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Object of the game is to distribute your fruits as effectively as possible in order to deliver faster than your opponents.
Object of the game is to distribute your fruits as effectively as possible in order to deliver faster than your opponents.
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    1. franjos Creator on

      @Nebion: There will be no pledge-manager. I will inform the backers who have missed the campaign about the possibility for a late pledge after the production has been finished.

    2. Missing avatar


      Is there going be a pledge manager for this soon?

    3. franjos Creator on

      @Mohammed Al-Mohanna: the art for the board and the tiles should be finished til the end of May. The artwork for the box should be finished two weeks later. The rules should be ready for printing at the beginning of July.
      @Micah Jenkins: September 2018 is still realistic. Most of the artwork should be finished til half of June.

    4. Missing avatar

      Micah Jenkins on

      Hi, is September 2018 still a realistic fulfillment date? How long will the new artwork take?

    5. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Thanks for the update and May i suggest a regular internal update or whenever there's a milestones.

      When is the plan for the new art is suppose to finish. I for one cannot wait to see the new art.

      Also what about the plan for your other games for thoes who are interested in them that filled out the sheet.

    6. Missing avatar


      Any new updates on this. Been over month since last update

    7. franjos Creator on

      @James: My mistake. I used the word "production" with two meanings. When I wrote "production will last some months" I meant the complete process including artwork, pre-production and so on. When I wrote "production will take less than a day" I meant that finishing/packaging the games after all components have been produced will take less than a day.

    8. James Mapp on

      Franjos, im a little confused... lol

      on here you say that production will last some months, but on the updates you say that production will take less than a day?

    9. franjos Creator on

      @Micah: No, the backers are "save". It concerns the remaining copies that will be sold through retailers.

    10. Missing avatar

      Micah Jenkins on

      I'd like some clarification - in the latest update it says the msrp will be raised, will backers now have to pay more when the surveys get sent out?

    11. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Thanks and really appreciate it. Looking forward for the art enhancement to bring a new life for a classic

    12. franjos Creator on

      @Mohammed: I will do so.

    13. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      What is the update on the production. If you received the samples please share some pictures of the larger board and new improvement on the graphics.

    14. franjos Creator on

      @Michelle: There will be no pledge manager. I will let you know the solution. But this will last some months (which I hope is no problem, for the production will last some months too).

    15. Michelle on it possible??

    16. franjos Creator on

      James, yes, the new FINCA will have a larger board.

    17. James Mapp on

      so is the larger board definitely happening? :(

    18. Michelle on

      Guess I can’t.

    19. franjos Creator on

      Terence, no problem, it´s my first kickstarter, too.
      I saw in my kickstarter menue that I can ask the backers for the delivery address. I will do that in some months, when the shipment is coming closer.

    20. Missing avatar

      Terence Smith on

      Perhaps a silly question - but this is the first Kickstarter I have backed. Where do we provide our shipping address? Also, very happy the larger board made it in and the project was a success.

    21. franjos Creator on

      Thank you for your congratulations and especially for your support. Now the work starts.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @Michelle, there's no pledge manager, but franjos might be able to help you out.

    23. Michelle on

      Thought I would get notice of this project ending so I could bump up my $1 pledge. Will I be able to do that in pledge manager?

    24. The Phantom Piper

      Congrats on funding!

    25. Collin Pastorius on

      Congrats and thank you!

    26. Bart R on

      Congratulations :)

    27. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Congrats on a successful campaign and wished that we reached all the SG.

    28. Collin Pastorius on

      Hurray! Woke up to see we unlocked the larger board! Woohoo!

    29. franjos Creator on

      @Shanda: Thank you
      @Mohammed: It would be possible to lower the goal from 45.000 Euro to 40.000 Euro for the wooden donkeys stretch-goal.

    30. Shanda Hoover

      @franjos: congratulations on making the larger board happen. That is an amazing thing that you worked out to bring another SG to this project.

    31. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      @franjos: thanks for changing the SG for the larger board to 30K. Only 13.5K to get these wooden donkeys carts SG in less than 6 hrs.

    32. franjos Creator on

      @Mark: I did so (Group deal for USA and others, 6 copies
      Group deal for USA and others, 7 copies).

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @franjos, could you please put in another pledge level for 6 copies to Canada for 228 Euros?
      It's possible I may find a 7th person as well, if you'd like to also include a pledge level at 266 Euros, in case I need to use it, and it's not much trouble to add. Thank-you.

    34. Missing avatar


      Hello, What is the interest of this campaign? Is there any ks exclus ?

    35. Edwin Woody on

      I am another vote for a sturdier board.
      Or (if that doesn't work out) a high resolution. Pdf of the board so that gamers willing to pay for one could have a mouse pad material playmat printed up. Those are costly and require separate storage from the game but I do it for games I really like.

    36. James Mapp on

      Am i the only one that would actually prefer a smaller board?

    37. franjos Creator on

      @Shanda: Thank you for your hint. Yes, the weight will increase, but it will be below 2 kg. So it should be still okay.

    38. Shanda Hoover

      Seems like the larger box size plus the larger punchboards could really increase the shipping costs for you and kind of bite you on the backside. I advise caution lots of caution as shipping and fullfilment can be a dangerous and costly problem for campaigns.

    39. franjos Creator on

      Larger board: the board would be double folded. Only the height of the box would increase (would be the size like "Paläste von Carrara"). With a larger board the windmill blades and fruit tiles would become larger too. So there would be 5 punching tableaus instead of 4 in the original game. Plus one punching tableau with the El Razul expansion.

    40. Shanda Hoover

      It is great to see a bit of an uptick in pledges since we hit the 48 hour reminder. If the larger board SG was at 30,000 Euro instead of 35,000 Euro it would definitely be an exciting ride to the end of the campaign. As it is I am happy with getting the game and the one SG and I am also happy that more people are backing these last 2 days just so that a there are more copies of Finca getting out there.

    41. Missing avatar

      J Young on

      I’ll echo John Gaul’s comment regarding the board. Would rather be a good quality board than simply a larger flimsy one. I’ve read so many comments on BGG regarding the poor quality boards for Black Orchestra and would be disappointed with a similar product. That said, a larger good quality board is nice for those of us older folks whose vision isn’t what it used to be.

    42. The Phantom Piper

      I do NOT want Finca to be a micro game. I for one would love the larger board and I have a ton of games. I am not worried about shelf space. :-)

    43. Barry Hatchel

      I think Finca would make a great micro game. A small format couple also help with shipping. I also have good eyes, nimble fingers and limited shelf space.
      +1 for small board and think cardboard.

    44. franjos Creator on

      @Dusan: You are right. I thought I was able to change the EU only pledge and delete/change Germany. But this was not possible. I hope that German backers will use the right pledge.

    45. Missing avatar

      John Gaul on

      Thank you, franjos, for doing this.
      On the subject of stretch goals of bigger boards and wooden donkeys, my vote would be to keep the board the original size and focus on usability (stacking) for the donkeys. For this game, a bigger board wouldn't help playability much. Us board gamers have so many games we prefer if they take up as little shelf space as possible :) Personally, I would prefer higher quality cardboard tokens and board.

    46. Missing avatar

      Me on

      please,,,large board...

    47. Missing avatar

      Dušan Biga on

      It is strange that if you select Pledge 33 EUR or more for Finca one copy (First option) you will be charged additional 19 EUR for shipping for all countries except for Germany for which is 6 EUR, and if you select Pledge 33 EUR or more for Finca one copy (EU only) you will be charged 15 EUR for all countries including Germany?!

    48. Kelsey Erinaceous on

      I don't understand why more people aren't backing this, it's such a fun game!
      I was also cheering for the bigger board, and a small, very selfish part of me is hoping we get it regardless :D
      I'm really happy we get the mini expansion though! Can't wait to try it.

    49. franjos Creator on

      Thank you.
      The larger board is still possible, even if the stretch goal is not reached. I have some demand from retailers outside the campaign. Together with this demand it is still possible.
      Concerning the wooden donkeys: I am waiting for an offer of the manufacturer. If it is not to expensive may be I could add them. But I don´t want to promise to much at the moment.

    50. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Congrats on the expansion stretch goal. I was looking for the wooden donkeys and the larger board but seems far fetched idea at this stage and pace, but still there is hope and might be reached with the 48hrs reminders.

      @franjos: As I understand from your last update that the larger board idea is still not dismissed at all (even with the goal is not reached). Can you confirm? Will there anyway t get the wooden donkeys (like an add-on if the goal is not reached).

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