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We're building encrypted software to amplify the efforts of activists, journalists, & nonprofits -- anyone fighting for social change.
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Next Up - A Conversation With Naomi Colvin

Posted by Claire Peters (Collaborator)

Greetings, everyone! We're nearly 60% of the way to our $48,000 goal; with the traditional Kickstarter endgame sprint, we expect to surpass it by the campaign's end on July 15. We're laying out development plans for the months ahead, and we can't wait to finish bringing Pursuance into the world. Thank you so much for your support. We couldn't do this without you.

Naomi Colvin: "Whistleblowers continue to pay the price for the wrongdoing of states."

Naomi Colvin has spent much of her professional career protecting the rights of hackers, journalists, and whistleblowers through her work with the Courage Foundation. As a Case Director, Naomi led Courage’s successful campaign to prevent the extradition to the United States of British-Finnish computer scientist Lauri Love on charges relating to his alleged participation in online political protest. The Courage Foundation supported and defended Love in his years-long battle to be tried in the UK, which concluded with a landmark High Court ruling in February of this year that greatly reduces the chances of anyone else finding themselves in a similar position.

On the heels of her win for Lauri, Naomi has become Director of the Courage Foundation. Her professionalism, sharp wit, and passion for her work make her more than worthy of the role. We look forward to having her on.

Updates - Backing Multiple Tiers, A New Livestream, and Two New Tiers.

Before we go, we want to share a few important items with you.

Firstly, some backers have come to us expressing frustration over their inability to buy a second tier, as doing so replaces the first tier they purchased instead of adding to it. We'll address this more extensively in our next update, but if you want to buy the rewards for two separate tiers, please message us and we can help you out.

Secondly, we have another livestream confirmed for Thursday, July 5 - Steve will sit down with Rich Metson to talk about privacy and technology. Rich is the developer of Off Grid, an indie video game that brings a satirical edge to normalized surveillance.

Thirdly, we've added a couple of new tiers. After selling out of advance copies of Barrett's new book, we added a tier which affords you a signed first edition hardcover copy, along with a Shadowrun character sheet. We've also added a $50 tier with which you can join Barrett's Divinity II campaign - he'll design the story as you play it out. Storyteller that he is, both of these tiers are pretty good deals.


Claire Peters
Director of Strategy

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