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"Alo Malo" Sanda's New Romanian Gypsy Music Album's video poster

Help us bring "Alo Malo" a collection of rare Romanian gypsy tunes into this world. Please support me and my fabulous Japanese band! Read more

New York, NY Music
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Help us bring "Alo Malo" a collection of rare Romanian gypsy tunes into this world. Please support me and my fabulous Japanese band!

New York, NY Music
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Sanda and the Takeishis

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and I am a singer of Romanian Gypsy songs working with a Japanese band in New York City..
I grew up next to a police station that was often surrounded by gypsies waiting for the release of their relatives that had been arrested. They camped out on the pavement and sang their songs. I would listen for hours until the gypsies began to teach me.
I have lived in many cities all over Europe until I settled in New York in 1992. Wherever I went, I always sang these Romanian songs and found a traveling home in my music.
My record “Gypsy Killer” was released with the Knitting Factory Label in 2002 and received great reviews.
And this is a big, boiling, buzzing, brewing BUT, after eight years I am trying to produce and release a new album with my fabulous new Japanese band.
Together with the accordionist/keyboardist Shoko Nagai-Takeishi and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi, we have developed a new form of Gypsy music. At the same time I studied the roots and improvisational forms of gypsy music on extended travels throughout Romania.
We are currently in production of this new record and I would like to ask YOU to help jump start our little Gypsy music truck.
We need financial support for the mixing, mastering, art work, and promotion of the album.
We have worked long and hard to compile this collection of rare gypsy songs and are working on a tour following the launch of the album.
If everything goes as planned the album will debut in September!
I will be forever grateful to anyone that helps me keep my music and my dream alive!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

To hear some of my music, please visit my website:

And here are some nice things other people had to say about me...

"To call Weigl's voice "powerful" would be an understatement. She has an impressive vocal range. Her interpretations are dramatic, even theatrical, but never "over the top"… but Weigl's purpose is not to shock, but rather to communicate the vibrant life force inherent in the music. Which she does admirably, with an energy and panache that speaks of her intimate familiarity with the material. Always though, it comes back to Weigl's extraordinary voice. And if you're a fan of vocal ethnic music of any sort, that's something you don't want to miss."
-Bill Tilland, BBC

"Sanda Weigl moved to NY in 1992 and since then she’s kept New Yorkers enthralled with a steady stream of Romanian Gypsy songs she learned on the streets of Bucharest in her youth."
-The New Yorker

"Sanda dusts off the travel-stained repertoire (of the Gypsy music) with cabaret stylings and art-songs arrangements…she has a healthy sense of absurdism, the kind of Balkan black humor you find in Kusturica's Yugoslavian Gypsy films…"
-Time Out NY


Sounding at times like a Tom Waits-bred cross between Cape Verdean Chanteuse Cesaria Evora and German vocal visionary Dagmar Krause, Sanda draws from her Romanian Gypsy heritage to create music steeped in tradition, yet very much of the moment…"
-George Varga, Union-Tribune San Diego

"Romanian born singing-sensation Sanda Weigl blends gypsy music, cabaret and jazz, reflecting her own life story in every moment of her performance.
As outspoken politically as she is uncompromising musically, Sanda first achieved fame as a teen-age member of Team 4, East Germany's most popular rock band of the 1960s. After publicly denouncing communism and Russia's invasion of Czechoslovakia, she was banned from performing and sentenced to two years in an East Berlin prison; then, expelled to the West where she was free to continue crafting her art.
Since relocating to New York in the early nineties, Sanda has performed her singular interpretations to critical acclaim throughout the United States, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Austria, Israel, and an especially triumphant series of concerts in her native Romania.
Accompanied by her new band, a trio of Japanese musicians, Sanda takes the Romanian songs she grew up hearing on the streets of Bucharest to a truly revolutionary level.
Sanda and the Takeishis bring a New York edge to authentic gypsy melodies and deliver an inescapable fascination for the listener."
-Jewish Music Festival Krakow


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    And something priceless: My endless love and gratitude.

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