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Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
1,646 backers pledged $224,546 to help bring this project to life.

Music Grand Slam! Dub Teaser!

Posted by Pied Piper, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

I am proud to announce that we are adding English versions of "Namida" and "Eien" -- this means we are dubbing all of the songs in the anime!

Namida - Ending Song Ep. 1-19 // Performed by Robbie Daymond & Raj Jain // Produced by Dan Antunovich // Guitar – Michael ‘Fish’ Herring // Drums/ Bass/ Keyboards/ Programming – Dan Antunovich 

Eien - Ending Song Ep. 20-25 // Performed by Vic Mignogna // Produced by Dan Antunovich // Guitar – Michael ‘Fish’ Herring // Drums – Neal Daniels // Bass/Keyboards/Programming – Dan Antunovich 

Bios below to introduce you to our extraordinary musicians!


I am so, so proud to present...

Caitlin Glass as Kyoko Mogami with Mela Lee and Cristina Vee on vocals for "Dream Star"

We have had the MOST dedicated, talented and passionate team creating the dub of our dreams. This truly is a passion project for everyone involved, and I think it shines through in all aspects of the production.

You deserve to feel so proud of this accomplishment!!! Please take a moment to savor the joy!

And...If you are on Twitter, please give a shout out #LoveSkipBeat to our AMAZING team! (Taliesin Jaffe, Head Director) (Jason Charles Miller, Co-Producer) (Keith Silverstein, Takenori Sawara) 

to start with!!!

Backerkit Update!

You have brought us to $22.8K on Backerkit, which supports the production of "Namida" and "Eien"!!! YOU are the fuel that keeps us going!

I still dream of getting to $30K, which will give me more flexibility and peace of mind (because surprises ALWAYS come up!) in the manufacturing and fulfillment stages.

Backerkit will close on December 15th so I can get the final orders to our manufacturers, and credit cards will be charged in early 2017 when we are closer to the shipping date.

Reminder: The $150 Kyoko's Revenge deluxe combo set with chipboard box is ONLY available as a pre-order item via Backerkit/Kickstarter. It will NOT be offered for retail sale.

Musician Bios

I think it's safe to say that vocalists Robbie Daymond and Vic Mignogna need no introduction. Please meet our other amazingly talented musicians:

Raj Jain aka Jane – Vocalist for “Namida” Breakout musician Jane has toured with the multi-platinum band The Neighborhood. His debut music video “We Don’t Wanna Dance” is directed by Daniel Inglesia Jr./ENDS Collective.

Neal Daniels – Drums for "Namida," "Eien," “Dream Star” and “Renaissance” Chicago native who is making a splash on the L.A. music scene as Magnolia Memoir’s official drummer and touring gigs including Darren Criss of “Glee,” Chrstina Grimmie of “The Voice,” and pop singers Bea Miller (Hollywood Records) and Katy Tiz (Atlantic Records).

Michael ‘Fish’ Herring – Guitar for "Namida," "Eien," “Dream Star,” “Renaissance,” “Burnin’ Down,” and “Prisoner”; Inspiring and versatile musician with roots in the rock and funk traditions of his native Philadelphia. Work as a songwriter, composer and composer includes multi-platinum records and TV and film soundtracks. Tours with Christina Aguilera and has appeared on records for artists including Mariah Carey, Tupac, Nas, LeAnn Rimes and Celine Dion. 

Dan Antunovich – Producer, drums, bass and keyboards for "Namida," "Eien," “Dream Star,” “Renaissance,” “Burnin’ Down,” “Prisoner”, "Eien", "Namida" Bassist for the Grammy-nominated “Symphony Live in Istanbul” album from Japanese artist Kitaro. Extensive recording and performances with veteran artists Reza Rohani, Saranin, Kenny Aronoff, Randy Waldman and many others. 

Neil Baldock -- Mixing and mastering Award-winning personal engineer for Neil Finn (Crowded House, Pajama Club) with additional engineer credits including Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Thin Line” and Letlive’s “If I’m the Devil…”

You continue to be amazing!!!


PS - Twitter highlights!

Todd Haberkorn rocks his Skip Beat Official Jacket!
Todd Haberkorn rocks his Skip Beat Official Jacket!



Stylin' Keith Silverstein!
Stylin' Keith Silverstein!



Stephanie Sheh voices...(it's a secret!!)
Stephanie Sheh voices...(it's a secret!!)


Nathan Sharp - Vocalist for the "Prisoner" and "Burnin' Down" insert songs!
Nathan Sharp - Vocalist for the "Prisoner" and "Burnin' Down" insert songs!


Mela Lee and Erica Lindbeck in the studio for "Renaissance"
Mela Lee and Erica Lindbeck in the studio for "Renaissance"


Cristina Vee and Mela Lee recording vocals for "Dream Star"
Cristina Vee and Mela Lee recording vocals for "Dream Star"




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    1. Richard J. on

      @ Brian: whoops, did not mean to ignore Canada. Sorry about that.

    2. Tainá Araujo on

      Thanks for the update! Downloaded all the interviews, but still have to find time to see it :(

      Loved the teaser! *-*

    3. Lillian on

      @Brian- That's ok. The occasional paranormal activity in my house is enough for me to question my sanity (at least the ghosts are just being creepers and just watch people while they sleep ^^;).

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Oh, geez, Kristina, ya ruined it. We had a primo opportunity to totally gaslight Lillian into thinking she was going loco...

    5. Lillian on

      @Kristina- Happy to hear that I'm not the only one. :) I think that I did have issues with the opening scene (just the god/deity scene) on Crunchyroll, but after waiting until it's done or refreshing the page, it was ok. At least the dvd/blu-ray release won't have this problem.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kristina on

      @Lillian You're right, it is shaky. I think it's probably just the video quality of this clip since I don't remember having issues when I played the series on Crunchyroll but it does make that clip really hard to watch in fullscreen.

    7. Cayless on

      "Brian about 1 hour ago
      Huh. Have you considered the possibility that you are going insane? ;-)"

      pffffft....note to self. Never drink while reading @Brian Senpai's posts

      @Brian I tell my co-workers, we're all a little crazy here. And if you're not, well we can fix that

    8. Lillian on

      @Brian- I hope not. ^^;

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Huh. Have you considered the possibility that you are going insane? ;-)

    10. Lillian on

      @Brian- It's not that it's shaking badly, but the constant light shaking is enough to bother me (for some reason, this shakiness bothers me more than the shakiness in Cloverfield....I don't know why, it just does). I hope it's not my computer (it's only 2 yrs old. It does have problems, but usually can fix any unusual problems by closing the program and reopening it...but, it didn't work in this case). I've tried viewing the video in the email notification for the update, the update itself, vimeo, 2 different browsers, and ANN's article about the update. All have the same problem.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      @ Lillian - entirely possible. I've never been accused of being "eagle-eyed" that's for sure. I might be detecting a little bit of shakiness at the beginning, but I'm not sure I would have noticed if I hadn't rewatched with your comment in mind. It seems it's really shaking badly for you. Could it be your computer, maybe?

    12. Lillian on

      @Brian- Ok. Maybe my eyes are just more sensitive to subtle changes?

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I agree with everything you've said, Richard J., but I'll point out that Pied Piper is bringing Skip Beat! to more than just the United States.

      *pours maple syrup on his pancakes while watching a hockey game, eh?*

    14. Richard J. on

      TBH, I was okay with the endings not getting dubbed but this is great news nonetheless. Having the complete package means that Skip Beat! is getting a better dubbed release than many of the so-called "professional" and "top-tier" products out there. I've been amazed at the effort that's gone into this project. I truly hope that Ann and Co. can make these anime Kickstarters into a regular thing and build them into a major anime licensing and releasing business because some of our current companies have stopped trying. They've settled for mediocrity. Ann has shown all of us that she's not willing to settle for less than perfection!

      Thank you Ann for your dedication and thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to bring Skip Beat! to the United States! I feel like I've had a chance to be part of a truly special project with Skip Beat! and I hope this release brings a renewed interest in the series and to Pied Piper, Inc.

    15. Missing avatar

      obasan3488 on

      @Ann, love the fact that you can now also dub the ending songs. I love them and was saddened when you couldn't originally get the rights to dub them. Thanks for all of your hard work. I'm so excited!

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      @ Lillian - I didn't notice any shaking myself.

    17. Lillian on

      @Nina Davis- Using lower quality for a trailer is understandable, but making the visuals shake seems like the program messed up something. I'm just pointing it out just in case it's going to be used as a trailer because I had to keep looking away from my screen every few seconds since the shaking was bothering my eyes (not sure if anyone else was bothered by it). I have full faith that the DVD/blu-ray release will have high quality video and audio.

    18. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fabbri on

      Thanks for the teaser for the dub. It sounded really nice so far. May we share it in some of our online sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so that we'd let other people know about it?

      And congrats on being able to dub the ED songs. I hope they turn out great as well.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      @Liliian, I wouldn't judge the audio/video quality until the discs are released. It seems to be purposefully lower quality version or standard def, probably to prevent bootlegging. I notice that with the audio on Funi's streaming dubs

    20. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Just listened to the teaser - awesome!!! I have to admit I already assumed the music was going to turn out great but it sure is nice to go from "assume" to "know." And love that the ED will get English dub too! It's like, how much more great can this release get? And the answer is none. None more great. (Apologies to Spinal Tap.)

    21. Missing avatar

      rhubarb on

      It's so cool that you got to do all the songs. The clip sounds great! I love hearing all this news and seeing all the effort going into bringing my favorite title over. Can't wait to have the DVDs in my hands, and experience Skip Beat through the different lens the dub will provide.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brett S.


    23. Missing avatar

      Kristina on

      Caitlin sounds great in that clip!

    24. Demonkillua on

      Awesome! Keep up the awesome work. I hope you can hit the 30k mark.

    25. Lillian on

      Awesome!!!! It's great that we were able to dub the ending songs also!!! For some reason, the video was shaking (audio was ok).

    26. FlamingFirewire on

      Very promising on the whole - very much so looking forward to hearing the whole thing on the final product!

    27. FlamingFirewire on

      I can't remember if this was answered earlier, but for the songs that were re-sung in English, were they just adapted and sung for the length as seen in the show, or were the full versions of the songs recorded?

      Also, a shame you couldn't get the instrumentals to sound a little more similar to the original Japanese (ie, the exact sound of the guitars in the Japanese are more crisp and ring through better), but the whole sound so far seems very cohesive.

    28. Wendell on

      Now we have the absolute complete dub package! It always feels a little weird to me listening to dub of an anime wasn't able to produce English songs to go with the English voice acting. Especially since nowadays both the English and Japanese tracks are easily switchable on the same disc as a standard practice.

      Plus, all the English language actors/actresses are great singers like their Japanese counter parts.

    29. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Marco @Danielle Thank you for your excitement!!

      @Marco I'm so glad you like Mela's vocals! She has a fabulous voice! And Erica Lindbeck in "Renaissance" is fabulous, too!

      @Zachary But still just maybe maybe just give the dub a listen^^And thanks for supporting this release even though the biggest focus isn't of interest to you. Everyone counts!

    30. Marco Morelissen on

      Woow i just noticed. The song totally sounds awesome in English! I was so excited and the song sounds so like the Japanese version i totally didnt notice! Mela sounds amazing!

    31. Danielle Lynnette Jackson on

      That's awesome! I'm so happy we got all of the songs. Thank you Ann and thanks to all of the people that helped make this happen. :)

    32. Marco Morelissen on

      @Zachary Boucher thank you for your contribution of ruining the mood here. We do care.

    33. Marco Morelissen on

      Darn it Ann! I hate teasers! Makes me wanna see the dub even more! haha so cruel!

      Im so happy all the songs will be dubbed now :D.

      Still debating... Buying from Ann once it hits amazon or wait for the MVM release...... For Skip Beat! i dont really care about how much it costs me. As a backer its special to me :P

      Dub sounds amazing. We are so lucky with Caitlin as Kyoko.

    34. Zachary Boucher on

      Don't care. Supporting this just so I get the Japanese version and the people voicing the dub can go broke for all I care.

    35. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Raylynn @Cayless @Leandra @Nina I'm so glad you like the clip, and @cayless WOW Thank you for tweeting everyone!!! I know they will appreciate it, a lot!!

    36. Raelynn on

      So exciting! I absolutely love the clip!!! I think I'm going to watch and rewatch the clip for a long time, Lol. I just can't get enough of it, and can't wait to hear the rest of the songs!!

    37. Cayless on

      And for the record, I rarely tweet (I don't like being a bother...and what do you say to people you don't know, with a short amount of space, without sounding like an awkward noob?)...hence the reason I only have like 2 followers...but I just tweeted everyone above (pant tired now...fingers...cramping...pant pant)
      Sharing the Skip Beat! Love

    38. Leandra on

      AAAHHHH! I'm so excited and they hit the dub out of the park! I got the same feeling from that clip that I got the first time I watched Skip Beat and fell in love! Congrats!

    39. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      The clip sounds great! The musicianship on the dub is awesome.

    40. Cayless on

      I am so excited to get to hear Vic and Robbie sing on our dub. And the clip was fantastic. Sounded truly wonderful...both Caitlin and Mela. I am truly looking forward to the final product!