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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Don't You (Forget About Me)

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

What's been Jacob doing? Did he forget about me? You've been staring at your email. You've been checking your phone. You even re-installed an outdated messenger program that you used back when you were a kid just to see if I was on there. You used to talk to this girl/guy for hours all nighton there, then you saw them at school/real life and didn't speak a word. Anyway, I was no where to be found, not even on omegle. Alas you waited. One day I emerge on horseback holding puppies and kittens, while singing your favourite song, be it Disney, rock or neo-retro-classical popfunk noise. You find on each kitten and puppy a heart shaped box, which each contains a Paradigm update tidbit. You now remember why you backed Paradigm. 

So what have I been doing these past months? Quite a lot actually, I have quite a chunky update which will be sure to make some part of your body tingle or fizz. 


The whole game is "built' so you can play start to finish, almost all the dialogue, puzzles and object interactions are in there, except for a few backgrounds and the very ending of the game. Basically I went through and built the game with "placeholder assets" So the base/skeleton was there so I can just plug in assets. 

This is super exciting! So what is not in there? (feels pretty cool now to have a list whats not done, much smaller to what is done)

-Roughly around 20 percent of the art is still needed 

-Voice acting for Paradigm (second half of the game) 

-Voice acting for characters not done by me. 

-The ending is not fully written (need to make sure this is really good)

- REFINE REFINE REFINE (I will be going back and forth constantly refining the dialogue to make it as funny as possible, and making certain 'programming' run as smooth as possible. Then even more refinement)

-A large chunk of the music is done, Jonas is on schedule with all his work like the beautiful man he is. 


So lets start out with some Eye Ball pick me ups. I'm going to include a lot of stuff. Some I've posted on social media, some I have not. I've also been doing a heap of animation for ambient background stuff, but I'll leave that for when you play the game. 

Paradigm in the Multiverse.

 Clay test for something in Paradigm

 Computer life study.

 Glam metal info station

 HeadMart console

 Vending Machine

 Elevator Buttons

Act 2 Interface for fast travel

 The thumbnail that I used to create above.

 Writing for Paradigm Act 2

 New Backgrounds

 Post-apocalyptic dating simulator artwork. (minigame)

 First page of a story book inside Paradigm

 Item in Paradigm

 Character Concept evolution

 Close up of above concept.

 Hair metal grandma sketch.

 Close up of hair metal grandma

 Water cooler study.

 Water cooler character in-game 

 Cupcake Salesman closeup

 Secretary Knight close up

 Scientists leg

 Rebel leader

 Hair metal pug

Alright so that's some of the art I've done. There is more, but most of it is animations, which there are too many to put in the update for now. 


Here is a little taster of a new WIP track from the OST 

Jonas is a god. So go follow him on 


This is a super hard question, and something I've been thinking about a lot lately. As usual I want to be open as much as I can with you guys. I'm really sorry to say, that it probably wont come out this year even as much as I'm busting my ass. I really, really want this game to be the best thing it can be, and I don't think it will be up to my standards by the end of the year. Especially the last bits of refinement to give you guys a shiny product when I finally do release. So I will be delaying the rough ETA to early next year. I hope you guys understand, if not, there is always the angry Kickstarter backer email generator

Saying that, I have a little project that I will be releasing very soon which will literally let you track me when I'm working. That website is 


So every time I sit on my chair, it will update a website if I'm sitting down and working via a pressure mat on my chair. You might be thinking? Jacob you could just put a Christmas ham on there, no one would know. Well I've got that covered. Everytime I sit down it begins to record a time lapse of me which I will upload every couple of days. This way, I can not procrastinate at all without you guys seeing it. (if you ever watch it haha) 

 Here is a sample of the time-lapses over a couple of days that I will be uploaded regularly when the website goes live.  

 Much love <3 

Email me at for any questions!


A comic about the lifes of dungeon monsters when they are hanging around waiting for the heroes.

Alright so this first shout out is really close to my heart. These guys are who inspired me to take Paradigm to the next level, also they are the reason why my art is at the level it is at now. Without them Paradigm probably wouldn't exist! So check out their Kickstarter for their comic Steve Lichman. 

Read a bit of their comic here 

 The Dark Inside Me

An horror adventure game using the same engine as mine.

Psychological horror adventure game from a horror movie director based on dynamic scenario.


tiny & Tall: Gleipnir 

An epic story lived by characters who absolutely aren't. Thus, gags.


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    1. Jakub Kyncl on

      I'm starting to have feelings for you. Can you come over? With the horses and puppies?

      So fucking hyped for this. Even if it's half as funny as your writing on here, it's going to be THE BOMB JC.

    2. Adrian von Gegerfelt on

      Did I ever tell you that I love you?

      No? Oh.. well.. uhm... I LOVE YOU!

      I can't even look at all the art because it's so awesome I expect lots of random and awesome stuff! I almost want to ask for spoiler-free news now!

      Looking forward to your mutated mess! ���

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jensen

      Fear not good friend! I am content to wait!

    4. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      Out of all these pictures, the 2-headed cat sitting on the lady's shoulders is the strangest.

    5. AfroRyan

      Love all the classic point and click tattoos on metal grandma.

    6. Carol Luk on

      Butt simulator 2016!

    7. LarseTheArse on

      No rush, just keep us updated and I think we all will be happy campers. What's that Swedish thing in the vending machine? :)

    8. Zack DiGiulio on

      2016 sounds like it'll be off to a good start for me in that case

    9. Carlos Loscertales on

      Don't rush it, Jacob. Nobody wants a disappointing game just because they can have it earlier ;) That's the main mistake of many triple A games. We'll wait!!