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Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
1,646 backers pledged $224,546 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Pied Piper, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Incredible Backers,


The world said we could never do it. Skip Beat! didn't have the fan base to support a first-class dub. Everybody said the same thing:

Skip Beat! = shoujo anime = poor fan support

We blew those assumptions away. 


I think we just might have introduced a whole new concept:

great shoujo anime = passionate fans 

(not like we're groupies...!)
(not like we're groupies...!)


We have 4,000+ comments that have story arcs of their own: Shoujo anime recommendations, favorite VAs, updates on flyers, and surges of ALL CAPS at the big milestones^^

YOUR PASSION ignited this campaign!

Backers designed flyers, and took those flyers to cons, campuses, coffee shops, bus stops; spammed friends and family; tweeted our story to celebs; took this campaign to the most obscure corners of the internet in search of Skip Beat! fans; sent the milestone news tips to ANN, Crunchyroll and elsewhere; shared Skip Beat! at their anime club; created the beautiful graphics on the campaign page...

YOU are the reason for this campaign's success. Each and every one of us can take credit for this miraculous victory.



I was only able to license Skip Beat! because of our AMAZING dub producers: Mela Lee, Cristina Vee, Jason Charles Miller of Central Command Studios, and Alexander Burke. They took on Skip Beat! as a labor of love. You can think of them as the very first backers of this Kickstarter. They put in countless hours to prep the campaign with me. 

And they are tapping into the connections and resources they've built up throughout their careers for this campaign. Every single person they've brought on board has world-class talent AND loves Skip Beat!, including our VAs, Supervising Director Taliesin Jaffe and ADR Script Supervisor Deborah Crane.They are our super heroes!

Our AMAZING VAs! Thank you @M. and @Tiffany Bryan for the design!
Our AMAZING VAs! Thank you @M. and @Tiffany Bryan for the design!

And, I am MOST excited about opening up the dub process through the behind-the-scenes updates and the $500+ tier involvement in the dub sessions.

I've fallen in love with our dub team, and if you haven't yet, I know it's only a matter of time.

You can get started with this THANK YOU message from Mela, Cristina and our Kanae actress Erica Lindbeck on the set of their YouTube channel Lindbeck & Lee (which of course you must check out!).


We had a wildly intense 30-day campaign. Next comes the marathon. Over the upcoming months I'll be taking our pooled resources to craft a first-class release. I want you to share in the creation, frustration, and exhilaration! I'll start out with updates about:

  • Creating teams for subtitling and ADR script adaptation!
  • Poll on stretch goal options!
  • Merchandise designs!

But for now, let's savor OUR DAY OF VICTORY!

So sweet!!!
So sweet!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!! 



Ann/Pied Piper^^

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    1. Missing avatar

      matewm on

      I thought it might be a fun place to post videos, or un-boxing videos if you do that sort of thing, so we can show Ann our surprise and prasie when we get our rewards.

    2. Missing avatar

      matewm on

      Hi guys, in case you're curious, we have a new Skip Beat Kickstarter pledge group on Facebook:

    3. Missing avatar

      Shela on

      I LOVE SKIP BEAT!!! More people introduced to watching/ reading the series would be awesome. WE can finally try to convince the producers to continue and add another season up to Kyoko's revelation about her feelings or the Corn meeting darn it ,,, I hope so anyway.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rick Brown on

      Again-releases of shoujo anime are few and far between so I'm super happy this campaign was a rousing success. Never having watched Skip Beat before I'm really looking forward to watching it.

    5. Raelynn on

      @Samantha, I'm going to reply on the main comments page.

    6. Samantha Rushford on

      I am so glad this was such a rousing success!!!!!!!!

      I did have a question, and I do not know where to direct it. I got the survey, and I filled it out, but it asked if I added any add-ons. I didn't add any add-ons, because my tier said it included "and Kickstarter-exclusive Skip Beat! merchandise (to be announced)," What's confusing, is it seems to contradict itself in the body text of the campaign and I'm worried. I got the $150 tier ($160 with added shipping), and I wanted to make sure I was understanding it correctly that it does include the merchandise.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      @Cassandra: That's what the survey is for. Each backer will verify which tiers and add-ons they wanted. As I understood it, @matemw was asking if, for example, he had gotten the $60 DVD tier, could he not get the sticker if he didn't want it. In essence, breaking up tiers and add-ons into straight-line a la carte. Logistically, it's easier for the backer to dispose of unwanted perks once the backer receives them.

      @Felaguin, no doubt a lot of Japanese is mixed into the islands' dialect. Not so much the mainland. Never mind Canada.

    8. Felaguin

      @Nicole Kiser, using words like sempai in the middle of an English statement doesn't sound goofy at all to me ... but then I grew up in Hawaii. The pidgin English common there has all kinds of foreign words mixed in so it's not uncommon at all to have sprinklings of Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, etc. throughout a statement -- especially with honorifics.

    9. Cassandra Marie Gray on

      @Nina, there is only one issue that would really have to be addressed when it comes to the add on stuff. And that would be the add on of $150. As you'll have to specify if its for the DVD/BD with chipboard or if it was for the jacket with a signed poster. Plus you might have people who added 60 for the swag set and a t-shirt but it looks like it could be an add on for the basic DVD's. Once that is straightened out the sizing can happen if its needed, but there will definitely have to be something for the production team for them to see exactly what all they have to make of thing and all, cuss I'm sure quite a few of us added on something if not a few things.

      I think im going to get so hyped up that i'll faint when all this stuff finally arrives in the mail. Lmao. The rest of my family is going to be so confused as to why I'm so happy. Lmao.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      @Richard J: Yes! I'm glad folks like Sentai bring over shoujo, but it's mostly sub only. Not a problem for me, but I know that means there are people who will never watch the DVD because of it, and that makes me sad. Plus, there are titles for which having a dub impacts my decision whether or not to own it in hard copy. In other words, I may've enjoyed the sub, but I won't put more money towards it by buying the home video if it's sub only.

      @matewm: You're welcome.

    11. Missing avatar

      matewm on

      @Nina Davis, thanks for the information! Its appreciated.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      @matewm: I suspect you'll get whatever your tier or add-on entitles you too. It's logistically simpler for order fulfillment to order the numbers of merch sold and ship them out accordingly than trying to figure out who didn't want what. Keeping promised merch could also get a campaign in trouble if/when it's audited.

      What you do with the items is up to you. Some local anime club or con or library may love it as a donation that can be used for prizes or charity sales. A friend may want it. I've found unwanted items from Loot Crate on eBay. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      matewm on

      I can't stop re-visiting this Update page, it is so BEAUTIFUL!

    14. Missing avatar

      matewm on

      @Nina Davis, thank you for telling me about Travis Willingham's first con experience and the keen GLOMP-sense he has, I YouTubed it.

      Can anyone tell me how selective you can be with the rewards you can receive, can I be choose-y and pick one item, and refuse the rest, or is it ALL of the rewards that my tier affords me or NONE?

    15. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      @matewm: You've heard the story of how the tackle glomp almost happened to Travis Willingham at his first con ever?

      @Ammon: I'm in the same boat. I really want to add the $100 to get the combo and whatever merch is tied to it, but will likely wind up with the DVD. I don't wanna wait till retail. :)

      @Nicole: Amen. The idea in localizing to any langue and *culture* (not just English) is to preserve the spirit of the original but have it make sense in the new version. That's why it's localizing vs just calling it translating. In the case of honorifics, using them in English doesn't make sense. But ignoring their meaning isn't what you want either. What's in the middle, and I've heard on good dubs, is understanding the social clues honorifics give to a relationship and using the best cultural equivalent for the situation. While matching beats and lip flaps. A balancing act the Japanese face as well when they localize Western products.

      On a side note I think American Southern culture maintains some of that sense.The use of "Miss" or "Mister" before a first name can be a show of respect younger to older, or a term of endearment, especially older to younger.

      Now, I'm ready to get started on merch designs!

    16. Richard J. on

      @ Nicole Kiser: I have to disagree. Honorifics are no more unnatural to the English speaker's ear than any other Japanese word or name. Plus, they are sometimes integral to understanding subtle changes in relationships. There are no easy localizations for some of them. Localizing "senpai" for instance requires multiple words because the word is a quick way of saying that someone is 1) more experienced at something, 2) senior in rank, 3) a superior to whom they have a friendly or admiring relationship, or 4) some combination of 1,2, and 3. That's just the big meanings I can think of off the top of my head.

      Good localizing isn't about replacing or tossing out every foreign word. The idea is to keep the meanings, emotions, and effects of a scene intact. Sometimes that requires major re-writes but just as often a straightforward translations works just as well.

      Honorifics aren't a make or break thing but I personally think they contribute a lot. I'm an English dub preferring fan but I'm expecting a fairly faithful translation, not a re-write.

      Time of EVE had a fantastic dub though so I doubt there's really much point in worrying about Skip Beat!'s dub to begin with.

    17. Libby on

      @beh koh seng. I agree! There aren't really any other ways to convey those meanings.

    18. Nicole Kiser on

      @Beh Kok Seng, It sounds really unnatural when senpai, kun, san, etc, are used in English. In subtitles you can get away with it, but it sounds incredibly goofy in spoken English. A true translation at leasts attempts to localize and use terms that are familiar to the audience's culture and language. If you want authentic, watch it in Japanese, where those terms are spoken every day. Personally, I'd rather a good translation and good localization (not changing the names or pretending a rice ball is a burger because that's not actually good) than Pied Piper Inc cow towing to purists who aren't interested in reaching a wider audience.

    19. Beh Kok Seng

      Hope the dub include all the honorific like, Kyoko-kun, -chan, -san and also senpai, sensei, etc...
      No Americanize the names please, otherwise not authentic to the source. Peace!

    20. Missing avatar

      Samuel Wood on

      Now the binge watching begins YAY!!!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Samuel Wood on

      Man I got such a big smile on my face WOOT!!!!!!!!!

    22. Richard J. on

      Victory! Now, let's hope the Paypal keeps getting a little here and a little there so we can build toward even more awesome extras! (And maybe all the so-called "professionals" can start opting for crowdfunding dubs instead of putting out dozens of shows sub-only? Please?)

    23. Cayless on

      I love this update! It's soooo shiny

      And @matewm .....Bwahahahahahaha (Ann better run now)

    24. Missing avatar

      Jill Timko on

      The Little Engine that could!! If you believe enough that you can - you can! It is because there is more to this story, and others like it, than just a comic, manga, or anime they deliver messages of empowerment and blow away perceived obstacles! Keep Steaming along, Pied Piper!!! And to all of us backers "WE ROCK!"

    25. Missing avatar

      matewm on

      There is only one action that is appropriate to give everyone involved in this Kickstarter campaign:

    26. Jerry on

      What a wonderful ride but an emotion filled roller-coaster. The good first day at Indiegogo to the dark hours of facing failure. Then the grand restart at Kickstarter to some very slow days but great ideas & hard work implemented the whole time. Then those ideas & work took root & flourish in became a comeback. Now we are at roaring success. We never gave up & it was such a great experience. Thanks to everyone! You are the greatest! We are the Champions!…

    27. Ammon on

      Regrettably, I had to lower my pledge at the last minute. But I look forward to jumping back up to the $80 or $100 tier when the option comes available. Any word on when Backerkit or some other form of pledge management will be available? (Yes, still too early to know, but I don't want to miss the opportunity!)

    28. Phillip O'Connor on

      Well done, Ann and Team Skip Beat!, you guys totally deserved the success. Now the fun stuff happens, can't wait to see the updates for all this process!

    29. Stephanie Ciccone on

      So awesome! This is my first backed project that I jumped into because of my love for Skip Beat! and I'm so happy it's been so successful!!!

      Ann, I'd like to say thank you to you, the VAs, and everyone at Pied Piper for making this possible! Spectacular job and I look forward to all the updates on the progress!

      The 210k revenge side of the success story is ironically appropriate to the motivations of Kyoko in Skip Beat! too. :P

    30. Libby on

      Can't wait to help! Get started and finally own it!!