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Become a gear and master the twisting, turning, dangerous world of machines in this award winning mobile game.

Update 11/11 - Digital Rewards & Ask Me Anything | Update 11/8 - Goal Reached! & Multi-platform | Update 11/5 - Level Editing!  |  Update 10/31 - Happy Halloween!  |  Update 10/27 - Hard At Work!  |  Update 10/21 - Thanks for $10k!

Reached! - $15,000 - Axle is released on the Android Phone

Next Goal - $22,000 - Axle is released on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Ouya & Windows Phone 8!

    Stretch Goal - $30,000 - Level Editor for Axle released

The Story:

The Art:

Initial concept for Axle
Initial concept for Axle

When creating Axle we wanted to make a world that was fun and full of life. Each level represents a different machine, kept by a crowd of personified gears. You will find that the mood of the gears surrounding Axle will change as you explore the machines where these gears live.

The Music:

Axle features an entirely original electro-swing soundtrack, which sets the tone for this fast-paced, old-timey, mechanical adventure! If you don't know what electroswing is yet, check some of our in-game music above!

The Level Editor:

Our plans, if we reach the $30,000 stretch goal is to release a level editor.  This is a desktop application that will be able to run on Mac & PC, where you will be able to craft your own levels with the game assets.  We provide tidbits of engineering information for the kids, and deep functionality for the ambitious designers.  Levels will be saved and stored on a cloud server, to be easily downloaded and played on your phone.

Fallstreak Studio is founded by gamers and filmmakers with freelance and in-house game studio experience, committed to making quality and enriching entertainment. We believe that creating entertainment with compelling real-world parallels reflects an important element of design.  Through gameplay, we strive to empower our players to be better equipped to overcome challenges inside and outside the game universe.  For example, while designing Axle, we based the mechanics on real machine components giving you a tangible feel for the gears and the physics behind them.  Using the level editor, you can develop your own game design skills while having a blast creating obstacle courses for you and your friends!

We chose Kickstarter, because we want to build a community of people that believes that games can be more than a distraction.  We are asking for your help to 'Kickstart' our studio's first release, so we can bring you the award-winning Axle game soon, as well as help launch a future of quality, enriching, game experiences.

Liz Fiacco - With a major in Digital Arts and minors in Game Development and Honors, Liz is the Game Designer of Axle. Liz has experience at Obsidian Entertainment and Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds.  She has taught Level Design to middle and high school students at the Stanford iDTech camp.  In addition to video games, she also dearly loves New England Clam Chowder.

Lauren Gragg - The Producer who makes sure everything happens, Lauren has worked at companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and Obsidian.  She loves cooking and exploring the outdoors.

Jessica Kernan - The Art Director of Axle, Jessica is responsible for the look and feel of the game.  Between her day job at Obsidian Entertainment and working on Axle, she rarely has free time, but when she does Jessica practices sword fighting.

Bryson Thill - Before Programming for Axle, Bryson had experience working at NASA and earned his degree in Computer Science from Chapman University.  He is currently craving another cup of coffee.

Alex Solano - Alex Solano has years of experience in IT and customer service.  He is a Programmer, and a gadget junkie and is looking forward to getting Axle onto all of your favorite devices.

David Housky - Over the last few years, David has been employed as a Game Programmer and software developer at multiple companies including Chapman's ESI, Specular Interactive, and Ember Lab and has released two mobile games for Android and iOS devices. When David isn't coding the night away, he can be found shredding at Big Bear or surfin' it up at Newport Beach.

Billy Peake - As our Sound Designer, Billy additionally brings his experience in film-making, from editing to directing to the team. Between his sound design and editing gigs, he also is a Dungeon Master. Perhaps if we say enough nice things about him here he will give us more loot...

Adam Borecki - Adam is the Composer responsible for Axle's original soundtrack.With a double major in Music Composition and Guitar Performance, Adam divides his time between composing classical music, dropping the bass in electronic dance music, and performing guitar for private events and receptions. With diverse interests, he enjoys serene nature walks as much as wild nights of music and shenanigans.

Our fans are extremely important to us!  We want to hear from you, at every backer level, so we can get your input into making Axle the best game it can possibly be.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This was a larger problem when we were working in native Android. With this funding, we are switching over to Unity, which will support a multi-platform release. Our other challenge is testing on a variety of devices, because we currently only have a handful of Android phones. Again, funding will help us get testing devices and optimize Axle for as many devices as we possibly can.

Time Constraints
Some of our team members are working full or part time positions on top of working on Axle. Of course, we took this into account for our estimated delivery dates, and plan our work iteratively so we always have a playable game. Additionally, we already have our key gameplay and workflows polished, so we will primarily be creating content, optimizing, and setting up server management.


  • When we were coming up with rewards we had to think differently than most games. Axle is a mobile game and the cost of those is very different than that of a PC or Console game. We are still working out our model, but it is likely that the game will have a free version that is either partial, or has ads, as well as an inexpensive full version without ads. Because the cost would be minimal either way we wanted to give everyone willing to support the game early on rewards that would still be valuable no matter what the game costs in the market.

    In short, pretty much anything that we would charge for the game would likely be less than you could donate on Kickstarter, so we wanted to be sure to include some bonuses like an exclusive level, extra watts, and other prizes to reward you guys who are willing to support us early on.

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  • Axle will have a "cash shop" but wait, hear us out-- Anything you can buy with real money will also be available through gameplay. The cash shop would be there for people who want a quick fix to challenges. Let's say you want some extra lives. Extra lives can be bought using the watts you have. You could either have earned those watts by playing or replaying levels, or you could buy some watts in the shop to immediately reach the total you need. In short- everything you can buy with real money you can also earn by playing the game. We want to include everyone!

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  • We are talking with the folks at Ouya about this now, but it is extremely likely! We will make sure we update you when we know for sure!

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