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Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
Let's give Skip Beat! the Official North American Release it deserves!
1,646 backers pledged $224,546 to help bring this project to life.

4th Voice Actor Reveal + Subtitle Revenge

Posted by Pied Piper, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Yesterday we cleared $130K and made our 4th voiceover announcement! Apologies to everyone for getting this update out late!

Yashiro's English voice actor will be Vic Mignogna!

Yukihito Yashiro Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna!
Yukihito Yashiro Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna!

Yukihito Yashiro is both Ren's manager and one of his closest friends. He's supported Ren since he was a teenager, so he knows about all of his habits, as well as his past struggles. Even though he has the skills to manage Ren's busy career, Yashiro still has his own quirks. He has a soft spot for animals and loves to tease Ren! Just don't let him touch your electronic devices...he tends to make them explode!!! 

Vic has a ton of powerhouse roles under his belt, such as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Tamaki Suoh in Ouran High School Host Club, and Zero Kiryuu in Vampire Knight! His veteran status in voice acting means that he'll give a performance that matches Yashiro's character in terms of reliability. Also, his familiarity with shoujo titles means that he knows what fans want! 

Vic is joining Erica Lindbeck as Kanae Kotonami, Grant George as Sho Fuwa, and Robbie Daymond as Ren Tsuruga!!

Shout out for Vic!

Vic is also the driving force behind the Star Trek Continues fan web series, which is nominated for a People's Choice WEBBY AWARD for best long form series - right up there with shows from NBC and other majors! 

Please show your support by casting your vote!!!

Subtitle revenge!

I have the .ass subtitles files from Crunchyroll. One of my goals with this official release is to give those subtitles a complete line-by-line makeover!

For example:

This layout needs a little more love!
This layout needs a little more love!
Let's reunite Mr. + Sawara!
Let's reunite Mr. + Sawara!
We can do better than this!
We can do better than this!

And sometimes the line just doesn't read quite right...

What's "it"? Awkwardness!
What's "it"? Awkwardness!

Those are just a few examples. I also just had a fantastic conversation with Deb Crane (ADR script for Sailor Moon Crystal), who will be in charge of the script adaptation. When creating the localization for Time of EVE: The Movie, the dub script often inspired rewrites of the subtitles. Deb is diving deep into the Skip Beat! characters and story, and I know that her script is going to help us take the subtitles to an entirely new level. We'll discover new idioms that creatively capture the original meaning but feel natural, and turns of phrases that better fit the characters' personalities. 

And, backers played critical roles in perfecting the Time of EVE subtitles. For Skip Beat!, I invite you to participate in the subtitles as well - including the timing, layout and proofreading. We'll start the process once we clear our $155K goal, but for now, please message me or leave a note in the comments if you want to be part of the subtitling team!

Reddit AMA Monday April 11th 9PM EST

I have a reddit scheduled! I'll post the reddit link at 8:30PM EST on April 11th on twitter and facebook (@piedinc) and in the campaign comments on the main page.

Next Milestone $140K with Lory Takarada VA reveal!

We are closing in fast on our next milestone! Keep on sharing the campaign! 

Thank you M. for this fantastic graphic!
Thank you M. for this fantastic graphic!

And, we are tantalizingly close to another important milestone: 1,000 backers - the number I was told we could NOT achieve. WE ARE MAKING IT HAPPEN!

Thank you EVERYONE for your energy and inspiration! 

GOING FOR VICTORY!!! Ann/Pied Piper, Inc. 


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    1. Cayless on

      I'd love to help proofread if that's ok :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Kristin Troilo on

      I'd be interested in helping proofread subs as well.

    3. Tainá Araujo on

      I'm willing to help too! Or at least participate of the process. That would be a huge experience for my college degree and maybe I could use some of this experience in my monography. My college degree is in Japanese-Portuguese and I'm a freelancer translator from English to Portuguese. Thought, I'm may not be able to help with localization. I can help with Japanese culture and translation experience. I also agree with the use of Japanese honorifics for the same reasons everyone is talking about. Japanese honorifics are very hard to translate.

    4. Libby on

      If you'd like any proofreading done, I've had tons of experience. Some of the only experience college has actually provided me with. Lol. My degree helped a little, too. :) I'd love to be more involved if it were possible.

    5. Jayke Huempfner on

      I'd love to help with subtitling too! Anything you'd need me to do, I'm willing to help with it all! I've had some experience with translating and making subtitles, but they're all rather small things, so it'd be cool to be able to give what I can for a bigger project :)

    6. Elizabeth F Leaty on

      Its so great that this campaign is looking out for the sub only fans and taking a care with the edits of the crunchyroll subs. I know a lot of fans were concern with how the subtitles were being made. I prefer both sub and dub so I can't wait to watch both of them. $138k almost there! We can do this. GO SKIP BEAT! KYOKO's Revenge!

    7. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      @Ann: I sadly speak no Japanese, but I'm willing to help with proofreading and such if you need it. Let us know what qualifications you're looking for.

    8. Mariz on

      Ann, I'd like to apply as a proofreader/QA for the subtitles. I'll happily take on any tests necessary :)

    9. Peter J. LaPrade Jr.

      My vote: Japanese honorifics in the subtitles; I'll trust Deb Crane as far as the dub goes.

    10. Richard J. on

      Vic's an interesting choice for Yashiro. Looking forward to hearing that.

      I'm an English dub preferring fan so I don't have much to say on subtitles. I'm going to back those saying keep the Japanese honorifics in the dub, though. Sometimes, they don't matter. Often a series' use of -san or -kun or whatever has very little significance. However, I think Skip Beat! falls into sizable group of series where it does matter. Mainly because how characters address each other, by what name and with what honorific, is an important part of the relationships. There are a lot of layers at play in this series. The goal of a good English dub, in my opinion, is to adapt the source material, not completely change it. Sometimes the impact of a Japanese pun is impossible to get in English or a saying is so odd that no one's really going to get it without a visit to wiki. Those are the times you have to rework it. Some dub script writers just take things too far and subtract bits they don't need to and add entirely new things that change the feeling of scenes entirely. Time of EVE's dub script writers put a lot of thought and care into what they did and I'm sure the same will happen with Skip Beat!

    11. Jerry on

      I agree with @Bethany Steffes. Even in a dub if localization is not done correctly can come off as "cheesy & awkward". It takes away from the fact that the story is set in Japan. Setting is very important to the story & getting it right is important. Most newer dubs use Japanese honorifics and I think a lot of dub fans are turned off by localization that deviates too much from the subtitles. Prison School is one example of getting a lot of hate for inappropriate westernize changes.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kristina on

      @Kimiko The reason Crunchyroll's subs generally have some issues is because they are made for the simulcast. So they have a day, sometimes even just hours to translate and time them in order to get the episodes out shortly after they air in Japan. The same is true for Funimation and Viz. What should happen, which is happening here, is that they are fixed for the official release. That's part of the benefit of actually buying the product rather than just streaming it. Fansubs shouldn't be advocated for anything that is legally streamed or locally released.

      I also would prefer that the Japanese honorifics be used for the subtitles (and English for the dubs). It just reads easier for me plus English honorifics really aren't equivalent.

    13. Bethany S on

      The Japanese honorifics are SO CRUCIAL for things being accurate, particularly in Skip Beat!
      I just rewatched the entire series again and there's really noticeable scenes and I was sitting there going "...if they localize this, are they going to have Ren call her like "Darling Kyoko" rather than just using her first name when he has a fever?" because it's so hard to actually translate that correctly. Him just using her first name is a BIG DEAL in that scene and freaks her out, but without realizing that he normally calls her Mogami-san, which is very formal and polite, but that Yashiro often calls her "Kyoko-chan" to show the difference between Ren's personality and his... I just hate it when honorifics are removed, particularly in subtitles. I understand if dubs have to be localized though it's awkward. (Prime example that comes to mind from another anime is Tohru shyly calling Yuki "Prince Yuki" And him getting flustered when in the original, she shyly calls him his name as opposed to the formal language she always uses... it came across as cheesy in English while it was significant when you understood the original language.)

    14. Missing avatar

      M on

      Super happy the subs are getting a makeover. I also prefer Japanese honorifics and agree with Nina - a dub can and would do a better job with localizing honorifics than subtitles would. I've always thought that "Miss" and "Mr." seemed clunky when in subtitles.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nina Davis on

      I enjoy the honorifics for all the reason mentioned. No reason to leave them out of subtitles. Dub is different, though, since you're not only trying to make the script make cultural sense to a local audience (dub is usually for broader appeal), but you also have to match the lip flaps.

    16. Libby on

      @raelynn I agree. Some Japanese words or thought processes just are not translate able, hence the honorifics. They have certain meanings. It's very important.

    17. M. Alan Thomas II on


      I missed an apostrophe in my own application for sub cleanup. I am so ashamed.

    18. M. Alan Thomas II on

      I'm pro-Japanese honorifics. The most embarrassing thing I've ever seen a translator do was have to put in an honorific guide because they habitually omitted them . . . up until shifting terms of address was both integral to the plot and completely untranslatable. And then they were stuck with an audience who didn't understand honorifics because of the translators own refusal to educate them previously, and everyone was worse off for it.

      But I'm also a perfectionist sub snob, as Ann can no doubt attest. (I still have the emails from QCing for Time of Eve. . . .) I will totally do a basic formatting and proofreading pass if you want me to. Is there a house style (e.g., try to stay at two-thirds screen length per line, acceptable over/under percentages, if one line has to be short make it the first one, &c.)?

    19. Raelynn on

      I prefer Japanese honorifics, mainly because English doesn't really have equivalent honorifics. Mainly because we skip past honorifics so fast in America. But I understand the want to translate entirely. So a poll would definitely be in order to get a handle on everyone's opinions.

    20. Kimiko Koopman on

      Also, if you aren't already flooded with offers for help with the subs, I have some experience with fansubs.

    21. Kimiko Koopman on

      Wow, I don't crunchyroll, so I wasn't aware their subs look this ugly. Doesn't invite to abandon fansubs.

    22. Maura Werner on

      I, too prefer to see the Japanese honorifics in the subtitles, but I will go with whatever the majority wants. Two subtitle tracks might be a good option if it's not too expensive. OOH! Almost 1,000 backers! Cool.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Ortiz on

      I prefer honorifics to be localized, because their meanings (along with the words chosen for "I" and "you") have a lot of subtleties that I can easily miss. For example, there are times one character calls another "-chan" and it might be totally appropriate, or it might be a big social faux pas and I don't even notice. If the first case is localized as a term of endearment and the second as a ludicrous nickname, then immediately I understand.

      That all being said I think a poll is a good idea. I know a lot of people like the Japanese.

    24. Libby on

      I prefer the Japanese honorifics!

    25. Jerry on

      I also prefer Japanese honorifics in english tracks too. Basically for the same reasons @rhubarb & @Crystal Woehrle-Logan pointed out. I like when Sentai & Funi do this in their slice of life & shoujo titles.

    26. Missing avatar

      Crystal Woehrle-Logan on

      Vic Mignogna, wow!

      Count me in to help with subtitles!

      I also prefer Japanese honorifics. I'm gonna wax a bit poetic here: I think using the Japanese honorifics opens the door to being understanding of cultural differences. Keeping the honorifics is a great way in context to teach those unfamiliar with them.

    27. Missing avatar

      rhubarb on

      So glad for news about the subs. And to chime in, I also would appreciate a poll regarding honorific use for the subtitles!

      I personally prefer to stick with the Japanese honorifics in cases like this, where the characters are Japanese people speaking Japanese in Japan, but I won't argue if the majority wants English honorifics.

    28. Jerry on

      I prefer Japanese honorifics but understand if others prefer English honorifics. Also if a joke would fall flat or something would be confusing to the western audience because of a difference in vernacular, then please don't be too strict on sticking to the subtitles or put in a marginal note to clarify. I'm sure you guys know what's best so I'll put my trust it you.

    29. Nicole Kiser on

      I'm probably one of the few people who would like to have English honorifics instead of Japanese honorifics in the subs (I believe in translating all the way). So if it's possible to have two versions, please do try. I'm use to the -san and -chan at this point, I just prefer a more thorough translation, if possible. Thank you!

    30. Libby on

      This is so exciting! Jealous of everyone who gets to be personally involved! Can't wait to see the final result.

    31. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Kevin Lembcke I'm so glad you brought up honorifics. Yes, I think it is a fantastic idea to do a poll. I would really like to know what everyone thinks.

      @Kevin Schoenherr WOW! The best shoujo release ever!!! Now that goal is truly inspiring!!! Let's make it happen!!! And welcome to the subtitle team^^

    32. Raelynn on

      @Ann, about honorifics in the subs, are we going to keep the "Mr./Ms." English honorifics? Or document the Japanese honorifics, or come up with a different way to show respect that doesn't sound so... archaic/old-fashioned?

      I'm so looking forward to getting revenge on these subs, too!

    33. Kevin Lembcke on

      Nice update. Since the subtitles are going to be given a makeover, is there a possibility of polling backers regarding the format of subtitles? For instance, the possibility of the subtitles incorporating honorifics in the subtitle track? I'd personally rather read "Moko-san" instead of "Miss Moko" or "Kanae" or whatever, but if others prefer the localized version then that's understandable. If the subtitles are to be revised I figured it wouldn't hurt to put it up to a vote. Of course this would have no effect on the dub, just the subtitles for the Japanese audio.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kevin Schoenherr on

      @Ann, I'm so amazed of how many people are supporting this project and the fact we are nearly at 1000 backers! I can't wait for the next VA to be revealed, once the next goal has been reached.

      Also, I wanted to let you know that I'm interested in being part of the subtitling team to help with the Skip Beat! project. Once we hit $155,000 (which you and I both know it will), let me know what I can do to help you and everyone to make Skip Beat! the best NA shoujo anime release ever!

    35. Pied Piper, Inc. Creator on

      @Raelynn YES! I am so psyched to work on the subtitles with you!!!

    36. Raelynn on

      I'd definitely love to help with the subtitles!

      I also noticed that Shou's nickname for Asami Haruki, which is supposed to be Miruki, was misheard for the previous subs as Milky. Let's rock the subs, and make them really nice and easy to follow and read.