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What's the secret of the Sisterhood? Some of you are about to find out.
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Behind the Scenes with Actor Louis Changchien

Dear Kickstarter Supporters:

Check out this new Behind the Scenes video with actor Louis Ozawa Changchien, who plays Catherine Huang's father in the movie. His early input brought a freshness and nuance to the role. The "three generations" portrayed in the movie include Willa Cuthrell as Catherine Huang, Hudson Yang as her little brother (in a role right before ABC's Fresh off the Boat), David Chen as Gong Gong, and Sonnie Brown as Catherine's mom. Hear Changchien talk about how his own background influenced his performance:

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Team Sisterhood

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In Celebration of Mother's Day Tomorrow

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Dear Kickstarter Supporters:

In The Sisterhood of Night we celebrate teenage girls through four unique characters, each beautiful in her own way, each looking at life through her own lens. But we believe that every girl is who she is because of her mother, and our girls are no different. The Sisterhood is more than a secret circle started by Mary Warren. It's also the fragile bond between Mary and her mom that holds strong despite the controversy. It's the love Catherine can't hold back for her mom even though she might lose her to cancer. It's the way Emily's mom wants to protect her daughter more than anything, even if it means being blinded to what's really happening. It's the struggle Lavinia's mom experiences raising Lavinia on her own (watch our Behind the Scenes clip with Laura Fraser below.)

If we have a Sisterhood in our lives now, it's because our mothers showed us how. Happy Mother's Day! xoxo, Team Sisterhood

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Happy Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month!

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Dear Kickstarter Supporters, 

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month and we want to kick it off by sharing this Behind the Scenes video with writer Marilyn Fu and actress Willa Cuthrell, along with their interview in Mochi Magazine. Cuthrell plays Catherine Huang, a Taiwanese-American teen who's a member of the Sisterhood.

We salute our Asian American and Pacific Islander cast, crew, team, and of course all of YOU. Let's keep supporting these important stories--there are so many more to tell! 

xoxo, Team Sisterhood

Mochi Magazine Interview

Watch The Sisterhood of Night

The Sisterhood of Night - Behind the Scenes with Actor Kal Penn

Dear Kickstarter Supporters: 

We're two weeks into our commercial release for The Sisterhood of Night! It’s been inspiring to see the depth of appreciation for this story we've all worked so hard to put on screen. Sharmine wrote to us that "I think that we should all have a sort of sisterhood in our lives" and Nicole said, "Mothers bring your daughters!" In an email from Anna, "I especially appreciated your inclusion of realistic Asian characters," and in a tweet from @dogsonforprez, "One of the best things I've seen in years. Beautiful and bruising."

And we're thrilled that the great reviews keep coming in:

“The Sisterhood of Night” remains a considerably taut tale. Yes, you’ve seen some of this before. And here, they’ve made it worth seeing again.” - The New York Times

"The one who really holds your attention is [Georgie] Henley, the remarkable 19-year-old British actress who made her bigscreen debut 10 years ago as Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia series; adorably earnest as she was then, she’s a quietly bewitching presence here, a performer who truly does seem to warrant her own cultlike following." - Variety

If you haven't seen the movie yet or if you plan to share it with someone else, please don't wait to rent or buy it. You can also support us by leaving a rating and review if you liked the movie. These first few weeks of our release are critical to show that we have a big audience, and from the reactions and reviews so far we believe that is true more than ever!

We had a fantastic week in theaters - thanks to everyone who came out. You can now see The Sisterhood of Night on iTunes and everywhere on demand.

AND here’s a little behind the scenes video with Kal Penn who plays our guidance counselor, Gordy Gambhir. He can't tell you what the Sisterhood is, but you can find out for yourselves! xoxo, Team Sisterhood

It's Time to Watch The Sisterhood of Night! JOIN US 4.10.15


Dear Kickstarter Supporters:

You've been with us since our campaign in 2012 and now we're so happy to share our theatrical and on demand release with you on Friday 4.10.15! Making this film has been such a rewarding journey. We're thrilled to be sending it out into the world, and invite you to continue on with us for the most exciting phase of all. 

 We are a big, aspirational movie with a small, passionate team. In the past few months, we've been brainstorming with partner organizations, creating publicity through contacts, friends of friends and fans of the film, and furiously spreading the word on the film festival circuit. We've been working around the clock on this grass roots marketing because we just don't have the dollars that it takes to typically release a teen movie and reach a teen audience (around 30 million).

But passion goes a long way and we believe there could be just the right synergy for Sisterhood to make an impact. All this is to say that the coming week is an important one for us. It's a chance to prove that important independent films can break through, that there is a place for genre-bending stories, that adults and teenagers can love the same kinds of films because teenagers, too, long for smart, thought-provoking material. That a diverse movie by women and about women has an audience and can succeed (film industry translation: make money).

We invite you to see Sisterhood in a theater between Friday and next Thursday if you're in one of our releasing cities, and rent or buy it on iTunes/watch on demand.

Go HERE for tickets and info

4/10 NYC - Empire 25 6:55p: Join director Caryn Waechter, writer Marilyn Fu, producer Elizabeth Cuthrell and actors Willa Cuthrell and Evan Kuzma for a Q+A after the screening

4/11 LA - Burbank Town Center 8 7:45p: Join writer Marilyn Fu for a Q+A after the screening

And check out some reviews and features that have come in:

"The Sisterhood of Night is so unusually moving and penetrating because it refuses to cloud its emotions in distancing irony, anger, or nihilism. The film has a cleansing sense of earnestness that parallels the sisterhood's yearning for acceptance and connection." -Slant Magazine

"The drama is a poignant paean to young women and feminine creativity, bolstered by impressive performances from a fresh cast and a sense of breathy, hyper-aware immediacy that captures the heady now-ness of adolescence." -The Wrap

"The Sisterhood of Night is a film about the bond between girls—how we connect and how being friends is the most magical thing in the world." -Rookie Magazine

Get ready for Sisterhood! xoxo, Team Sisterhood