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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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The End (soon)

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

The end is coming soon. The complete and utter destruction of life as we know it. You don't care about the billions of people disappearing, you don't care that the the human race can no longer continue its legacy. You don't even partake in the debauchery that comes with the end of world. You were going to try some weird shit that you wouldn't do otherwise, vanilla is your favourite flavour. However you cant bring yourself too. Because you are so overcome by rage that the apocalypse is one day before the release of Paradigm. You curse Jacobs name as the apocalypse is neigh, you look to your right and your Jacob effigy is still smoldering. It's head has multiple stab wounds spelling "delay this". Ten seconds before the end of the world, you realise Jacob actually released Paradigm a few days ago. The last words you utter before you are wiped from existence "Oh my bad"


Yo, I am here, polishin' Paradigm. Pretty hungry. Feed me cheese please.

So the basic rundown is that Paradigm is getting real close to a proper BETA . Recently I've spent a lot of time play testing and taking on feedback and tinkering with certain puzzles and improving the games flow/story. It's gotten to the point that what's left on that front is the script is done and ready to be professionally proof read. There is over 50 000 words in Paradigm. That's a lot of poop jokes. (disclaimer: there are only a handful of tasteful poop jokes) Also if you're curious feedback has been great so far even without voice acting. However youtube comments will be the real test whether Paradigm will be good or not. I look forward to reading them and crying myself to sleep.

Jonas the sound magician is also working hard on the sound side of things. Not going to lie, it's EXTREMELY satisfying hearing all the extra SFX, it really adds another level of polish. Also turns out he is good at coding, so he is adding some extra cool things here and there that I was not able to do. 


Voice Acting is next on the agenda and I've actually cast quite a few people for a lot of roles. I haven't finalised it yet, although I will make another update in the not so far future with all the names on board. What's also cool with the help of my friend @headaudiodesign I've managed to upgrade from my ghetto in room panty hose pop filter to something a lot more professional in his studio!

The best thing about this, it saves me a lot of time not going back and forth on my computer at home recording. This way I can smash out the ~5 000 or so lines for Paradigm in the game. Plus Chris is a top bloke. 

As for Art stuff, almost everything is in there except a few weirder live action things that I'm doing for Paradigm. It will all make sense in time. I also will hopefully completely overhaul Paradigms sprite, it might kill me to do it in time, however I think being deceased may be worth it. I commissioned a 3D Paradigm for this purpose to help me visualise a better walk animation, also cool secret stuff. Also I want to make Paradigm dance. Worst comes to worse it will be in a future update.


This was made by the amazing @pgoski

Also if you haven't heard. I'm GOING TO PAX I also WON THE PAX aus INDIESHOWCASE !

Which is really rad because they provided me a booth and lots of free marketing. I'm super humbled to be amongst the 4 other winners. So if you are heading down to PAXaus come check out Paradigm. I will be handing bulk high fives. 

Here is the banner I made for it. 


Here is the process for those interested


OK enough of the talky talk. Let's get down to the looky bizness. 

I revamped a lot of the games cinematic screens. Adding more animations etc to them. EG here, Rebel Leaders cats move now. I also changed how it organised animations so it saved around 100-200mb file size. 


Jumpin' Paradigm


This is the animation when you activate Developers commentary. 

When I was a kid I was always fond of the video game walkthroughs and cracked software .nfo files because of ASCII art (Art made with characters from a keyboard) So I decided to make an official walkthrough for Paradigm and made accompanying art in the meantime. 

I also did a video shoot for some in-game live action footage for Paradigm. I don't want to spoil it too much so here is a pic from the set. :D

This is the final for "Shitty IT Advice Dancer Guy" Kinda like a desktop buddy/desktop stripper parody. You may have seen it on Reddit :D 


I made some stickers for PAXaus! Although turns out they are not allowed. So I will probably be using it for something else cool hopefully. Or giving them out to you guys! 


Spinning Doug.


I also made a real Church of Latter Day Glam bible!




Make sure to have a diet high in fibre. 

Really though, Paradigm is making good progress for January release. Once most of the voice acting is in I will be releasing that beta to backers! After that its just really combing the game for bugs and preparing it for final release and adding the little extra polished art editions (and of course all the marketing work that comes with releasing) . I'm super excited guys :D The end is nigh. 

As always hit us up with any questions at




Life's hard when you're a Lich. Join Steve and his friends during their everyday lives down in the dungeon. (Hardcover, 400 pages)

I've mentioned these guys before on a shout out, and now they're back with another. If you don't remember, these guys (Dave Rapoza and Daniel Warren) really helped inspire me to take that final step to make Paradigm real. Also why my art skills are at the point they are now. Paradigm probably would still be just an idea in my head if it wasn't for them. Plus they are just rad dudes. So definitely check it out! :D, I have volume one from the first Kickstarter and the quality is crazy good. Not to mention it's probably one of the funniest comics you'll ever read. It also has an audio book version and it is the best haha. 



An adventure game set in a dystopian future with strange characters, a gigantic asylum and tasty burgers.

This looks like a rad little adventure game. Its Kickstarter video is super weird and cool. I like it. 



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    1. John on

      Awesome, I was worried the booth was going to be Friday haha.

    2. 20drigo Perez [Mx] on

      awesome update, Jacob! A lot of things going on. I'm glad.

    3. Carol Luk on

      @james some conventions don't allow stickers because people stick them around the event and they = you have to pay for them to get removed from the walls and things

    4. James Olson

      How come no stickers? Stickers are great!

    5. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      Yeah mate I have a booth at the indie showcase!

    6. John on

      Are you going to be at Pax on Saturday? I was hoping to meet you there.