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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Don't Stop Me Now! Find Me Someone To Love!

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

You're out with your Best Budzies, you've been thinking about this night for weeks, you've prepared your outfit, its sizzling with some sort of unimaginable sex appeal which makes really pretty and handsome people re-evaluate there 1-10 scale, what they thought was 10's is now probably an average six. You begin to drink or partake in a delicious soda depending on your preferences. Things start to get blurry from the alcohol or the sugar rush you got from drinking 20 consecutive red bulls. You regain consciousness with the stack of vinyls your stole from the DJ because your really liked that album by your favourite artist in his crate. You begin to shout out "DON'T STOP ME NOW" because you now realise the bouncers and the DJ are chasing you down the street and its really hard to run in the bangin' outfit you chose. All you wanted is to find someone to love, but then you remember while listening to your stolen vinyl, Paradigm is there, and he will always love you, no matter who you are or what you do. 

So what have I been doing these past months? A combination of game building, testing, PAX/GCAP attendings in Melbourne and artings. Lets talk about it in more detail. Although, first off, hope you guys had an awesome Christmas and New Year, here is a drawing I made for the occasion.


Basically what I'm doing now is going through everything and making it as polished as I can so people can actually go through themselves and play it without breaking the game. Re-writing jokes, plot and other things so its better/funnier. I've started to do some early play testing, which like always, brings about problems I never realised I had, which is great! So when the final product comes out to you guys, it won't be a broken mess leading you onto a violent rampage hunting me down. Also through feedback I've been adding lots of little extra things to improve the experience, even an extra room or two to really make it the best thing it can be. This will be an ongoing process till the every end. 


This block of dev wasn't heavily focused on art this time around because it was more of a focus on the actual game, however, I still did a bunch of work. The art left is closing in on around 10-15 % Reason why it's not even lower, I've added an extra room and character, as I thought it was needed. 

Voice Acting

This is still on hold till I'm 100% happy with all the dialogue, I really want it to be as funny as possible, so lots of re-writes. AKA a lot of time spent in my room speaking to myself, making the neighbors think I have split personality disorder or the spawn of Satan. Preferably the spawn of Satan so I can play some sweet metal, but I digress.


Its getting pretty close to having all the tracks. I'm also starting to get music from other collaborators, it's really exciting. However I'll leave those a secret :D 


I'm sorry to say, I still don't have an exact date, however it's getting really close, and I'm getting REALLY excited. I'm still not quite comfortable yet to make a solid release date, as I'd rather make people wait rather than release a shit unpolished game. You only release once, I hope you guys can still understand <3 I'm still forever grateful how patient you guys are.

Saying that, ISJACOBSITTINGONHISBUTT.COM (for those of you who don't know what it is, check out the info on the website) now actually exists and is working, and I've been running it for quite a while now. However this Christmas/New Year break I have neglected to record myself, this will be changing however in the next two days and I'll be making it live again. You can watch the time-lapses I have put up so far. 

And you will be able to read my daily/tri-daily updates of what I'm doing here to keep me accountable (Much of it will be boring technical stuff and self reflection, you have been warned haha) I will be also restarted that in the next two days.

Melbourne Trip

If you guys follow me on social media, you may have heard I went to Melbourne to attend GCAP and PAX for a week. It was an amazing experience, and I would definitely recommend it to people in Australia if you can make it, amazing event, amazing people. I learn't a lot while as there, which actually effected the game in some ways.

Enough about talk lets look at some artings. 

Little mock up I did to see what Paradigm would be like as a cartoon.

 Pixel Art background version which is for a scene in Paradigm.

 Paradigm punching his emotions away

 Sentient water pixel bop

Dancing Dooder for a splash screen in Boosting Thugs 

 Paradigm exploding. 

Sexy dancing Paradigm. This is the cover of one of his first albums, one of the many things he feels embarrassed about selling himself to make money.

 Floating Dawg

 Paradigm appearing in the multiverse.

 A time card in Paradigm to pass the time in a scene.

"Billy was Dupa genetics maintenance man for many faithful years. Until he was sadly taken away in on the date 4/6/2026 on take your pet into work day. Artyom a former employee brought in his bear, which took countless employees lives, including everyone's favourite, Billy. As a result of HR cutbacks, we present to you this bobble head of billy to forever honour his life here at Dupa Genetics. On a side note, Artyoms bear now works in upper management. -Dupa Genetics CEO Olof."

 Interface for getting yourself around in the second Act

 After getting some feedback, I realised that Paradigm really needed an interface. Now you can actually play paradigm all with just the mouse, without any pesky shortcuts. 

 An opening hatch in the game which I had to make twice, I got really mad at myself for not saving, so I made this to remember.

 The Dupa Genetics Facility. 

This is the first head which is apart of the Backer award for getting your floating head in the game, if you got this reward, check you messages! 

 This is the Duporganise, I stole this idea from the game Deus Ex after I listened to the talk from the creator about world building. Basically throughout the game you will find these duporgansers which are basically shitty 90's organisers. They will give you little tidbits from the world of Paradigm of the people who live in it. 

 Selection of Paradigm cupcakes from the cupcake salesman. 

 Animated Cthulhu Cupcake

 PAGST Membership card.

 Some examples of prodigy children. 

 The sacred .TXT file for the Church of Latter Day Glam

 So I wanted to do something a little special for the Kickstarter backers who took the pledge to get their name in the game. Rather than just their name, I thought it would be cool to have their own graphic too. Doing art for 120+ is just a terrible idea though, so I made this "Floating Head Customiser" inspired by Fallout. This way the backers can customise their own heads, send me the screenshot, then I can implement it. Check out the video seeing the possibilities in action, and if you want to try it yourself, download it from the link below!

Note* For the backers who got this reward, I will send you an email with more specifics, however feel free to make the head you want now for later :D 

 Also as a little flash back I found the book that started everything. It was a physical "concept art book' that I made for a uni project. It started off as a 2d sidescroller with a Golem rip off with a huge arm wearing a backpack and sneakers. Oh jeez, some of the art is really bad haha. Thankfully I revamped practically everything, it was for the best.

I've also started a side project that I do when I finish working on Paradigm all day which is a Seinfeld Adventure game (Don't worry, Paradigm is definitely take president at the moment, I just realised this is the only way I can trully distress by doing more work haha) 

Also got on the Nerdist, pretty cool.

 Alright as always, I want to let you know how much you guys mean to me, so much love! <3

Feel free to ask me any questions or voice your concerns at 

Or check out my social media 


P.S I will probably start Twitch streaming again soon.

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    1. Adrian von Gegerfelt on

      I want a head with boobs for eyes.

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      Derek Freeman

      So, when's the Seinfeld video game coming out? :D

    3. Martin O

      A Seinfeld adventure game? I'd buy that! Just don't make the get-soup-quest impossible to accomplish!

    4. Porcupine on

      Actually, I was wondering what's going on just a few days ago... ;)

    5. flesk

      Thanks for the massive update! :)