short at the Boston Film Festival and Ovation TV Short film fest. It was also an official sélection at the NYFF. Marta has filmed over 20 commercials both in the US and in Spain. Her latest adventures involve producing award winning shows such as Master Chef and Amazing Race. 

She has always kept her eyes wide open for great stories and hopes nothing more and nothing less than to entertain people with some food for the soul. 

PRODUCER - Lucie Moreau, born and raised in Paris, started her career in a renowned French independent production company, Agat Films. Over the course of 3 years, she developed more than 20 feature films, documentaries and shorts, such as Robert Guediguian’s Army of Crime (Cannes Film Festival, 2009), Marina de Van’s Don’t Look Back (Cannes Film Festival, 2009), Lucas Belvaux’s Rapt (Rendez-vous with French Cinema – New York, 2010) and The Invisible Eye by Diego Lerman (Director’s Fortnight – Cannes, 2010). 

Excited by American perspectives and Paradoxal’s projects, she joined Gaetan Rousseau’s team at the end of 2010. She is now head of development and Producer.

PRODUCER - Miguel Ángel Fernández started his career as a producer for BBDO SPAIN, working with clients like El País, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Smart, Barclays and Nestlé for a period of five years. In 2009 he joined the User t38 team as an executive producer, a position that he still holds. Among his clients are Coca Cola, Mahou - San Miguel Group, ING Direct, Unilever, Telefónica Movistar... Miguel has also collaborated with movie directors like Gabe Ibáñez (movies “Hierro” starring Elena Anaya) and Alejandro Amenábar (Movies “the Others” starring Nicole Kidman, “The sea Inside” starring Javier Bardem”, “Open your eyes” starring Penélope Cruz)


As we move forward we have locked and incredible DP Eric Lin to picture our wonderful film. With a vast experience in short film and a unique sensibility, we feel very lucky to have him! 

Take a look at his work and you will see, we are in for a real treat:


Paradoxal INC is a production company specialized in enhancing any audiovisual idea you can dream of. 

Founded in 2000 by Gaetan Rouseau, the production company and its principles have produced and overseen hundreds of projects from feature films to corporate videos enhancing the production and creative value in unforgettable ways. Familiar with the American methods and an expert in european sensibility Paradoxal INC created a whole new concept of intercontinental production. Paradoxal quickly became a reference in the new world of audiovisual. 

 Within various projects, Paradoxal INC has collaborated with such noticeable artists as Booba, Saya, Cunnie Williams, El canto del Loco, Tony Parker, Sean Connery, Johnny Halliday and many more. Proven a valuable asset to advertising agencies we have also collaborated for prestigious brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Van Cleef and Arpel, David Yurman, Lacoste, Marithe Francois Girbaud, Lipton, Sodexho, Coty among others. Paradoxal INC is also developing a slate of 5 feature films.


User T38 is a company founded in 2001 and conceived from the very beginning as a design, traditional animation and 3D CGI studio, interested in research and development of unusual techniques in the advertising and film industry fields. Since then, User T38 has been expanding progressively and has become a reference production and post-production company in Spain. Nowadays User T38 has enough human and technical resources to cope with any aspect of the audiovisual creation process, even creating in some cases new workflows and standards.


The Snatcher is an action movie. We will follow two young men as they run through New York City. To make this short film as exciting as we envision it, and to make this race as surprising and visually impressive as possible, we need expensive equipment. This is why we are aiming to raise $12,000. In addition to the help we will get from Paradoxal (production company) and User T38 (post-production company), this money will allow us to rent a dolly, a jib, and all the camera equipment. We’ll be able to pay the crew and to get everything we need on set (props, costumes, make up…) Most importantly it will provide food for the 3 days of the shoot; because no crew can work on an empty stomach!


  • Because you’ve never witnessed a chase and this is your chance to come on set and live it! 
  • Because you want to see your name on the big screen. 
  • Because you like to run. 
  • Because you thought grandpa was gambling all those years, guess what ! He was stashing it in that stuffed cat he gave you. 
  • Because you want to be part of an awesome film crew. 
  • Because that weird Tarot reader lady said you were going to help a runner in the next few days. 
  • Because you once got your bag snatched.
  • Because Martin Scorcesse said ‘No thanks, I’m good…’ 
  • Because you secretly wish you could snatch a bag.


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    You helped the Snatcher run 40 feet; you get our gratitude and love!
    Your name will be in the credits under the “Special Thanks” section and we will send you a Snatcher sticker because you are now part of the team!

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    Now the Catcher may have a chance to impress his girlfriend and catch the Snatcher! You helped him run 55 feet and he would hug you if he weren’t in such a rush… You will get all of the above and a postcard with the map of the chase so you know where to find us!

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    Thanks to you, the Snatcher just ran 100 feet! He might have a chance to escape and for that he worships you. In addition to all of the above you will receive a digital download of the film.

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    You are the Catcher’s hero! Thanks to your generosity, he ran 190 feet and is getting closer to the Snatcher. We would like to express our gratitude by sending you a DVD of the movie in addition to all of the above. Please add $10 to ship overseas.

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    Wooow, the Snatcher just ran 280 feet! You are his true buddy and as such, you will receive the coolest “How To Snatch A Bag” poster (plus of course all of the above! – please add $10 to ship overseas)

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    The Catcher would kiss you right away to show his gratitude! That is if he weren’t all sweaty from the run… After all he just did a 375 feet sprint! You will receive all of the above in a tote bag with a beautiful design. The Snatcher’s dream! Please add $10 to ship overseas.

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    560 feet: this is serious business here! The Snatcher might have a chance to escape on the Williamsburg Bridge…We invite you to have your picture taken on the set (transportation not included). In addition to all of the above, you will be credited as our Generous Snatcher, Catcher or good old Producer!

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    The Catcher just ran 900 feet. Thanks to you he is now the Snatcher’s worst nightmare! In addition to all of the above, we would like to invite you to the Premiere of the film and to the after party (transportation not included). We will give you that hug and serve you the best tapas in New York!

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    The Snatcher ran an additional 2,900 feet. The East Village seems so far away now… You are the Snatcher’s guardian angel! In addition to all of the above, you will receive behind the scenes pictures throughout the shoot so you can follow the entire process.

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    The Catcher can’t thank you enough, you just helped him run 3,750 feet! The Catcher is getting so close to the Snatcher he can smell him! In addition to all of the above, we would like to credit you as Executive Producer.

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    1 mile! No kidding… The Snatcher can’t believe the Catcher is still behind him. Each member of the crew would like to give you a high five. In addition to all of the above, we would like to send you the first cut of the short and get your feed back!

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    You made the Snatcher run 1,5 miles. At that point, he is not sure if he loves you or hates you but the whole crew definitely worships you! In addition to all of the above, we’d like to invite you (and a guest of your choice) to diner at the delicious restaurant the Snatcher and Catcher end up when they are done running (transportation not included). And as a Special thank you to the 3 first ones we'd like to send you a unique photographic print (9’’ x 12’’) of one of our amazing New York locations, shot by the extremely talented fashion photographer Gregory Harris.(

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