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Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
1,646 backers pledged $224,546 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Pied Piper, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Incredible Backers,

This has campaign has been more than I could have ever imagined. 

We launched this Kickstarter with the 250 or so backers from 

We accomplished something pretty darn remarkable!

I am just one person, and the only thing I have is your trust. And that trust enables me to license shows from Japanese rightsholders. 

I'd like to thank three organizations that knew exactly how tough it was going to be to rally Skip Beat fans, and I have specific asks for each one:

Righstuf: Shawne Kleckner will be handling the rewards fulfillment, but he went above and beyond the call of duty and shared this campaign via the Rightstuf newsletter and twitter. 

Here's my ask: I think one of the things that gets us all hooked on anime is the diversity of stories. It's like entering a world where you can find every possible question about human relationships, power structures, goofiness... but for that magic to happen, we need to have a place where niche titles can find their fanbase. Based on my experience with Time of EVE, and now with Skip Beat, Righstuf is that place. And it is unique. As a consumer, I always thought of Righstuf as a fun place, but interchangeable with Amazon. But, as a producer, nothing could be farther from the truth. Could Amazon help me find Skip Beat fans? Does Amazon care about diversity in anime? I think not. I still sell my titles on Amazon, but my priority is always to work with Righstuf, because Righstuf is critical for the overall health of the anime industry.

Crunchyroll: It's a big company and their app drives me crazy, but I'd argue the same thing. As a consumer, I go to whichever streaming site has the shows I want to watch. But, again, Crunchyroll has the ability to connect shows of all scale and type with their audience. Honestly, without Crunchyroll, Time of EVE wouldn't have found its international fan base, and Pied Piper would never be able to find Skip Beat's fans.

Animeigo: Technically speaking, Animeigo and Pied Piper are competing in the crowdfunding arena. But, Robert has 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      RAC is a fandom stalwart too.

    2. Raven Rivera on

      Hiya, Pied Piper I was thinking your ideas about including rightstuf and crunchy roll where brilliant! When I was talking to the chairman of an anime convention a couple years ago I suggested the same thing! And to my surprise they actually used me ideas and it made a huge difference in how the fans responded to the conversation. So I want to say it was a good choice! And that is how I found out about this project. I have a suggestion though. On your next kickstarter you can try to get 'Roberts Anime Corner' on board. Because beside eBay, Amazon, and rightstuf; RAC is my next stop anime shop. Also RAC has a weekly newsletter aswell. So the more we get projects exposed the more likely we can get more backers. It's always better to have too many than not enough. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      Yes. I am glad we have RightStuf. They're my go-to for anime purchases.

      It was probably in that unfinished manuscript :), but I want to give a shout out to AnimeFest, one of the oldest anime cons in the USA, and All Con (Dallas, TX). Both sent out info about the KS through their social media. Other cons did to (thank you!) but these two are in my backyard. And having worked with AFest through the library, I can say it is one of the neatest con ops around. All Con also strives to be a gathering of friends from all fandoms.

    4. Robert J Woodhead on

      @Ann: glad I could help. The more successful projects there are, the easier it becomes to launch new and interesting projects. In a way, it's much like the way things were 25 years ago when the industry was just getting started.

      Now, of course, the hard work begins... good luck!

    5. Jerry on

      @Ann You are so right about Shawne, Robert, & Crunchy! Thank then for me as I will be as always with love, loyalty, & wallet.

    6. Doug W on

      Jaws are hitting the floor in the TV Tokyo meeting room as little Kyoko minions whisper "I told you so, I told you so .... Heheheheehehhhehhhh (creepily)

    7. Miri on

      Ann, I am so happy to support you and your love for sharing anime, and everyone else who worked to make this magic a reality. Thank you SO MUCH for doing what you have done, and thank you to everyone who supported your idea throughout. I'm so excited to be able to FINALLY add Skip Beat! to my shelf!

    8. Jacob Perry on

      Robert is a great guy. Glad he was able to help so much. Its great to see we passed you original Indiegogo goal as well. I cannot wait to hear the next update.

    9. Felaguin

      @Ann, you really aren't competing with Robert because you two go after such different properties. I like the way you both are fans masquerading as producers -- it shows in the way you approach the projects and treat the backers. I guess I'm going to have to get another bookcase to hold my anime because the current one is already overflowing ...

    10. Usakuun on

      Awww, Ann. You're welcome! I am proud to have supported your campaign, and honored you chose to trust us with the fate of such a idea that this concept could really work. It has been a whirlwind of a month, but we emerged with confidence and a certainty in our future, anime fans united for a cause we believe in, and a reward far more tangible than when we started.

      Whenever you decided to launch your next campaign, I'll be there. Three hours to go, everyone! Shame about the glitches interrupting such a special moment, but hopefully Kickstarter will get it worked out soon.

    11. Cliffton Marquez on

      It definitely has been glitching. The page was even unresponsive a few times yesterday and today. I think Skip Beat! is crashing Kickstarter lol.

    12. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      Kickstarter has been glitching out on me for the past 24 hours!

      This wasn't ready to go out yet!!! But here it raw, raw feelings for everyone to see, unedited!

      To finish that last sentence about Robert:
      "But Robert has helped me in this campaign at every turn -- including a survey of his backers to help troubleshoot our Indiegogo campaign. What could I ask you to do for Robert, who is already AWESOMENESS itself? Instead, I ask Robert to keep on doing amazing projects."

      I think we are all in a really special industry. I'm privileged to be here. And I'm only here because of YOU!!! Thank you!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      The past couple of updates the interface has been glitchy on Ann's end. I like to think we've crashed KS. :)

      And I really am going to bed now.

    14. FlamingFirewire on

      Also, it looks like part of the update is missing? Must be some weird stuff going on with KS today because Skip Beat and Pied Piper are so awesome ^^

    15. Missing avatar

      Wesley Miaw on

      I'm super happy about this! Can't wait to receive my Blu-ray. ^_^ I ended up increasing my pledge to significantly more than I originally intended because I really wanted to help push the campaign above the goal.

    16. FlamingFirewire on

      I know this isn't the purview of this KS, but considering the ongoing manga, surely they could green light another season of Skip Beat at 50 episodes or something and provide similar quality entertainment to the great Space Brothers (99 eps) and Hayate the Combat Butler S1 (~50 eps). TV Tokyo should really consider looking at this idea again :)

    17. Jayke Huempfner on

      It is super exciting that we reached the original goal set out in the IndieGogo campaign! I'm so looking forward to what will come of this! :D

    18. Karen Newton on

      Well done everyone! Now who wants to help fund season 3?

    19. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      *hoot* *hoot* I can't remember the last time I went to sleep by 1 a.m. >.<

    20. El Chaaa on

      That "original funding achieved" graphic is precious.