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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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True Hearts On Fire!

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

You just finished your 10th viewing of Rocky IV that day and you suddenly have a feeling of American patriotism and for some reason you want to topple the Soviet Union with only your fists and workout montages. Suddenly living in a cabin atop of Russian mountains in the middle of winter is the most appealing thing to you right now, especially when contrasted with the paperwork/email you're avoiding to write this moment. You shout out at the top of your lungs DRAGO as you clench your ergonomic mouse! Your coworkers are now looking at you with that eye that says "I hope he doesn't wig out one day" But that's ok, you know your hearts on fire and your heart is TRUE. And that Paradigm is still being developed and is getting closer and closer to release. 

Hello dudes and dudettes, as always thank you for being the most patient people in the world. Feel free to add me on your CV references whenever you please, I will be more than happy to shout your praises in an confident but sincere manner. 

This is going to be a chunky ass update that even sir mixalot would be intimidated by. 

So first off, the golden question, when is Paradigm going to be released? Well here is a breakdown of what is left, as you know, I want to be as transparent with you guys as possible . 

 This doesn't look like a whole lot, but it equates to around 140-160 days left to finish. This estimate has quite a bit of leeway, with an importance of polishing the game. Polish is incredibly hard to gauge, but I want to make sure this is the best product it can be. You only release once. Saying that, theres a possibility some of those one the list will go much faster than expeceted. As always feel free to contact me with your concerns, or want some internet high fives at 


A quick overview of what I've been doing these past couple months since the last update is probably half technical and half art. I spent a lot of time creating a build which as close as I could get to the final product with place holder assets, the second half was mostly an art push. As it stands now, majority of the art is done, just bits and bobs as you can see above. Playing the game from start to finish, it ll give you a very good idea of the final product. 


I did another wave of playtesting, so far feedback has been very positive with problems which are easily fixable with time put into it. I've only had one play tester so far who has been indifferent, but I will be working with them to understand why and address it asap. On the subject of playtesting, I will be opening up builds for the specific backers who paid for the opportunity in the not so distant future. I'll also be giving the build to some game critics and narrative specialists to help in the refinement process. I want to make sure all possibilities are explored.  

How long is the game? So far play testers clock between 4-6+ hours. If you like experiencing every detail, you could clock up around ~9+ 


Enough of that boring old talkie talkie. Lets check out a chunky update of the art! There is a lot more that I did, however some of it is very spoilery and lots of various animations that would take too long to show every single one.

So uhh, I decided Paradigm needed a lot of extra backgrounds. Some are for 'cinematic' storytelling reasons. Some are more complex gameplay backgrounds. 

  Krusz has some of the best roads in the Northern Hemisphere.

Beware of Maciek the bear. He will steal your cigarettes no matter the cost. He has a higher rate of lung cancer than the average bear.

Isometric JRPG background for battling Glampug

 Re-purposed Neo-Soviet space station. 

 Misc backgrounds (black bits are spoilers)

 Twin peaks/Lebowski influenced dream sequence when Paradigm has a near death experience.

 Kind of like an interactive cutscene im-between two areas to emphasize its depth.

 Prodigy Child Incubation room.

 Small bit of process how I painted an apple from life and applied it to a character.

 Sentient Water Heater

 Some more Animations!

 Magic Melancholy band.

 I take cabbage very seriously.

 Obvious Jodrowksy rip off.

 Gym rat

 Double Denim Bridge Trolls are the most vicious of their species.

 All I could hear while animating this turn around was. "The hills are alive with the sound of music"

 These are snippets from an Anime influenced cutscene. Primarily Voltron to be specific. 

 More Kickstarter Backer heads. I'm going to go back through these when they are all done and make the colours more consistent. 

 Detail shot from a storybook in Paradigm.

 Paradigm Anatomy chart.


 Self portrait in-game in a story book.

 Plasticine Paradigm for an in-game sequence. 

 Stereotypica IT nerd concept. 

 Church of latter day Glam Logo. 

 Post Apocalyptic Dating Sim art! (mini game inside of Paradigm. apart of one of Paradigms stretch goals) 

 When you answer certain questions right you play these little sequences to finish off the date with the three characters.

 LASTLY here is a little art test for a gag in one of paradigms room which you encounter a shitty desktop advice guy. 

There is plenty more, but really its too time consuming/spoiling to show anymore haha. 

For those interested here is also some new Seinfeld art I did which I hope to work on more after Paradigm. 

Anyway, MUCH LOVE 


Feel free to contact me also at

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    1. Adrian von Gegerfelt on

      Polish is, indeed, a time consuming part of game development especially if you need to take a language course first.

    2. BigD on

      You have the ability to make the waiting fun! What a great update. Also, sorry about having to animate me; maybe you can do it with your eyes closed. Might improve it. Or, what the heck, use a better looking person which includes just about everybody.

    3. LarseTheArse on

      Thanks for the update! So much awesome stuff :)

    4. Rambutaan on

      Why are you continuing to speak "Polish and unexpected events" for 2-6 weeks? And... wait.. oh... never mind :P

      Also, if you ever end up making that Seinfeld game, I think I have a friend who would be very interested in playing it (and she doesn't actually normally play computer games!)

    5. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      Dablue: Heh glad you acknowledge the trippynes.

      Jorlin: Hey thanks man! Yeah same with a lot of Kickstarters I've backed as well heh. I think its 10x better to be completely transparent. Lying about it only instills distrust with your community, which is the complete opposite of what you want.

    6. jorlinn on Linux on

      Great update. I really appreciate the breakdown of time needed to finish this. I have so many kickstarters in the pipeline that started off great, but fell completely silent the last couple of months.. Updates such as yours inspire confidence.

    7. Dablue

      wow.. thats alot of trippy imagery ;p