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Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
1,646 backers pledged $224,546 to help bring this project to life.

Upgrades via Backerkit & Updated Cast List!

Posted by Pied Piper, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Backerkit Upgrades & Add-ons! 

Today I will be sending out email invitations to Backerkit, where you can do upgrades, add-ons and address changes. 

  • You do not need to create a BackerKit account - just click on the survey link in the email, fill it out, and you’re good to go! You will be able to answer questions about your rewards preferences, update your shipping information, and pledge for more “add-ons"! 
  • You do not have access to this survey link yet, but it will be available soon via email!
  • You can change your responses any time before we lock down the surveys for processing on November 15th. If you do add-ons or upgrades via Backerkit, that's when your credit card will be charged.
  • You will be able to recover your survey here:
  • If you use your Facebook login for your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey will be sent to the email you used for your Facebook account. If you have another email address that you would prefer to use, please contact support at

New Backers

We are also accepting new backers via this link.

Thank you M. for the graphic design!!!
Thank you M. for the graphic design!!!

I have done a lot of soul searching about whether or not it is fair to accept new backers, and on what terms. After all, you were the ones who saved this campaign in our time of crisis and put down your cold, hard cash MONTHS ago. 

My conclusion: I think we all win with new backers, because the funds will give added support to the dub team (which they absolutely deserve!) and enable VERY exciting upgrades to the dub (still in the approvals process)! Please share the Backerkit link with folks who missed the Kickstarter campaign!

Also, the following perks are exclusive for Kickstarter backers:

  • Digital download rewards - Wallpaper, Dub Behind the Scenes digital booklet, Dub Behind the Scenes video updates
  • $10+ tiers - name included in the Backers Wall 
  • $100+ tiers - name included in the Special Thanks credit roll on the DVD/Blu-ray and also Special Thanks printed insert
  • $100+ tiers - exclusive merchandise item
  • Exclusive pricing on the Satin Baseball Jacket add-on and Poster Signed by the Dub Team
  • And of course, the crazy ride we've been through together!!!

Dub Update!

From day one, we've been on a rescue mission to give Skip Beat! the world-class dub it deserves. Here is the updated cast+crew list. Please take a moment to savor the magnitude of what you've achieved:

  • Dub Executive Producer – Mela Lee
  • Dub Producers – Cristina Vee, Jason Charles Miller, Taliesin Jaffe, Alexander Burke
  • Casting Director – Cristina Vee 
  • Head Director – Taliesin Jaffe 
  • Head Writers – J. Michael Tatum, Christian La Monte 
  • Episode Writers – Deborah Crane, Chuck Hüber, Christian La Monte, Rachel Robinson, J. Michael Tatum 
  • Script Pre-production Supervisor – Deborah Crane 
  • ADR Prep – Kirsten Perotti, Clark Cheng  


  • Caitlin Glass as Kyoko Mogami
  • Grant George as Sho Fuwa 
  • Robbie Daymond as Ren Tsuruga 
  • Erica Lindbeck as Kanae Kotonami 
  • Vic Mignogna as Yukihito Yashiro 
  • Richard Epcar as Lory Takarada 
  • Mela Lee as Maria Takarada 
  • Keith Silverstein as Takenori Sawara 
  • Karen Strassman as Shoko Aoki 
  • Dorothy Fahn as Kuniko (ep 1) / Kimiko Kamio (ep 4) 
  • Kaiji Tang as Matsushima (eps 2-3, 8, 14) / “Love Me” Male Voice 
  • Joe Zeija as Nakazawa (eps 2-3, 5) 
  • Todd Haberkorn as Seiji Shingai (eps 5-7) / Shinichi Ishibashi (eps 10-12) 
  • Kira Buckland as Ruriko Matsunai (eps 5-7) 
  • Erika Harlacher as Eiko (eps 8-9) 
  • Dorothy Fahn as Yoshimi (ep 9) 
  • Bryce Papebrook as Yusei Ishibashi (eps 10-12) 
  • Kyle McCarley as Hikaru Ishibashi (eps 10-12) 
  • Cristina Vee as Erika Koenji (eps 12-14) 
  • Jason Charles Miller as Ushio Kurosaki (eps 10-12) 
  • Nathan Sharp as Imai (eps 12-14) 
  • Lauren Landa as Nao (eps 12-13) / Yumiko (eps 15-16) 
  • Kyle Hebert as Funada (eps 12-14) / Tecchin (ep 14) 
  • Christine Marie Cabanos as Mimori Nanokura (eps 17-19) 
  • Kate Davis as Haruki Asami (eps 17-19) 
  • Erin Fitzgerald as Hiroko Iizuka (eps 21-23) 
  • Chris Patton as Hiroaki Ogata (eps 20-25) 

The dub team is currently editing Episodes 1 - 15 and will record the remaining sessions this month and additional sessions with Caitlin Glass (our star!!!) through early October.

Teaser, anyone?

This month Mela and the dub team will begin releasing the full-length cast/crew interviews for Kickstarter backers. Edited versions will be featured as DVD/BD extras. 

But first, they wanted to tease us!!! I don't know about you, but I am dying to know what they are saying!!!

 Thank you as always for your support!


PS: Thank you everyone for the detailed feedback on the package design! Another update coming soon!

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    1. Richard J. on

      @ Nina Davis: ha hah! Yeah, it's a little cruel, but it works!

    2. James Gwinnell on

      Just to check for someone that wishes to get Skip Beat! but further down the line, when do you think it will be released in retail outlets like Rightstuf? Is there an exclusive window of a few months for backers and retail? Just wondering about something ballpark I can tell her.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      Cruelty, thy name is Richard J. :) But it is a good point. If you find a good balance between tease and the goods. Nothing worse than teasing and building suspense that outsizes the announcement itself.

    4. Richard J. on

      @Ann: I don't know what this Dub add-on could be but teasing the crowd is probably one way to get things rolling. If this new thing can be broken up into mini-announcements, then after you get approval, DON'T announce it all at once. Instead, break it into smaller announcements with goals for each new announcement. Also, hint at what each announcement will be. Thus you "tease" the audience and get people talking about the project's new phase which, in turn, helps get the word about it to the right ears. As the new backers via Backerkit shows, there are still people out there who would contribute if they had the chance.

      Also: try getting new and varied websites and news outlets to talk about the project. While ANN is the big anime site to have talking about your project, it's far from the only one, and there are plenty of non-anime sites to talk about it too. Send some press releases out and email some folks on smaller sites and blogs to see if they'll cover it. Even a straight out business news site or blog might want to talk about it if you use the right focus. Tailor a few releases for some different kinds of sites and you might get lucky. Always include the Slacker Backer link.

      It's too bad you can't sell overseas.

    5. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Usakuun -- thank you!!!

      I just received the new jacket samples from the manufacturer (Pels Verk in Pakistan -- they are working REALLY hard for us!!)

      And here is the midnight blue jacket:…

      Jackets have a lightweight lining, so you can wear them year round! And there's an inside pocket where you can keep your Skip Beat pen^^

    6. Usakuun on

      I am so stoked for this release! I've already cleared a space on my shelf! @Ann, Mela, Christina: Thank-you! This cast and crew is brimming with heavy hitters!

      @Ann, I also was wondering if it would be possible to include the list of IndieGoGo backers somewhere in the set?

    7. James Gwinnell on

      I'm just glad there is an option for the poster to be rolled as opposed to folded. Willing to pay that extra to ensure it isn't folded.

    8. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @James @Nina -- Yes, send me a message if you've ordered more than 1 poster to be put in a mailing tube! Thank you!!

    9. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      I made a goof on the XL t-shirt price!

      T-shirt pricing:

      $35 base price for sizes through XL
      +$1 for 2XL
      +$2 for 3XL and larger sizes

      $130 base price for sizes through L ($150 for the Jacket + Signed Poster)
      +$3 for XL
      +$5 for 2XL
      +$8 for 3XL
      +$11 for 4XL and larger sizes

      Apologies for the additional cost, especially on the jackets!!! I am passing on the costs from the manufacturer...

    10. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      I ordered a 2X tshirt, and it automatically charged an extra $1 for the plus size.

      @Ann re. posters, what if an extra poster is the one that comes with the $100/$150 levels that would otherwise be folded? As @James Gwinnell asks, do we just contact you to request that poster be included in the poster roll?

    11. Raelynn on

      @Ann, thanks!
      @obasan3488, that may or may not be a typo, as the extra costs (to my understanding) are assessed at sizes above 3XL on the jackets, and should be similar with the shirts. @Ann, was that a typo?

    12. James Gwinnell on

      @Ann - like with Time of Eve (and these other anime KS projects), I want a back up copy due to their exclusive nature. :)

      I also saw the note about the poster - so do we just contact you direct or through another address concerning a price adjustment if we choose to add another poster later?

    13. Missing avatar

      obasan3488 on

      @Ann, you mentioned, "Also, there is an add'l charge for XL and above." However, I wasn't asked for more money in BackerKit when I selected one of those sizes. (I had a credit for the t-shirt from my original pledge.) How will you be collecting the additional cost? Thanks!

    14. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @cybereye -- for payments, another option is that I can take your payment right now via Paypal, and then give you credit in the Backerkit system. I will send you a direct message!

    15. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @rhubarb Thank you so much for spreading the word on tumblr!! AWESOME!!!

      @James WOW Thank you for your additional support!!!!

      @Desslok Thank you for welcoming new backers to the project!!

    16. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      Oops, I just answered @Lillian's question twice! Need more sleep or more coffee!

    17. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Lillian Sorry about that crazy $1000 shipping fee for other countries!!!

      Once you put your country as US or Canada, you'll only be assessed the normal shipping rates!!
      Backerkit won't let me remove other countries from the shipping options, so they recommended that I use an exorbitantly high shipping rate for "all other countries."

      But if you get assessed $1000 for shipping let me know -- it means I messed up the settings!!

    18. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Nina Davis If you order more than 1 signed poster, yes, we can put them all in the same mailing tube for the same shipping cost.

      I was actually thinking about that scenario when I was setting up Backerkit and tried to put in another option for multiple posters, but it got too complicated...!

      So if you order more than 1 poster, I'll need to manually adjust your total shipping charge.

    19. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Raelynn - here are the sizing charts!

      - The charts go up to 3XL, but the manufacturer can do larger sizes too!
      - Also, there is an add'l charge for XL and above

    20. cybereye on

      @James Gwinnell, I wish it has an option of "Shut up, take my money now". So I don't have to keep a credit reserve open. We all knows it made it goal and work is already started. I'm going to send an email to Backerkit for a request a feature for ""Shut up, take my money now" and still able to buy more in another time before the lockout date.

    21. James Gwinnell on

      Alright, I added another Kyoko's Revenge Boxset and Signed 11 x 17 poster to my pledge. Can't wait for it to arrive next year. :)

    22. James Gwinnell on

      I just realized it says the 15th of November is when it will charge the card. No need to wait to fill it out then. :)

    23. Raelynn on

      @Ann, I saw the sizing charts for the jacket, is there anything similar for the t-shirts?

    24. Missing avatar

      rhubarb on

      So excited about this update! I'm so hyped for the interviews, and looking through the options on backerkit brought my anticipation back up. The t-shirts look great. And yeah--I definitely went for the Love Me pink. It's going to be the brightest thing in my closet.

      I'm happy more people will have the opportunity to get in on this. Spreading the link as best I can on my fandom tumblr.

    25. Desslok on

      I am perfectly okay with adding new backers. There's been many a kickstarter I found out about after the close date that I wish I could have jumped on with. Yes, the backers saved the dub, but there's no reason that everyone shouldn't be able to enjoy anime!

    26. cybereye on

      I have room for upgrade now. Later, I will get another one. I discover that. It doesn't charged on the spot on the order. That mean I gotta make reserve a credit card before the lockdown. Will Paypal charged right on the spot? If not, I just have to bug myself not to spend on credit card until November 16

    27. Wendell on

      That song at the end of the interview teaser sounded pretty good. Is that in the show too? Is there somewhere else I can listen to the rest of it?

    28. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      @ Ann: poster question. If your rewards/add-ons include more than one poster, and you upgrade to the poster tube for the autographs, could all your posters be shipped in the tube?

      As merch designs are being decided, may I suggest we "Sho" some love? It's harder to feel for Sho at the end of the anime than it is if you've continued the manga, but I think a Fuwa button or keychain would be appreciated.

      Good grief; I forgot I did an add-on via PayPal. :P

    29. Marco Morelissen on

      Ann with 1000 dollar shipping cost does that mean you going to deliver the dvd/blu-ray to me in person here in holland? haha

    30. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      Yeah, I got that cranked up music trick, and I still heard enough to make me excited for the full interview. :)

      Already $3200 raised via Backerkit. Yay!

    31. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Eric - If you want to upgrade to a higher tier on Backerkit, then you just pay for the difference. Backerkit will ask for your credit card info, but your card won't be charged until November 15th when we lock down the orders.

      Does that answer your question...?

    32. Wayne Clements on

      Too bad Vic isn't signing the poster.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric Dorcean on

      If we already have pledge through kickstarter, what will happen if we pay for a higher pledge on backerkit???

    34. Raelynn on

      Thanks so much, @Ann!!! This all looks wonderful!

    35. Ashley Taylor on

      Eek! T-shirts!! Is anyone really going to pass up the LoveMe pink one for grey though?

    36. Ashley Taylor on

      Eek! T-shirts!! Is anyone really going to pass up the LoveMe pink one for grey though?

    37. Lillian on

      @Ann- Thank you for the clarification! When I saw that there was a shipping option for potential backers outside of US and Canada, I just immediately thought that meant that something changed.

    38. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Lillian - I can only ship to the US and Canada, but Backerkit won't let me remove other countries from the list of shipping options. So as a workaround, I made the shipping costs other countries exorbitantly expensive! If you enter a US or Canadian address, you should be OK. But if you get assessed $1000 for shipping, let me know please! It means I goofed in the settings!

    39. AnimeNerd on

      @Miri - someone already asked on the main comment page about the music volume, Ann said: "For the background music on the video -- I kind of think they turned it up JUST loud enough to obscure the dialogue. Just to be meanies!!"

    40. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Miri - no worries, the music was just cranked up to keep us guessing about what they were saying!^^

      Thank you for your continued enthusiasm!! It's been quite a journey, but it's not over yet!!!

    41. Miri on

      Ooo boy, guess who's about to get her hands on a blu ray! ❤

      Anyway, @Ann, is the music for the interviews going to be the same volume as the preview? It felt very loud and was hard to hear the speakers.

      Other than that, I'm hyped to see how much more we can raise! Excited for the package update and the interviews!

    42. Lillian on

      @Ann- I was looking at the BackerKit, and the items have $1,000.00 shipping for places outside of the US. Is it just a default amount until we enter our location?

    43. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @James - yes, that is possible!

    44. James Gwinnell on

      Out of curiosity, if the Q1 2017 projected release date slips, will it be possible to re-open Add-Ons? If not through the website, would it be manually through you?

    45. Richard J. on

      Thanks for casting Karen Strassman in this dub! She's been a favorite of mine since she voiced Suigintou in Rozen Maiden. Actually, I don't see a name in the cast that I don't like and I can name several favorite roles for most of them too! This dub is going to be epic! So excited!

    46. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @James - I will need to lock down the add-ons on Nov 15th as well, because I will need to give the final orders to the manufacturer!

    47. James Gwinnell on

      It is noted that November 15th is the lock down date for survey responses - does that include Add-On copies to our pledges too or will the ability to Add-On copies be extended a little further beyond that date?

    48. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Nina J Michael Tatum's scripts are to die for. So much talent!!! And channeled into Skip Beat!!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      First off, be still my heart J Michael Tatum. I love his work in front of and behind the mic. And Chris Patton! I miss him no the con circuit. Always glad to see he's still working. A great-looking cast and crew all around.

      And yay for BackerKit launching! I hope we pick up a lot of new folks. Press release going out?