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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Let's Dance!

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

I see you across on the dance floor, our gazes lock, we stare deep into eachothers eyes. You mouth, "I'm a Kickstarter Backer" and I mouth back "Let's Dance!"  I tell you to put on your red dancing shoes.  Turns out you didn't bring your red dancing shoes. But that's ok we still dance the night away. Then of course we finish the night off with a late night kebab, there is a 50/50 chance of getting food poisoning. Although we both like living on the edge so we do it anyway. 

So whats been happening since the last update you ask? Probably the best way to explain it is through this comic book cover I made for my potential autobiographical graphic novel. 

 To be more exact I've been spending a lot of my time doing a lot of non-art stuff (however I still have some new art to show you) which is why I haven't been posting as much on social media. Those non-art things such as voice recording, refining dialogue, general game building. Such as this.

So what specifically have I done?

All backgrounds for Paradigm are done except one. However this one is super secret as its plot related so I wont be showing it till release. (sshhh it's a secret)

Paradigms Dialogue for half of the game has been recorded (While it is done, I will be revisting some dialogue to make things funnier, deliver lines better.) 

Act one (half the game) is being play tested and refined.- I spent a lot of time going through it myself and trying to break the game, re-writing lines, trying to make the world more interesting. Thinking of new art to implement for polish. I also had it play tested by a very small group and continued to refine. (will release a build to beta level backers once I refine it as much as I can by myself)

Paradigm now has an options menu! it's going to look a bit like this. I know, dont get too exciting, super exciting content right. Nothing like a options menu to get you all tingly.

Also here are the backgrounds that I've done since the last update

Church of Latter Day Glam. This is a cult which exists within Paradigm. It is run by the hair metal pug.

 This is the lobby to the Olof the Sloths office.

 This is where the Kickstarter backers who picked up the reward for getting their heads in-game will be. Which is why there are so many empty jars in here for now. 

 Here is also a little extra graphic I made for a poster in-game.

Here is a track I also released recently which can be heard in Boosting Thugs from the super talented Jonas Kjellberg. 

What am I doing right now?

I've been busting my ass making Act 2 (Second half of the game) Since I have all the backgrounds done now, I'm going through and building a 'lo-fi' version of the rest of the game. So when the whole second half of the game will be done, then all I have to do is implement the final art.

Jacob you Dingus Dizzly, what does lo fi version of the game even mean? Well I'm using a lot of placeholder art such as this below. It allows me to implement all the 'programming' and writing first before I make the art. Thus making sure I'm not accidentally making art that  I don't need.

This specifically is for the room with the floating heads. In this computer you can browse all the heads they have in their inventory with descriptions. This is where most of the Kickstarter Backers who chose to have their name in the game will end up. 

I'm also attempting to apply for a grant for the local Perths game industry. Which is to be put towards promotion of a Perth game. What this will allow me to do is execute some really cool stuff for Paradigms promotion that I wouldn't have otherwise. (Just in case there is any confusion, I haven't run out of any money, this would be just a bonus to create more awesome Paradigm Content)

What are some of those ideas you might ask? (Some of these I might still do even if I don't receive the grant. And some I might not do depending on time constraints) 

Paradigm Special Floppy edition: I will create a special edition of Paradigm which is stored entirely on floppies. That would be roughly 1000-2000 floppy disks. It started off as a joke, but it could become a reality. 

Also an advertisement for said special edition. Which may or may not be a parody of the American Beauty image but with floppies instead of flower petals and more turtleneck. (This is still under consideration haha)

Paradigm Live Action TV Show/movie. So I would shoot a live action version of Paradigm as a promotional video. I played with the idea and made this quick SFX test of how to make paradigms face which you can see below. If I do this, I will create silicone tumours and make the whole get up. I will also make the other characters live action such as The Cone. Get a real pug to dress up as Hair Metal Pug. Also Doug, which I'm thinking will be similar to this Mighty Boosh Character. 

Church of Latter Day Glam: I will make a live action skit for Paradigms in-game cult, Church of latter day Glam. The concept is that they are similar to Jehovas Witnesses by that they go door knocking. However they walk around in Hair Metal clothing and carry around a Bible like book covered in leopard print. Their bikes are also covered in zebra print with streamers coming off it.

Paradigm Ball 

I will make a real life version of Paradigm Ball and make a spoof advertisement for it. Primarily the visuals I want to capture is how terrible this would bounce and how upset a child would be if he received this.

There are also a bunch of other ideas I have for promotion, but those are some of my favourites and others I'd like to keep on the low low till I make it.

I've also started a subreddit for Paradigm. I don't expect it to be active straight a way, but I hope in the future it will be a good place to discuss paradigm among other things. Also a good place to be able to keep Paradigms updates all in one place. 

Subscribe here if you are a Redditor!

I also completed the LIVE 3 day art workshop with the amazing Kickstarter Backer Maymei Cha, I had an amazing time, and I hope she did to. 

This is an example of a character I drew during the workshop for a demo.

So that is pretty much about it for this update. I want to thank you guys again for being so patient with me and being so supportive. I'm really pushing myself to make a really awesome game for you dudes/dudettes. I really cant put into words how happy dudes and dudettes make me. <3

As always feel free to message me at if you have any questions.

So I'll leave you with an image of inspiration, a message which is close to my heart. 

 Much Love 

You can also find me at 


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    1. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      No worries :D

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      Thanks for the update :)

    3. Jacob Janerka Creator on

      Daniel: He is a phat boy.

      DaBlue: Hookers and soda pop.

    4. Dablue

      Very nice story... but.. what have you really been up to ?

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      Daniel Saleeb on

      I'm a jonas kjellberg fanboy. Bangin' videogame beatsies.