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Two 50' metal serpents.  Mobile art sculptures, one light and one dark, amaze and light up the night in very different ways.
Two 50' metal serpents. Mobile art sculptures, one light and one dark, amaze and light up the night in very different ways.
161 backers pledged $11,126 to help bring this project to life.

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Serpent Twins Appreciation Party Oct 22nd

Save the date of Oct 22nd for a wonderful fun filled night of art, music, costumes and fun.

We will have all the cars free of dust for your viewing pleasure. More pictures of the finished Serpent Twins

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Triple Wow!

Thank you to every single one of our donors.  Getting the funding takes a huge weight off our shoulders.  Rest assured, we are working every day to bring these two behemoths into being.  The massive LED plan is moving forward!  And mountains of metal are being cut, sorted, and welded every day!  Please check for updates at  And again, we appreciate every contribution.


We are overwhelmed with the support all of our donors have pledged.  The funding now stands at 75%.  Even though we have not reached our funding goal yet, I want to say how humbly I thank you all, I can only say; thank you thank you thank you.

Rising up to the support

The Serpents are growing and taking shape everyday.. Lots of wonderful friends and new faces showed up to help Sunday and lots got done. Still needing skilled volunteers. Contact me if you have skills in metal fabrication, general fabrication, LED knowledge, soldering, Flash animation of LEDs.  car stereo installation, sewing. For people with no workshop skills – be a gopher for hardware or food runs, help us organize and mail out rewards from our sure-to-be-successful kickstarter so we can keep moving forward… I’m sure I can think of more!

The kickstarter fundraiser is going well but we still need more than $4000 to get our funding! Please tell your friends, spam the world, pitch in a $25. Less than a week left and if we don’t fully fund we lose the $6000 we have already raised!

Pictures of our progress

past posts

The head begins to take shape. It looks incredible and I can’t wait to see it filled in with sheet metal.

Tansy and Kyrsten have been working hard to get the fins cut.

Me laying out the head on cardboard.