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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Once In a Lifetime (or not)

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

You find yourself in the aftermath. You may ask yourself what am I doing here. You waited all these years and Paradigm is finally in your hands. Except its not actually in your hands, it's on your computer. A series of ones and zeros which are 40% low brow humour and part of those ones and zeros when put in sequence make a huge butt. Wowers, isn't technology neato, I help fund this thing. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was glad I was a part of. (If you weren't glad that's OK too, I'm glad you're an honest person who speaks their mind, NOICE)


So before I get into anything, if you're a backer, and you can't find your copy of Paradigm in your inbox, and you've started planning my murder, please, CHECK YOUR SPAM AND INBOX for a humble bundle link. For some reason a bunch of the humble bundle emails went into spam, I probably got at least 60 emails about it. If you really cant find it, please email me and I'll investigate it further and help you ASAP :D 


Alright it's been 3 weeks since release of Paradigm, what a crazy ride it's been. I have to re-iterate how much I appreciate you all. With the help of you and others, I LITERALLY achieved a childhood dream, I'm extremely privileged I got do that. Not only that, I got to do it all on my own terms, and make the game exactly how I wanted with the exception of my technical expertise. How many people get to say that? That's insane, I'm thankful for all of you everyday for it. GIVE YOURSELF ALL a firm and assertive pat on your back. Then pretend its me doing that. Maybe a hug if you're feeling fancy. If you go further than that, please submit it to *Disclaimer this does not exist and please don't do that. 


"WAAAAAA I thought it was over, I thought you would abandon me with these twenty cats, you mean you're staying?" Yeah I am sticking around, there is still a few things I need to wrap up for you all.

ART BOOK: I'm starting to plan it out now and organise all the art. I'm hiring my friend to help me with the design of the whole thing to help get it out faster. Neato.

SOUNDTRACK: It's out! Check your humble bundle and it will be associated with Paradigm if you got that pledge. If you didn't, you can get it from these convenient links.

It's also on Spotify!

I will be sending out a Survey ASAP to get which posters you want, in the mean time, here is a selection which I will give you, (may be subject to change) If you have something in particular that you think would be a good poster, I'll consider it adding it to the selection!

Still deciding what would be cool.

There were pretty minimal bugs in the game, only 2/3 ones which can cause the game bigger problems. Hopefully will get them fixed and tested ASAP.

After that is all done, the Paradigm Kickstarter will be officially wrapped up, super crazy to think about it after this long time. However don't think that is the complete end, this is the only beginning. I have many plans for the future, and I hope you guys can come along for the ride :D

I want to give a special shout out to


During the last couple of weeks, this guy play tested the shit out of Paradigm. He is the reason the game is not a buggy mess. On release there were like only 2-3 'major bugs' which is insane considering. He is also a voice actor and actor (He voiced the dimmer switch Prodigy Child), please go follow him on his social media if you can.

Big thanks to all the other Play testers too, you are the unsung heroes of game dev. (All their pretty names are in the credits)


Here is a quick behind the scenes gif of when I was literally buried alive for the live action sequence.

 Here is me playing around with the Floppy disk addition, trying to figure out how it would look like and how much it would cost. At the moment it is costed at around ~$1500 for shipping and making it. This will probably end up being a charity thing haha. 

 I also made a wallpaper which was requested a few times.

That's about it for this update, again, thank you all, till the next update! 

Much love 

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    1. Helen van't Hof on

      I am a giant idiot who forgot to check my inbox sooner, and I am also 'that guy' who did not get a code :( what is the best contact email to send to see if a fix is possible? Sorry for the delay ><

    2. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @Big D Glad you liked it the second play through :D It was soo much more polished since that Beta.

      @Will O'Neill You know it, so good.

      @Rene: Hey! My parents are Polish, so it was something very close to me, and something that I thought which hasn't been explored very much with other games other than FPS games.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rene Gollent on

      This game was hilarious :D. Purely out of curiosity, something I've been wondering about for a while: what drove the idea of going for an Eastern European motif?

    4. Will O'Neill

      Same as it ever was
      Same as it ever was
      Same as it ever was

    5. BigD on

      I have to say, you give great hugs. Just finished playing the released version. I laughed even harder than with the beta play through.

    6. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @colette I will send you a code later tonight !

      Also sorry Linux users, forgot to mention in the update, working on linux build too, just fixing the bugs first.

    7. Colette Taylor on

      Hi Jacob! I was looking for your email because I hate to be That guy, I did not receive my code. I searched email and spam. I can't imagine the flusteriness of releasing a project like this, but I am really excited to play your game! Let me know if you need more of my info, Thanks!

    8. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @TAHR: Thanks man :D

      Also for the people who got the floppy disks addition, I will be sending out a survey later too!

    9. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @TAHR: Thanks man :D

      Also for the people who got the floppy disks addition, I will be sending out a survey later too!

    10. TAHR on

      Congratulation Jacob, you made it ! I'm really glad I backed your great project and gave myself a pat on the back pretending it was you ;-)