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Robotic-gyro controlled 3D Flight Simulator on your iPad/iPhone/Android device brought to you by the GRAIKA brothers!
3D Flight Simulator + Sphero-as-a-Controller for iOS/Android devices
3D Flight Simulator + Sphero-as-a-Controller for iOS/Android devices
54 backers pledged $10,411 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Thomas Eldredge on January 16, 2015

      Do you ever feel a little guilty about this little scam of yours?

    2. Thomas Eldredge on November 8, 2014

      Yeah- I spelled loser wrong... so what...

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin H. on October 18, 2013

      Hey ... since You Never delivered the game You could do me a favour ... how about giving way a nubby for free ? I tried to order one but the shipping is 39$ to europe 0o

      so this would satisfy me for not getting the game but only the ball.

    4. Thomas Eldredge on August 20, 2013


      I want my $25 back you unscrupulous no good loosers!

    5. Thomas Eldredge on July 15, 2013

      I just wanted to say I love this game! It's the most innovative flight simulator available for the Android and the Sphero controls are just amazing!

      Oh wait... that never happened because this campaign was a complete SCAM!!!

      I'm just beating a dead horse here but hey... this dead horse took $25 from me so I'm going to keep throttling it for awhile.

    6. Thomas Eldredge on July 8, 2013

      Another week of silence... astonishing.

      I don't expect we'll ever get a legitimate excuse for this shameful conduct, but I'd sure love to hear it anyway!

    7. Thomas Eldredge on June 29, 2013

      "We ask all of you to please be just a bit more patient and expect to see the game ready in 3-5 more weeks"

      It's now been 7 weeks since that comment was posted. No followup, no updates.

      Shame on you for using this platform so irresponsibly.

    8. Thomas Eldredge on June 12, 2013

      "We ask all of you to please be just a bit more patient and expect to see the game ready in 3-5 more weeks"

      It has now been 5 weeks since that comment was posted.

    9. Thomas Eldredge on June 10, 2013

      @Duncan RAY I think this campaign is essentially dead, If you've heard anything from the leads, please post because the leads are being highly irresponsible in their communication with their contributors.

      I've never received any emails from the leads even thought they claimed to have messaged me multiple times. I've emailed as requested and received no reply. I never got my reward and there have been no official updates since December, totally unacceptable.
      I'm concerned something may have happened to the leads, or else this is just a flat out scam.

    10. Duncan RAY on June 10, 2013

      Still waiting for the "Sphero Glide" game to appear somewhere.

    11. Thomas Eldredge on May 31, 2013

      I emailed you as requested. Nearly 4 weeks later, still no response, no reward, no updates, no software. This is irresponsible and unfair to your backers. I'm surprised I seem to be the only one still keeping up.

      I am also very concerned when I look at the kicktraq stats and see a $5,760 spike in one day (11.14.2013) and on that same day only 2 backers signed on. I find it hard to believe an unconnected backer would contribute so much individually. And I do the math on the donation levels and see that multiplying donors*pledge levels only account for about 1/2 the goal. If 1/2 your funding comes from a single, dubious source, then this is not really 'crowd funded' at all and indicates fraud. I realize the severity of this accusation- but you have had ample time to preempt this. No official updates for 6 months after the estimated delivery should make anyone suspicious and start digging.

      All I ever expect from campaigns is to be kept informed, that is why I back campaigns, to be part of the process or at least kept in the loop. For goodness sake post an official update on this campaign! How hard is it to post an update and say "Sorry, It's taking longer than expected"? I would have been silent and patient with some form of official communication, but this has gone on long enough.

      At this point I severely regret contributing to this campaign and it will negatively effect my decision to support future game projects.

      FYI - I'm moving shortly so the address I sent you a month ago will not be valid after tomorrow. I don't really want the t-shirt anymore so don't worry about it. Just post an update for crying out loud. That will suffice to shut me up.

    12. Skylar Graika Creator on May 7, 2013

      We have been working long hours on ensuring this game is flawless for its release. We have discovered that 3D games with an open world require an incredible amount of adaptive techniques to enhance the performance on mobile devices. We are thrilled to say that this game will be unlike any other game available for the Sphero and has been rigorously tested with Sphero to make it skillful while in flight. We ask all of you to please be just a bit more patient and expect to see the game ready in 3-5 more weeks

    13. Skylar Graika Creator on May 7, 2013

      Thomas, I have sent you several messages now in regards to both the reward we shipped you and when the game will be finished. To avoid further miscommunication, I ask that you re send me your shipping information to my email: I'm very sorry you have felt so mislead.

    14. Thomas Eldredge on May 7, 2013

      No updates since December, no reward, no game. This is ridiculous. This is without a doubt the single most disappointing campaign I've contributed to.

    15. Thomas Eldredge on February 21, 2013

      I have not received my reward or any communication from the leads. Please respond.

    16. Philipp Dümpelmann on February 13, 2013

      Finally arrived in Germany without any taxes. Thanks a lot.

    17. David Sailer on February 6, 2013

      Hey Philipp, I'm from Germany too, and today I got mail from the customs authority.
      Now I must send a bill (Credit Card statement) to them, so that they can calculate the duty I have to pay.
      That can last another week, as experienced. Cant wait!
      Greetz from Germany,

    18. Philipp Dümpelmann on February 6, 2013

      Same here. Still waiting for the package to arrive in Germany.

    19. Anthony Gallichand on February 6, 2013

      Hello Skylar.

      I didn't receive my package so far. Is that normal? I am in Canada. I supposed it should have arrived by now... Anybody can confirm they received it already in the eastern region of Canada?

    20. Missing avatar

      Martin H. on February 3, 2013

      hi skylar,

      got mine on thursday ... thanks. only hikup ... ac-plug is for americans only :( that was another 20 bugs for an universal ac-adapter.
      looking forward to seeing glide coming up ... still a while to go ...

    21. Skylar Graika Creator on January 30, 2013

      We are still finishing up with Sphero Glide. The game will be free to download on the app store by the end of March.

    22. Missing avatar

      Craig Telega on January 30, 2013

      Received my sphero and t shirt. How do I access Glide? Thanks.

    23. Anthony Gallichand on January 24, 2013

      Alright! Thanks Skylar :D

    24. Anthony Gallichand on January 24, 2013

      Alright! Thanks Skylar :D

    25. Skylar Graika Creator on January 24, 2013

      Hey everyone! Your gifts have been shipped. Unfortunately I was not provided the tracking #'s but they should be arriving by next week. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    26. David Sailer on January 24, 2013

      Can you send a tracking number per E-Mail or will there be no tracking number?

    27. Skylar Graika Creator on January 17, 2013

      Shipments are ready to be sent out. The T-shirts have still not arrived unfortuneately, I will leave a comment as soon as they arrive and the packages are sent out. Thanks for your patience.

    28. Missing avatar

      John V on January 17, 2013

      Any update on shipment?

    29. Skylar Graika Creator on January 5, 2013

      Happy new year everyone! Sorry for the delay on shipment. The spheros will be shipped out next week along with the t-shirts. There was a delay due to the printing manufacture being closed for the holidays. If you have any other questions please let us know.

    30. Missing avatar

      Martin H. on January 5, 2013

      Any news? Do you have any news on when we can expect our spheros?

    31. David Sailer on December 25, 2012

      Merry christmas to everyone :)
      Have the Sphero's already been shipped?
      Would be cool to know if there is a tracking number that you could send us!
      greets from Germany,

    32. Skylar Graika Creator on December 18, 2012

      Hi Phillipp,

      We will be sending the backings gifts within the next week. Thanks!

    33. Philipp Dümpelmann on December 18, 2012

      When will you ship the items? Will you send us the tacking no?

    34. Anthony Gallichand on December 10, 2012

      I have a smartphone using Android so I really look forward to the milestone for it :P But I didn't restrain myself to pledge 100$ and get the sphere in the process! :D

      Congratulations for the project (and for the funds collect, of course) ;)

    35. Missing avatar

      Zoe Caggiano on December 8, 2012

      I have had a sphero for 3 months

    36. Missing avatar

      Zoe Caggiano on December 8, 2012

      I REALY want this to be a success

    37. Skylar Graika Creator on December 8, 2012

      Sphero can be used with any of the Sphero apps on the market. A lot of the apps are really cool! Also, you can download Sphero's SDK from and start building your own apps! That's what we did.

    38. Missing avatar

      Amit Sanyal on December 6, 2012

      I just heard about this a couple days ago. Sounds really cool! Can the ball in the $99 level be used with any of the apps or is it only for glide? Thanks!

    39. Skylar Graika Creator on November 1, 2012

      Who here has heard of the Sphero before?