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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

Jeez guys, we're nearly there. Paradigm comes out in less than hour. This update I wont make any superfluous intro, but keep it simple and sweet. The game launches exactly at 12 PM EST. You will receive your key sometime around then (please bare with me, as I need fullfill the orders, I have to manually launch each tiers emails, I'm going to get them out to you as fast as I can :D. The email will come in a form of a Humble Bundle link with DRM free copies and your steam key!  

For people who got art books and or the sound track, that will be coming later! The official OST will come not too far off. The art book will be a little longer. ( I will be working with my designer friend to get it out ASAP)

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for making my dream a reality. You have been so patient, and been so supportive. I have literally achieved one of my childhood dreams today, and it is all because of you guys. You are the best. I love you. I will write a much more entertaining update post release :D Till then, I hope you like the game!

Much love! xoxoxox

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    1. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @KD, sorry I missed this, did you end up mailing me? Email me at if you haven't already. Also please check your spam and inbox just in case.

      @Rob: Sorry about the delay, been real hectic with post release maintenance. I also wanted to iron out a few bugs in the current build before I export to Linux. However I may export a Linux build earlier to see how it works!

    2. Rob Crowther

      When will the Linux build be available for testing?

    3. Missing avatar

      KD on

      Hi, i have not received an email with the steam key. Please help. I'm really excited to truth game, but have no way to do so.

    4. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @marshal Watson: glad you found it!
      @synapsis <3 Thank you!
      @Chelsey: Hey! I just checked, your email definitely got sent out. Please look for a humble bundle email, if it is not there, please check your spam folder, many backers keys are going into there. If you cannot find it please contact me directly at :D

      @marshall: sorting it now for you :D

    5. Missing avatar

      marshall watson on

      The tier i pledged was for two copies of the game, how do i get the second?

    6. Missing avatar

      Arin Annan on

      hello, i have not received an email with the steam key? sorry for my bad english :))

    7. Missing avatar

      marshall watson on

      Sorry mate, never mind, found the link.

    8. Missing avatar

      Synapsis on

      Just finished 10/10. So much character and soul in this game. Great work Jacob. I'd happily back you again if you do another kickstarter. Now I need to go through again and listen to all the commentary :P

    9. Missing avatar

      marshall watson on

      Hey Jacob, i haven't gotten my code yet either, when ever you're free mate.

    10. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @javier, sent you a private message about what to do :D

    11. Javier Alemán on

      Hey Jacob, I haven't received my code :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Nathan Thomas on

      Ah, found it. Now to play the ever-loving crap out of it! :D Cheers!

    13. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @Kadah: Glad it got sorted :D
      @Stacey B: Just sent you a PM which should hopefully sort things out :D
      @Frodo: No worries :D
      @Chris Skuller: Wooo
      @flesk: Cheers!

    14. flesk

      Congrats! :D

    15. Chris Skuller

      Congratulations! WOO HOO!!!!

    16. Frodo

      Hey Jacob. Thanks so much for the GOG code. Your efforts are definitely appreciated.
      You're the best! ( :

    17. Stacey B on

      Hey I haven't got mine although I no longer use the email I originally signed up to kickstarter with, so maybe it went there?

    18. Kadah on

      Nevermind, apparently it did work but Steam wanted to throw "Unexpected error" anyway and not show that it had actually taken the code. After forcing Steam to update and restart and tried again, it then gave me "You already own this" error and it was all fine. Good job Valve.

    19. Kadah on

      Got the email, got key from Humble. Steam won't accept the key.

    20. Missing avatar


      Found it the mail! Sorry about the confusion, didn't recognize it. Looking forward to trying it!

    21. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @ricard Hey ricardo, I double checked, the email was definitely sent out to you, can you please check your spam folder and regular inbox for a humble bundle email.

      @Chris Chen Apologies! I will fix this ASAP

    22. Chris Chen

      My tier included two copies of the game. Will that be forthcoming at a later date?

    23. Missing avatar


      Hello, I don't think I have received my key yet.

    24. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @rgnrk no worries
      @Krayzkrok Haha I'm honoured you would say that, thanks!
      @matty no worries
      @Adrian Hey mate, will be looking into that soon!
      @Nathan, I just checked your email, it has been definitely been sent out, can you please check for a humble bundle email. It should say "your "tier" order is ready"
      @porcupine: haha super honoured, thank you very much!

    25. Porcupine on

      Thanks for the extra effort! You're now officially the Bestest Awsomestest Favouritestest Game Developer of the Year! (Which year? All years! All of them!) ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Nathan Thomas on

      Hey, I haven't received an email for the game yet are certain tiers still being processed?

    27. Adrian von Gegerfelt on

      Since you're an awesome guy, hanging out in this chat. What do you say about your Reddit page activity? Do you need another moderator?

    28. Missing avatar

      matty on

      Jacob, thank you very much for the GOG key!

    29. krayzkrok on

      Holy crap Jacob, this game is awesome! Well, the first 45 minutes anyway. Bugger Thimbleweed Park, so far this is much funnier. I'm actually laughing. Put that on the box if you like. And phat beatsies too, dayum.

    30. rgnrk

      Thanks a lot for the effort and that quick and sweet GOG key.

    31. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      @Matt, no worries mate!
      @Peter, yeah man! it should of gone out last night to your email (I doubled checked it on humble.) Look in your inbox in that email and you should of recieved a humble link.

    32. Peter Michelsen on

      I didn't receive my key, should they all be sent out by now?

    33. Matt Combes on

      You rock, Jacob! Thanks for that quick turnaround on the GOG keys!

    34. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      GOG key is now up! Check your humble links and it should be there, if not please contact me. (you wont get a new email, if you check your humble account, or check the link again, it should be in there with the name GOG)

      @Ari B Hey thanks man, glad you came by and said hi <3
      @Will O'Neil Thanks dude!
      @krayzkrok haha I'm honoured you would put that down and plya Paradigm instead !
      @Glenn Thanks dude, thanks for being so patient
      @thanks Adrian, I'm really glad you like it.

    35. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      GOG key is now up! Check your humble links and it should be there, if not please contact me. (you wont get a new email, if you check your humble account, or check the link again, it should be in there with the name GOG)

      @Ari B Hey thanks man, glad you came by and said hi <3
      @Will O'Neil Thanks dude!
      @krayzkrok haha I'm honoured you would put that down and plya Paradigm instead !
      @Glenn Thanks dude, thanks for being so patient
      @thanks Adrian, I'm really glad you like it.

    36. Adrian von Gegerfelt on

      Congratulations! I got my link, and I must say that the game is of highest quality!

      I hope you get good sales!

    37. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on

      Congrats on making it across the finish line! Hopefully there aren't too many headaches post-launch.
      I think you did a fantastic job running this KS and I'm very much looking forward to playing your game!

    38. krayzkrok on

      Congrats Jacob, you did it! Not only is it nice to see it come to fruition, you did a great KS campaign including keeping us all in the loop with amusing and informative updates. Looking forward to playing the game later tonight! (sorry Thimbleweed Park, I have /another/ point and click adventure to play instead!).

    39. Will O'Neill

      Congratulations! I hope it's a big success. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Ari B on

      I met you at PAX Aus this year and you were great and your enthusiasm for this project really shone through. Congrats on the release! You've done amazing things!

      You rock! And I offer an eHug.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ari B on

      It's the final countdown!

      Dee dee deeeee do!

    42. Missing avatar

      PixelBoy on

      If GOG can offer backer keys (and that should be possible, as most of my Kickstarter rewards are on GOG), it is possible to make those available to backers through Humble rewards page. That could be more efficient than responding to every backer individually, although some projects have worked like that too.

      I also repeat what others have said, I'm fine with any DRM-free option, but would prefer to have a GOG key if possible, because most of my games are on GOG. But in any case thanks for actually having a DRM-free option of any kind, there have been many projects which promised that but never delivered.

    43. jorlinn on Linux on

      I'd also like a GOG key.

    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel Saleeb on

      Many congrats, man -- been loving the updates, and real happy it's worked out for you! Looking forward to getting into it (gonna be my little post-project treat -- delayed gratification...) -- big-ups from London. Keep up the great work.

    45. Matt Combes on

      Oooh yeah, chalk me up as another one who'd love a GOG key. I don't do Steam, and while I'll use Humble if that's the only DRM-free option, I much prefer to keep things in my GOG library if at all possible. I'm more than happy to wait if that's something that can happen in the next couple weeks.

    46. rgnrk

      Well, just in case there's a chance of a GOG key (and GOG gives you keys if you ask for them), I won't redeem the humblebundle one for the time being, as I'm not in a hurry anyway. Maybe I can exchange that for GOG's after you speak to them. I appreciate the effort.
      And yes, I understand how things go with GOG at times. This kind of last minute deal happened to the Herald devs too.

    47. Missing avatar

      matty on

      Thank you Jacob!

    48. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      Sorry guys, it was only approved officially like a week and a bit ago by GOG and I did not have much time to speak to them. The final build literally went live 3 hours before launch on GOG. I will have to email them and ask about it. (it is not like steam or humble, I have no developer access to generate keys or invites for it, apologies, I will get back to you ASAP)

    49. John on

      Sorry just woke up. Ignore the been in my last comment

    50. John on

      Congratulations for been finishing the game. I hope it sells well for you :).