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Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
1,646 backers pledged $224,546 to help bring this project to life.

August 1st Credit card charges for Backerkit Add-ons/Upgrades!

Posted by Pied Piper, Inc. (Creator)

Hello Fabulous Backers!

Credit card charges August 1st!

  • I will process the credit card charges for Backerkit upgrades/addons on Tuesday August 1st! 
  • You can check your order status via this link (enter your Kickstarter email address to get the link to your order profile)
  • I'll give you another heads up before we ship, in case you need to update your shipping address
  • Questions? Contact me via Kickstarter or !

Manufacturing process underway!

The manufacturer CD Video Mfg had to rebuild and reprice the entire DVD/BD package, which was time-consuming and nerve-wracking. See the mockups below (not pictured - 2.5" sticker, Special Thanks insert, Backer Certificate insert). After much negotiation I paid the 50% deposit on Friday July 14th, and we are officially in the manufacturing stage!

*If* all goes smoothly, we will be able to ship the rewards in August! I will continue posting micro-updates on the comments section, and I will do another official update before we ship.

Question for you!

We have some opportunities to screen "Skip Beat!" at conventions in August, which would be great to promote Skip Beat! 

What if we screen 1 or 2 episodes before you get your DVD/BDs? 

YOU deserve the first viewing, but I need to ask because promotion is critical for getting this release to more fans. As you are probably aware, I set the Kickstarter goal as low as possible so we could get our basic funding goal, and then I committed most of the additional funds toward improving the release (marathon mode, bonus features, and most importantly the English dubs of the music). We created a world-class dub, but this only works as a business enterprise if I can get the DVD/BD packages to more fans. And that requires promotion, and I want to grab every opportunity.

So that's my pitch to you, but what do you think? Please leave your comments.

Thank you all!!!! 


Kyoko's Revenge $150 elements
Kyoko's Revenge $150 elements


$150 Kyoko's Revenge mockup
$150 Kyoko's Revenge mockup


Kyoko's Revenge $150 side view
Kyoko's Revenge $150 side view


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    1. Tainá Araujo on

      I vote to go ahead! Screen two episodes. It was the second episode that got me into skip beat.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kayla McKelvey on

      I vote to go ahead and screen it! I would love to be able to just watch the first episode somehow because I can't afford any cons this year, but I'm willing to wait if we have to! I want this show to get as much exposure as possible.

    3. Cayless on

      I answered in the main comments, but will re-answer here just in case. I am all for you promoting this by doing screenings. Screenings in August cons...Metrocon is in August. Christina, Robbie, and Vic will all be there. Coincidence? Oh please tell me you'll be having a screening at Metrocon!

    4. Christine Kloster Czerniejewski on

      I fully support showing it at cons.

    5. Raelynn on

      Yes, screen it!

    6. Marco Gonzalez on

      I don't mind you screening but go by the old standard of 3 episodes to see if a series hooks you or not.

    7. Missing avatar

      rhubarb on

      I already answered the twitter poll, but yes! Go for it! I want to see this succeed!

      Exposing people to Skip Beat is the best way to draw them in. I probably wouldn't have ended up here if my college anime club hadn't showed the first few episodes and got me so hooked that I had to watch it all and then dive down the manga rabbit hole.

    8. Roxanne Harris on

      A resounding YES to screening! More people need to know about the awesomeness of Skip Beat!

    9. Amanda Byland on

      YES YES YES for the Screening!!!
      Skip Beat is AMAZING, and the rest of the anime world needs to get on board!!!
      Showing the episodes will make them want more, and we need to give them more!
      Please do the screening!

    10. Missing avatar

      Crystal Woehrle-Logan on

      I absolutely think screening the episodes at cons will be a good idea. Please do!

    11. Elizabeth Howder on

      I'm super in favor of screening it! I want good shojo to see good success ^__^

    12. Beh Kok Seng

      Go ahead, as long the backers gets the sweet loot first.

    13. Stephen A D Paul on

      By all means, screen it and get as many people as possible to see it. I can't imagine not wanting more people to know about this show, or to support bringing across some of anime's gems.

      Plus, you deserve a payout for how much work has gone into this.

    14. Kuro Noir on

      Spread the love! Screen the episodes! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Desiree Chretien on

      Go to town. Plug this as much as possible so not only you can get your money back but so it can sell well, paving the way for future shojo releases. As long as backers aren't shafted (which I have zero worry about), do what you gotta do.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Shaver

      Feel free to screen some episodes, but please mention the backers, and where they can later get their own copies.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wesley Miaw on

      Do everything you can do to publicize Skip-Beat!

    18. Kamil Tworkiewicz on

      Happy to wait longer :) screen it :)

    19. J.Sanders134 on

      Go for it! Spread the love! XD You and your team put the hard work into it. You deserve to show it off! :D

    20. Shina Luna on

      This is the first release ever that has a complete show box in a box that I have set my eyes on. =P

      I'm also in for screening. Screen that, get some cash out of it and make a blast with the next cool title!

    21. dragonmastr on

      Definitely screen it. The more publicity the merrier.

    22. Breanna Cleveland on

      I say definitely show some episodes in screenings. This series deserves more fans and just as important, it is a business and it could give an extra boost towards people and fans becoming more aware of this release and wanting to purchase it. So yeah, screen away :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul Evans on

      I'm more than happy for the show to be screened.

    24. Breanna VanDyke on

      Screen it! Skip Beat! is amazing and deserves more fans. :)

    25. Starkillr on

      Definitely screen away. I'm content waiting for the blu-rays to arrive and don't need to see it before it's screened. I want to be able to marathon it :) Seeing a couple episodes will just make me want to watch it again...

      Definitely agree with FC about adding some marketing in there. Primarily where they can go and buy it of course. I kind of think the Kickstarter and all that is secondary, but if you can find a way to do a brief video beforehand that talks about how we got here, can't hurt! Glad to see everything moving along.

    26. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      thank you for all of the positive comments!! WOW!!!!

      Brilliant strategizing and advice and 10000% on target. I will do my absolute best to execute your ideas.

    27. don on

      PROMOTEPROMOTEPROMOTE!!!! And i agree with FinalCataclsym

    28. don on

      PROMOTEPROMOTEPROMOTE!!!! And i agree with FinalCataclsym

    29. Vince Averello on

      Do it! You deserve the publicity and anything to drive sales would be great.

    30. FinalCataclsym on

      I would screen it with a minor condition to consider. Please let people know after the screening of the story of getting it to them. The Indiegogo campaign, the Kyoko's revenge Kickstarter, the outpouring of support and the resounding yes on asking if you could screen it to audiences at conventions. Doesn't have to be drawn out or in super detail, but more like to hype people up and then let them know if they enjoy it, it will be available for purchase at X/Y/Z.

      If someone mentioned this below in the comments, I was only skimming, but it could make for some marketing if the viewers see the effort put into the show and how it arrived. Of course, if you have cold feet or hate public speaking, no need to force yourself.

    31. Missing avatar

      Samuel Jones on

      Screen it! Promote! Promote! Promote!

    32. Wendell on

      By all means! I was just thinking with all the work that's gone into this project, I'd be a shame if it was just viewed by mostly backers. Couple of episodes shown at cons to get more viewers is something I'm all for.

    33. Beth Klandrud

      Spread the Skip Beat love! The more fans there are, the better chance we have at a season 2!

    34. Beth Klandrud

      Spread the Skip Beat love! The more fans there are, the better chance we have at a season 2!

    35. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      I answered on Facebook, but by all means screen it. I still suggest screen one episode and leave room for q&a and schmoozing, especially if any of the creative team can be there.

      It's a pity the wearable merch won't be there in time. The Love Me Section Army could show in force (and please let one of these screenings be at AnimeFest).

    36. Missing avatar

      Deborah Barnard on

      I'm totally fine with screening an episode or two at cons in August, so long as backers get the full set of episodes before anyone else.

      More promotion = expanded fandom = more Skip Beat!

    37. Nicole Kiser on

      I definitely don't mind it getting screened before I get my stuff. If you really love a series, you want it to be seen by as many people as possible! Go for it!

    38. Amy B. on

      By all means, screen it. It'd be silly not to. This is business, and you should show off amongst the big boys if you have the chance. I want Pied Piper Inc. to survive and grow into something much bigger. Being the company that saves the shows that fall between the cracks is too cool of a premise. And it's SMART. You're always going to have backers. Everyone likes to root for the underdog. :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I don't have any issues about screening it. Sounds fun.

    40. Jackson Godfrey on

      Absolutely screen it. Get it out there. I'm not getting the eps any faster anyway.

      But if there was a way for us to see eps first, that'd be cool. Though I can easily imagine issues with streaming it or digital download.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Screen it! :) Totally worth it.

    42. Rosa Li on

      I'm %110 behind screening the show where you can to drum up some interest! I hope even more people support all the hard work and love that's gone in to this project.

    43. Markus Helmersson on

      Screen it, screen it, screen it! :D

      To add a little bit of variety it would in my mind (if possible) be even better if you could make some films about the events, using the screening and potential panel discussions to further promote this long in the making product.

      All the love for this project needs to be spread, outside of the campaign and into the anime community as a whole. :)

    44. Andy on

      By all means, screen it! The more people that see Skip Beat the better.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jane Bianchi on

      I say go ahead and screen it. Do anything to promote this series!!

    46. Michael Glick on

      Just show it.
      If someone else gets to see 2 episodes before me, it doesn't change the fact that I'll still get first crack at the other 23 ;-)
      In fact, we backers could go to the cons ourselves and proudly proclaim that very fact while suggesting they back the next project to get in on the fun!