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I was selected to be an Artist-in-Residence at the Arteles Creative Center in Haukijarvi, Finland for July 2012!!!

Here we are.

For those of us meeting for the first time, I am a New York based mixed-media collage artist, photographer, and poet that has been selected for an Artist-In-Residence program at the Arteles Creative Center in Haukijarvi, Finland this coming July. As time is very limited, I am under some very exciting pressure to raise the funds for this incredible opportunity

I will be immersing myself in a thriving creative environment where I will be creating a series of projects relating to exploring elements of human nature, consciousness, culture, magic, absurdity, and universal truth. These projects will consist of compiled photographs, writings, collages, and films created during my month-long stay at the residency and it is my goal to synthesize them in a unique sensory experience that is accessible and universal.  A collage of sorts, if you will.

As the program does not cover the full cost of expenses, it is the purpose of this fundraiser to help soften the burden of airfare, room and board, and materials. $1700 is the bare minimum to cover the cost of these expenses, and I am hoping to exceed this amount with your gracious help. I am not a stranger to limited means of creation as my work involves the use of recycled materials so I am hoping this is my chance to step out of the lack and into the light. To think that I will be able to work without restriction of time, space, or proper tools in the land of the Midnight Sun fills my heart with endless enthusiasm. I know everything happens for a reason and that this opportunity is going to change my life in every way possible.

I am eternally grateful to everyone for their love and support and for believing in my dreams of changing the world one piece of paper at a time. I am filled with some of the most genuine gratitude a person can humanely feel. Thank you for your help! Every little bit counts!!

"Trust that little voice in your head that says 'Wouldn't it be interesting if...'; And then do it."   -Duane Michals


  • I plan to expand on a series of portal collages and infuse them with the natural landscape creating a visceral experience that transports one to a thought provoking world of heartfelt wonder. In this public work I plan to document in 35mm film photographs the various aspects of human nature, culture, and landscape of New York and I will print them to be collaged as portals immersed in the natural environment of Finland. I will then compose a series of photographs of various aspects of Finnish culture, human nature, and surroundings to be printed and collaged as portals upon my return to New York. The finished piece would be a portal linking each distinctly diverse location in cohesive sensory experience that is multilayered in emotion, spirit, and experience. Highlighting various aspects of human nature, growth, longing, loss, love, and the universal truths that flow through us a river without name, I hope to inspire, uplift, and expand the consciousness of all who come in contact with the piece.

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    A personal thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart.

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    A personal thank you sent via an original, one of a kind, hand collaged picture frame on 7"x7" museum quality paper.

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    Original, one of a kind, 8"x10" hand made collage and personal thank you to enjoy endless magic and wonder for your support in helping me live the dream.

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    Custom 9"x12" collage to be made to your liking! Cosmic, cerebral, or just plain cute- I will do it for you!! Hearty personal thank you to be included from the depths of my fleshy vessel.

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    For this generously grand donation you will receive BOTH the hand collaged picture frame, original 8.5"x11" collage AND a silk screened tank top featuring the magic and elusive Crystal Unicorn. Instant super powers included and a gigantic thank you wrapped around it all like a hug.

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    All of the above plus I will send you something really special from Finland. Trust me.

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    All of the above plus I will custom collage a magical piece for you and I will mount it on really really nice wood and it will look really nice on your wall. This is because I would really really love you for being so nice. Who is this nice?

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    Let's talk.

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