$7,418 pledged of $16,000 goal
By Justin Newstrum
$7,418 pledged of $16,000 goal

Leasing a space


Lots of stuff happening. To reiterate my previous update, we're doing a pop-up restaurant at Cafe Pettirosso on Sunday night. It's shaping up to be a lot of fun- come on down and say hi. 

I had a meeting with the landlord of the space I'm looking at up on Capitol Hill. Like I mentioned, it's mostly the perfect space, and I've been in the industry long enough to know how to make it work with what I've got. It's on the 1500 block of E Olive Way, near the corner of Denny and Olive. It's an old building, but that means it doesn't need a ton of build-out. It isn't too big, but does have enough space for people to hang out when the weather gets cold, and hot donuts and coffee on a cold autumn night is what we're looking forward to.

I've chatted with the landlord a few times now, and the biggest stumbling block to getting the space is that while he trusts me to get the place open and manage it well enough, he isn't convinced I have the money to keep the place afloat for longer than about six months if business takes time to build. On some level, I agree which is what this whole Kickstarter project is about- If I don't raise the money this way, then traditional bank loans can take time, time that I might not have. But, if I can show that I have this cushion, we can enter into more formal lease negotiations. 

We're pushing into the last weekend of the drive- it ends at noon on Monday. Thanks again to all my backers, and thanks for helping get the word out. 

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