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What's the secret of the Sisterhood? Some of you are about to find out.
585 backers pledged $136,342 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Joe Nardelli on March 3

      Intriguing! Really nicely photographed. Great job filmmakers! Go, Lydia. Go!

    2. Creator Wei Ling Chang on February 25, 2014

      Hi, when will the movie be delivered to backers? thanks

    3. Creator Reena Gambhir on March 10, 2012

      Can't wait to see this!

    4. Creator Brendan FitzGerald on March 10, 2012

      Can't wait to see this!

    5. Creator Ben Friedberg on March 10, 2012

      from one NYC artist to your entire team of artistic collaborators:

      this looks like a beautiful project, happy to be able to support.

    6. Creator Lauren L. Miller on March 10, 2012

      Good luck, Marilyn! And better yet, have fun!!! :) xox from Philly!

    7. Creator Anne Coburn on March 7, 2012

      This is super awesome, and congrats on making your goal!

    8. Creator Susan Lazarus on March 7, 2012

      Here's to Sisterhood!

    9. Creator Caryn Waechter and Marilyn Fu on March 4, 2012

      Thanks, guys! This is happening because of YOU! We're so grateful.

    10. Creator Taylor Rankin on March 3, 2012

      Bazaaaam!!! Go Fu!! Congrats!

    11. Creator Core Spaces on March 3, 2012

      Whoot Whoot! Congrats... it's just the start. We hope you raise 10 times your goal!

    12. Creator Lina Dorado on February 29, 2012

      I want to know a secret for sure. I'm in! ( It was a true privilege to work with Caryn, all my best for your project )

    13. Creator Caryn Waechter and Marilyn Fu on February 28, 2012

      Thanks, Jason! It's already happening... :)

    14. Creator Jason Alarcón on February 28, 2012

      Can't wait until the Magic starts happening :)

    15. Creator Caryn Waechter and Marilyn Fu on February 23, 2012

      Thanks for your support, everyone! It means the world to us!

    16. Creator Kabir Chopra on February 23, 2012

      You guys rock! Can't wait to see the finished movie!

    17. Creator Tula Goenka on February 22, 2012

      More power to all of you! With best wishes - Tula