$7,418 pledged of $16,000 goal
By Justin Newstrum
$7,418 pledged of $16,000 goal

Community and Inspiration


I met with the landlord for a bit yesterday. I'd hoped to make this update about that, but that'll have to wait a couple more days. 

Instead I want to talk about visions and plans, and a bit about the community and atmosphere I hope to foster.

The Tom Waits thing is more than just that one song inspiring me. I have this whole creative, writerly image of him- I don't get into celebrities or idolizing personalities much, but Waits is one of my exceptions. Part of that is my family- we've always placed a premium on creativity- we're a family of learners, doers, creators- it's at least part of the reason I ended up as a chef. Anyone who knows me knows my other outlet is words, writing, books. Hell- I have a chunk of text from 'Don Quixote' tattooed on my back. And as this project is at least partially an expression of my personal style, I want the place to reflect that. 

I hope to have a vintage typewriter for people to use, and as long as you're writing, there's free coffee (I might have to sell ink ribbons, though. We'll see). Ditto for an upright piano- I'd love to have a piano essentially fueled by coffee and fun (and can I get an accordion to go with?) Anything I can do to foster a place for people to express themselves. 

And on that note, one of my early backers here (Hey, Mark!) proposed that he gift the cafe a bunch of letterpress type for the machine, in exchange for getting to use it once in a while. And to that, I have a hearty 'hells yes'. These are the types of people I want around. Two days ago, Seattle put on its third annual http://litcrawl.org/seattle/ lit crawl. I'd love to be a part of that this time next year. 

The money I'm trying to raise via this KS is the beginning. These are the things I hope to get started once I get going. It'll all happen eventually- this is an idea who's time has come, and I'm not backing down now. But it'll happen sooner when this KS succeeds. Thank you everyone for your support. 

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