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An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist.
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Posted by Jacob Janerka (Creator)

Man, this is has been a crazy ride. So many things have happened this month and it still doesn't feel quite real. At the end of the Kickstarter I will need someone to slap me and tell me what year it is. Then share a post beer or apple juicebox, whichever tickles your fancy, any volunteers? 

So there are less than 24 hours left of the campaign and there is one very achievable stretch goal left. If we include the Paypal pledges, we only need $2179 to achieve this!

You might be thinking "What does community voted character mean? Jacob are you trying to hustle me? No I don't need insurance for the apocalypse" While my part-time job is a retail salesman, I wouldn't do that to you. What it means I will set up some sort of forum which you guys can help through out the design process. Everyone can give me feedback as I work through the character from thumbnail to final render. You'll see how I work and help to make a character in-game! 


Next up is the TWITTER COMPETITION, A hand drawn sketch of the the wresting glam metal pug is up for grabs . Personally one of my favourite characters from Paradigm. All you need to do is retweet it and you'll go into the running to win the sketch and two A3 posters!

$1000 PLEDGE

I've also added a new reward to the campaign just before it ends. Which is a 3 day art or writing or marketing or whatever you want to improve workshop. This is an alternative to the $2000 dollar 5 day workshop.

I will work with you closely over 3 days (Via Skype or in person if you can get to Perth, flights and accommodation not included) and will tailor an individual course to either start your adventure game or simply improve on a certain aspect of your choosing. That either being art, writing, marketing or you want to get really good at cup and ball. This includes assignments and help in planning out a game plan for the future so you can continue to grow even after the course! Email me at if you have any questions about it! 

And finally, just a heads up if anyone still wanted their floating head in a jar in-game, there are still 16 spots left! This is a Kickstarter exclusive and I wont be opening up this reward via Pay-Pal.

Anyway you beautiful backers, thank you again and I'll speak to you all soon closer to the end!

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Shout outs!

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GameLoading: Rise of the Indies a feature-length documentary which explores the vibrant global community of indie game creators. These unique voices, of all backgrounds and nationalities, are disrupting the traditional models of game development, making personal, innovative experiences.

These guys have already finished the filming, all they need now is to put the final touches. They are Australians as well and have interviews with some awesome names like John Romero. Rami Ismail, Nina Freeman and many more! Check them out!

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