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$7,511 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Zero Wearables
$7,511 pledged of $10,000 goal











High Quality Black/White E-Ink Display with excellent quality for any image

 With the ZW App you can change your hat image to match your mood!

Select the speed of the image rotation and the order in which they appear

Never lose another Hat again with the ZW find my hat feature. 

Unbelievable high quality images on the ZW Smart Hat. Perfect for any condition.  








When you're trying to build a great product, you need the support of a passionate community. That's exactly why we're here. Your ideas and feedback are vital to our product development efforts. As we prepare to enter production, we know we can build a world class Smart Hat. Where we really need your help is understanding all of the ways you want to use it. When you receive your very own ZW Smart Hat, we'll be very eager to learn how we can make it better. Let build the world's most amazing Smart Hat together!



The Zero Wearables Smart Hat is Patent Pending with the United States Patent and Trade Office(USPTO). This along with other Trademark and Copyrights have been secured by Zero Wearables for the products you see on this Kickstarter and other projects in the works.


 Development test board for display top down view

 Development test board for display side view

 First Display with ZW Logo

 Zero Wearables Custom Chipset for Flexible Electronics Display Module


  First working prototypes in all 3 colors

We started this journey in 2015, with an idea born out of a big imagination and love for baseball hats. Then with the realization that the baseball hat hadn't changed in over 150 years, we realized the baseball hat industry was ripe for disruption. Our team is uniquely qualified to solve this problem as the key people have over a decade of experience in IoT and telematics along with a passion for solving problems. Couple with a track record of success in corporate america at a Fortune 50 companies.

Two years and thousands of hours hard work has paid off. We've brought the Zero Wearables Smart Hat from an idea to a reality, which is very exciting. However, our true test is making a product our fans will love and can't live without! We believe we've done that with our extensive testing and user feedback. Thanks for joining us on this Journey!




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What is it?  ZW Smart Hat is the world's first Smart Hat with an electronic display that allows users to instantly change the logo/image on their Baseball Hat.

Who created it? ZW Smart Hat was created by Sifrr, Inc - a group of technology nerds with over 25 years creating elegant, practical and simple solutions.

How much does it cost? ZW Smart Hat will retail for $129, but you can get it here on Kickstarter for $99. 

Where can we buy it? Right here on Kickstarter! Pre-order yours today to be one of the first people to get ZW.

 What do we get when we order? Your backer reward includes ZW Smart Hat, a user manual, the ZW Mobile Application

Why are you crowdfunding? We're crowdfunding to create a loving community and help get ZW into the hands of awesome customers sooner.

Do I need a "data plan" to use ZW Smart Hat? No, the ZW Smart Hat uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with smart phone, which allows it to pass data (images/logos) from the phone to the hat and vice versa. Once you get ZW, you simply activate it with our free mobile app and you are ready to go.

What features are available? ZW offers the ability to change the look of your Baseball hat by using your smartphone to change the image/logo on the flexible display on the ZW Smart Hat.

What colors do you offer? Right now, we're offering a ZW Smart hat in Melon Grey, Camouflage and Black.

What are the dimensions and weight? ZW Smart Hat comes in standard sizes for Baseball hats and weighs about 4 ounces, which is close to the weight of traditional baseball hats, which average 3.5 ounces.

What is the uniqueness of the technology? Unlike our competitors, ZW Smart Hat allows users to instantly change the image/logo on their hat to best meet their mood. No other company has this technology as the baseball hat hasn't changed in 150 years until now.

What is the battery life? Hours of continuous use? How to charge? ZW Smart Hat uses a coin cell battery, that will last up to 6 months and is replaceable. The ZW Smart Hat has an on/off switch that will aid in sustaining battery life along with a very efficient E-Ink display that is very kind to batteries. There is no charging needed as the coin cell battery can't be charged and will need to be replaced once its life has expired.

How does it work? In 5 easy steps you can easily begin using your ZW Smart Hat. First - Open ZW App, second - select content type, third - select your image, fourth - select interval, lastly - display content.

Will there be updates to it in the future? The ZW Smart hat will update its firmware via Bluetooth regularly.

How does it integrate with other connected devices? Bluetooth

Is it waterproof? The ZW Smart Hat is both water resistant and incredibly durable.

Where is it manufactured? ZW is engineered and assembled in the United States with components manufactured in various Asian countries.

Does it have an app? Which phones does it work with? Yes, the ZW App works on Android and IOS.

When will the app be available? The ZW App will be available when the product ships.

How does the device connect to the app? Bluetooth

What can we expect from the app? ZW offers a very clean and simple app that lets you quickly display images/logos.

Will there be updates available through the app? The ZW app will be updated regularly.

How do I turn it on and off? You can turn ZW Hat Off using the button on the inside of the Hat's crown or by using the ZW app.

How do I control it? You control ZW Hat using the ZW app, which will allow you to manage all of your images/logos in a single location.

What is the care and cleaning of it? You can clean ZW Hat with a ZW Hat Kit available on our website as we don't recommend washing the hat in a Washing Machine because of the electronics in the hat will likely not survive and your hat may not work as expected.

Is it machine washable? No

Does it have any expiration date? No

What are recommended ages? 15 years or older

Is it safe?  ZW Smart Hat is safe and recommended for those 15 years  and older. Our comprehensive certifications ensure that ZW Smart Hat meets the highest level of requirements for consumer electronic devices.

What certifications do you have? ZW has the following certifications: CE, FCC and BLE 

How durable is it? ZW's design allows it to be very durable and water resistant.

Are there any risks associated with use? Nothing the ZW team is aware of nor do we anticipate any risks associated with using this product.

When does shipping begin? Shipping for orders begins in August 2017

Where does it ship? Worldwide

How much is shipping? Shipping is $10 for US and Canada and $20 for rest of world.

Do I have to pay VAT/GST? Yes, for countries outside of US, depending on your location you may have to pay VAT/GST.

What are the risks & challenges of getting the device today? While the technology behind ZW Smart Hat is developed and tested, there are many factors that go into delivering a final device to your doorstep, many outside of our control, such as time requirements for certifications, components from chip manufacturers, problems that may arise from international political situations, etc. We will do everything in our power to meet our commitments, but as with any new consumer device, there is always a risk that a situation outside our control will occur that would prevent us from delivering your purchase.

Is there a warranty? We offer a one year limited warranty for any defective devices.

What is your refund policy? ZW offers a 7-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your ZW for any reason, you may return it in the original packaging for a full refund. Please visit our refund page for more details.

What is your return/exchange policy? ZW Smart Hat is warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase. You will need to contact our customer service team to receive a unique number for the exchange in the event that they are unable to assist you. To qualify for an exchange, your device must not be physically damaged in anyway.

What is your refund policy during the Kickstarter campaign? See these steps on how to request a refund. During the Kickstarter campaign, you can process the refund at anytime by contacting or searching their help center. Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis; at some point we will need to lock refunds in order to go into production and shipment. We will not be able to refund orders once they've shipped.

How can I order more than one ZW Smart Hat? There's an option to order 2 at a time on the Kickstarter Page or you can order as many single ZW Smart Hats as you'd like.

How do I choose more than one reward? To get more than one reward please make a new contribution for each reward.

How can I check the status of my pre-order? By pre-ordering  through Kickstarter, you automatically have an account created. Log back into Kickstarter using the email you pre-ordered, to verify your information.

Why do I have to wait longer than usual? This is not just pre-orders: You're helping to build the device and we need to know how many to make before we can start production. This is the first of its kind and you'll be glad you waited. We will send you updates while we work to produce the first batch.

If I have other questions, who should I contact? General Questions: Media Inquiries: 

Risks and challenges

We want to talk about the risks and challenges in a little more detail than is typical for most Kickstarter projects. A lot of times teams default to high-level paragraphs without outlining what exactly might go wrong. We want to make sure our backers understand the complexity of manufacturing and the associated risks beforehand.

We’ve tried to make our delivery estimates as close to reality as possible by including ample buffer time into our timeline to take into account of unforeseen circumstances that could arise, but we can’t predict the future and foresee everything that might occur. Here are some of the most obvious potential risks, although the list is certainly not exhaustive.

1. Tooling: Tooling is the process of making molds that eventually become pieces of the product. For us, tooling will be used to create the display frames for the hats flexible electronic display. We’ve done our best to build room for tooling adjustments as well as mistakes into our timeline. It is possible that a part’s design may need to be adjusted, and that may take additional weeks or months to resolve. 3D printed and CNC prototypes are too different to perfectly represent an injection molded piece, and there may be unique challenges that we are unable to foresee. Tooling will also be happening around holiday season, which means factories may wind down production until after the holidays which could add to production time. We’ve already included buffer time to take this into account.

2. Supply chain logistics: If we partner with a factory and order specific components to build a PCB (for example), it is possible that the factory may run low on parts or have long lead times for their inventory. This can hold up assembly, as you may imagine, since we can’t build a product if pieces are missing. Sometimes market forces change and can affect the supply of various components. For example, if the latest iPhone drops and they use a specific component, or if they launch a feature that requires specific components in other devices, the entire industry will see a change in the supply of that component. If it is something we were waiting on, we will see longer lead times, and therefore delays.

3. Certifications/Regulations: Since we are manufacturing electronics, there are various tests, including FCC and CE, that we will need to test. These tests often reveal design flaws that require changes in the design. Our timeline takes into account the potential need for retesting.

4. Mistakes: At the end of the day, a lot of risks manifest from plain old mistakes. If we pick a plastic that ends up warping or becomes brittle during molding, we’ll have to change it. If we discover that a component fatigues during testing, it means we have to source a new one. If we fail various certifications, there may need to be redesigns in our electronics. We aren’t perfect, but we’re going to try our hardest to be as perfect as possible. We learned a lot from shipping our previous electronic devices, and we are confident that these experiences will help keep us on track.

Every company faces these challenges, but rarely do consumers see these challenges. Our biggest tool for battling these risks is having previous experience bringing prototypes from concept to full production, including working with contract manufacturers and shipping internationally. We know that building physical goods is a dynamic process with lots of room for hiccups along the way. We will keep an open dialogue with all of our backers through frequent, transparent, and thorough updates.

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