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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Hello, is it me you're looking for.

Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

Wooooooooooooah, guys, I still can't believe this has happened, it still blows my mind just thinking about it. I thought I'd pop my head in and make sure you know I'm still here and I'm still madly in love with all of you. 

So what's been happening? I took a little break, slept for a million years, wasted my life away reading Reddit comments, watched movies, TV shows, played adventure games. A process I like to call "overloading on entertainment till you feel terrible piece of shit and want to work really hard"

Also I've been preparing everything to make Paradigm as awesome as possible, organising timetables, schedules and making cute little lunches.  

Here is once such schedule, see the high res here 

You'll notice there is still part time work on there? HEATHEN sell out you say. I'll be working one day a week till I quit officially on Boxing day, the worst day of the year for retail. Hopefully the fear of getting Christmas returns will haunt me for the rest of my life so I can never quit making games.

You might be asking yourself, Jacob, unless I was your stalker I don't care about your everyday schedule, you're boring, I don't care. You might be right, but one the the best ways to create motivation for yourself is showing people your plans so you look like and asshole if you don't do it. This way your much more accountable for your actions when you press that snooze button and have a 5 minutes of deceptively non-refreshing sleep. 

I've also been working on making some backgrounds for Act 2 here is a little teaser.

"Church of Latter-day Glam Metal Cathedral"

I'll let you guess the plot revolving around the room :D Hint: Glam Metal Pug is involved. 

Anyone working on a project put a comment of what you want to do before the week ends so you're publicly committed, if you don't complete it I'll give you a stern look over the internet text. 

Much love

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Also here are some Kickstarters I've been digging lately!

Target Acquired: Classic Endless Side Scrolling Run and Gun

A Japanese Police Cat Girl tries to stop an Evil Genius Cyborg Mouse from world domination. Think Mega Man meets Temple Run!!

This is a really awesome endless runner game with the Mega Man legend Manami Matsumae doing the soundtrack. Even Egoraptor is going to be a character in it. Also its creator Anton Soeharyo likeness will be in Paradigm so check it out!

That Dragon, Cancer

We created That Dragon, Cancer to tell the story of our son Joel and his 4-year fight against cancer. Our desire is to craft an adventure game that is poetic, playful, full of imagination and of hope. This is how we choose to honor him and his memory.

Check this beautifull game out, not often do games cover really hard hitting subjects, we should definitely be encouraging it. 


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    1. s0nicfreak on

      As a self-employed person, I love seeing how others organize their days :) #totallynotastalker

    2. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Dorison on

      I'm going to have the basic plot of my own video game laid out! (Oh boy)