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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Don't Dream It's Over

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

Instead of my usual goofy opening paragraph, I employed my good friend Mishlov to give you four easy steps to dealing with waiting for Paradigm. 

So first up, I have some news, don't dream it's over, Paradigm will be released in January! You may be thinking, jesus Jacob, you are a weiner, why is this taking so long. As always I want to be as clear and open with you guys with everything so I'll give the basic rundown why I'm pushing release to January. I talked to developers, youtubers, Valve employees, friends and journalists to make the best informed decision I could. It took me a long, long time to come to this conclusion.

So one of the biggest reasons is that the period OCT-DEC is some of the worst times to release a game. I would be competing with the triple A holiday rush, not just for peoples time and money, but for journalists exposure. Since they are so busy covering big titles, it makes it hard for a little guy like me get attention. The first few weeks are crucial for a games success, and I want to give it the best chance it can have. Giving it the rabbid support a reality TV show dancing mother would give to their own child. 

So the downside is that you guys have to wait, however Paradigm in the long run is going to be better in the long run for it. So what does this extra time afford me? 

I'll really pushing play testing and getting the game as polished as I can. adding easter eggs that I removed because of time and just doing the tiny little details I otherwise didn't have time for. Pulling off almost exactly what I envisioned Paradigm to be.

-I'll probably finish the game around early-mid Nov which will give me a long run way to focus 100% on marketing. I have so many ideas in mind to do some really unique and weird marketing stuff. I can't wait to reveal it all. Stuff like the 1000+ floppy disk special edition among other things.

This extra time will allow me to pick better voice actors and hopefully able to get some voice cameos from a few more well known people. 

I know some of you might be sick of waiting for the game by now, but I hope you can hold out just a little longer so Paradigm can be something really special. You guys are the best <3


So currently I am polishing each room one by one, rewriting dialogues, ironing out all the bugs. The game is VERY close to what the final will look like without voice acting. The art assets left are almost nothing, just some weird bonus cutscene stuff and the rest of the Kickstarter backer heads. 


So I will be spending a few more weeks on polish, I'm going to then send it out to testers, while awaiting for feedback I'll begin the process of getting all the voice acting together. In between that I'll be ironing out bugs people find and whittling down the very few art assets left. 


Paradigm won with a few others to be in the PAX AUS Indie Showcase, which means I get a special booth there free of charge and extra exposure! So whoever is going Nov 4-6 see you there! 

Here is Paradigm accepting the honour. 

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OK so enough boring talkie talk, here are some of the art stuff I've been working on. There isn't as much as previous updates, however this is because a lot of the stuff I've been working on is quite spoilery, and would like to keep some element of surprise for you guys :D 

 I finally added a real tutorial in the game which also asks the most important questions.




A walk cycle of the literal tech wizard in Paradigm. The first image is a WIP of how I made it, and how I sacrifice my dignity for troo @rt.


 This is a part of a little sequence where all iterations of Paradigm exist.

 Another character walk cycle (Kickstarter really compressed the quality)

 Deformed scientist.

 Regular scientist --->Deformed scientist.

 This is an example how far I will take an in-game gag. I set up a still life of a burrito, references a scene in Seinfeld. In the game It'll make a lot more sense I promise haha.

 Foreplay mode in Paradigms mini game: Post apocalyptic dating sim.

 Little animation of a common bird in Krusz.

 In Paradigm you will be able to pick up various tapes and play the tracks.

 This is an artwork for one of the Kickstarter rewards. You'll be able to see it in-game.

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 I've also been refining a lot of the interfaces/menus in Paradigm. Here is the super advanced floppy disk tech.

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 I also revamped the inventory so it has a shader behind it and the records actually spin.

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I recently bought some lights for future Paradigm promotional stuff. Here is me testing it out for the first time.


Here is just some more of the fun side project stuff that I do to wind down. They are also apart of Paradigms marketing plan as the exposure that I get from these help more people see Paradigm!


 Outside Restaurant

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 Stranger Things scene.

Once again thank all of you for staying and supporting me for so long. I can't even express my love for you guys. We are on the home stretch now, Paradigm will be in your hands in January, and I hope it lives up to everyone's expectations. :D

As always feel free to ask me any questions at

Much love 


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    1. Adrian von Gegerfelt on

      I don't really care for extra Polish, as I speak only English and Swedish.

    2. flesk

      Thanks for the update! :) I'm looking forward to playing Paradigm in January.

    3. LittleCaroline on

      How do I subscribe to you and follow your game development forever.

    4. Missing avatar

      Viredae Marchette on

      That lights test was funnier than it ever had the right to be.

    5. BigD on

      As always, your updates are entertaining enough to be a game demo all on their own! Thanks for the update and looking forward to the mayhem in January.