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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 17 2017
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 17 2017

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    1. Taylor Wimberly on

      Looking forward to backing the next version of this.

    2. Jan Wichanski on

      I think ZTE is intentionally letting this die so they can create a new one with a better spec'd device, but higher reward cost.

    3. Leon Everton

      Stick a fork in this campaign it's done!

    4. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel on

      I really need to hear a good hardware specs, and a developer friendly phone, with global, real global lte bands, dont forget b28, It must be like a2017g, plus b17 for usa, and the phone must be a succes, not here, after the relase, you must keep selling a lot... A good amoled screen, a nice camera, and good hardware, not 4k screen or 21mp camera, with 1080p screen with good bright and 13-16 mp camera is enough, storage is a good adition, but with sd is no problem, nfc is a must have, and I think front stereo speakers is a real good value add for a phone

    5. ZTE USA Creator on

      @Omar, we just posted an update yesterday (see Updates section). In short, we're still gathering feedback on the changes that ZTE should make to the project. You can take the poll at http://csx.zteusa.com.

    6. Missing avatar

      Omar Alkam on

      Hi, I'm curious to know what will happen about this kickstarter whether its going to be updated or a new kickstarted will be needed. Thanks!

    7. ZTE USA Creator on

      @Paul, we have been gathering feedback on hardware specifications and will post an update soon. Check back by the end of this week and we should have more to share.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Hello ZTE USA,

      What is next for this project?

      Please share a little bit of a road map for this phone, whether it will be kick started again or now.

      I was really interested to replace my One plus one with smartphone from 2017 that embodied similar aspirations.


    9. Miroslav Pabi on

      I'm one of Microsoft insiders. I supported and shared your CSX everywhere. I even showed the great work of this self adhesive phone to my employees and colleagues in many locations.
      I just wanna tell the people who run this campaign something:

      You took this project from where it reached in the sky and threw it heavily on the ground.
      You stripped off everything great about this phone..
      You killed the most beautiful phone design in 2016.
      You should have given Team One the lead in this project till the end, instead of ruining it that way.
      I'm out.
      Thank you and good luck.

    10. Renee on

      Dear ZTE USA,

      When we voted for CSX project, we wanted something not "me too" in smartphone. we wanted a breakthrough device. We wanted something very special. This is the reason this phone won.

      The creative design was the most amazing thing about this phone besides the great technologies and high end specs. I hereby admonish Team One Technology for not following and evolving their creativity in this project. They were a very professional and scientific team that I really enjoyed reading there comments during the contest.
      Adding a case similar to the one we saw before won't omit the fact that the current design looks very cheap and generic.

      You asked your customers to sound their opinions in CSX project, and we did, but you didn't listen. You now came up with a very different product.


    11. Andrew on


      Do you understand that we loved the phone design that has been submitted by your winning team?

      I don't want a case and I won't always put a case on my cellphone. I will only use the adhesive case for few tasks and when needed only.

      I checked your material poll. All designs are very generic and boring like the cheap plastic phones nowadays.


    12. ZTE USA Creator on

      We posted an update, but for those that read the comments instead of the update section, here's a quick summary. We acknowledge that we need to improve the hardware specs for this project to be successful and ask for your help to identify what should be changed. We've introduced a new poll at https://community.zteusa.com/polls/1653 so that you can help us to focus on one or two things to change. Please note that LTE bands are being considered separately and not included in this poll. We're still taking feedback on LTE bands too.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bibin Sebastian on

      Yeap . This doesn't look to get funded and the creators lost their energy even before the project is kickstarted.. feels like someone in their team doesn't like their present boss.. sorry guys I hate to break this to you.. this ain't gonna get better unless a miracle happens.

    14. ZTE USA Creator on

      Addressing the issue on design, would like to reiterate that the Team One Technology design is going into the adhesive case. And further, there is a current poll to choose colors and material finish that is being conducted at http://csx.zteusa.com so that you have an opportunity to choose the base color design.

    15. Lyle Gogh

      saw this on engadget and I was about to get the Axon 7 but i'll pledge for this and hopefully get this instead. Additionally this will be my first Android.

    16. Renee on

      I supported CSX and voted for the self adhesive phone. I and many other users were very excited about this project, and we truly felt happy when this idea won.

      We actually loved the professionalism behind this idea, I mean Team One Technology. They designed a magnificent phone with amazing specs. They even decided on phone dimensions.

      Look at now what happened.
      This phone looks very lame indeed.
      Mediocre specs that will see the light after 9 months from now.
      Slow processor.

      And the worst thing is THE UGLY DESIGN.
      What happened to the unique beautiful design?
      Why are you insisting on ruining our dream?
      Where is the team who designed this phone? why are they so silent and no where to be found?

      This phone has been chosen by your users and loyal customer, but you insist on making it EPIC FAIL!
      I can't believe that you are trying to destroy everything great that this phone is supposed to have!

      I'm very disappointed and I'm out.

    17. Andrew on

      What SD 625?
      I didn't notice that.
      I'm really disappointed now. I wish they were high-end specs.
      Bad move from ZTE

    18. Antony Lau on

      I think zte usa has manage to make this kickstarter project fail by releasing the phone spec

    19. Eugene Klein on

      In case anybody is wondering about the audio chip, here's what I got from ZTE:
      The DAC should be an AKM hi-fi chipset combined with Dolby audio.
      Currently I'm a bit surprised by this project's lack of complete transparency and the overall preparation to the Kickstarter (I think the specs should've been decided BEFORE starting this project here to have people know what they're pledging for) and before the specs were revealed, the battery had a larger capacity, as far as I remember. But I'll be around to see how ZTE updates its backers and that will influence my choice whether to keep backing it or not. My prediction is that the project won't be funded, but that's just my two cents so don't take it at face value...

    20. Missing avatar

      Bibin Sebastian on

      SD625 releasing on September will be a bummer. On the LTE side, please add B40 which is quite popular in Indian continent.

    21. Andrew on

      Everything seems perfect.. BUT, please try to make the design similar to the one submitted by Team One Technology in your CSX contest.

    22. Sreekanth

      Got a direct message from ZTE -
      Sorry, but we made a mistake about supporting OIS when we quickly responded to your question last night. Confirmed this morning that it does not support it.
      No OIS/EIS in both cameras. :(

    23. Fred St-Pierre on

      Nope nope and nope again. I'm out.

    24. ZTE USA Creator on

      @Eugene, we are leaning towards stock Android but that is yet another choice that we will put to a poll to let consumers decide as a part of this crowdsource project.

    25. Missing avatar

      rhiney maceachern on

      I can already buy a better phone for the price to back this one with better specs. I'm out

    26. Eugene Klein on

      @ZTE USA, I still hope you will reconsider the CPU, since you're pushing the release date to September, otherwise it makes much more sense to get a more powerful phone now than wait till Autumn when the chip will be used for sub-$150 devices, SD660 should have its first phones released in Q2 2017 so it will remain competitive once the phone is out. That said, the features this phone offers to stand out from the competition are interesting, but I'm sure you're well aware of the fact that it's not enough for the phone to stick to walls and track your eyes to make it valuable to the consumer.
      Another question which arises: will the phone use Vanilla Android or will it be powered by ZTE's MiFavor?

    27. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel on

      Bye my contribution, a sd 325, with 3gb for september.... No way

    28. ZTE USA Creator on

      Regarding the questions about RAM, it might be a possibility to change, but assume the phone has 3GB for now. The chip will not change.

    29. ZTE USA Creator on

      @Sreekanth, cameras support OIS/EIS. Quick charge is listed correctly at QC 2.0.

      We've added WiFi and Bluetooth to the project page, but for your info, it is: WIFI 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz
      • BT4.2 / HFP1.6

    30. Eugene Klein on

      @ZTE USA, are these specs final? 4GB RAM and, at least, Snapdragon 660 would've been better options by the time the phone itself is released.

    31. Sreekanth

      3GB RAM / 32GB ROM seems to be under powered for a phone thats going to be released in the last quarter of 2017. Any chance of upgrading it to 4GB RAM / 64 GB ROM as a stretch goal or for additional price?

    32. Gerardo Romo Nuñez on

      @ZTE USA, will it come with Corning Gorilla glass ?

    33. Sreekanth

      What about WiFi and Bluetooth specs?

    34. Sreekanth

      Does front/rear cameras have OIS/EIS?

    35. Sreekanth

      Qualcomm website shows that Snapdragon 625 supports Quick Charge 3.0. Whereas, you have it mentioned as Quick Charge 2.0 in the Hawkeye Specs. Is it a typo? or Are you limiting it to support Quick Charge 2.0 ?

    36. Missing avatar

      Sundar Rajan Srinivasan on

      Please consider bands 1 /2 /3 /5 /8 /28 /40 for Australian carriers. Else I will have to back out.Further both slots are micro SIM or Nano SIM?

    37. ZTE USA Creator on

      @Leon - it is a dual SIM phone.

    38. Francisco chavez on

      I hope this reaches its goal. Regardless of the rye tracking i still would pay the 200 for the phone.

    39. Francisco chavez on

      @leonEverton seems like you can either use dual SIM or single SIM with an sd card.

    40. Leon Everton

      Will it be dual sim or single sim?

    41. ZTE USA Creator on

      Thank you for your patience. We have posted the detailed specs now for the phone which you can find in the updates or on the project page.

    42. Missing avatar

      rhiney maceachern on

      None of this matters anyway. Unless there is a major announcement soon with specs that will draw ppl to this project it's dead in the water. If I don't hear something soon I'm out

    43. Andy T

      No specs yet - this thing should be in firmware design right now with hardware completed.

      I'm going to go buy a glue stick for the phone I already have. Seems like sticking to a wall is half the value, and is a major feature, in ZTE's eyes. I liked the dual SIM (the only reason I backed this), but without an immediate "of course it'll do world-phone frequency bands", it apparently cannot with the platform they've chosen.

      Good luck - I'm out.

    44. Jeremy Johnson

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. ZTE USA Creator on

      @Andrew, yes, specs coming very soon. Regarding design, there will also be options for colors and materials presented to the community to select. After discussions with Team One Technology, the original colorful design they presented will likely go into the adhesive case.

    46. Andrew on

      So far so good.
      You should announce the full specs soon. No one would support a project without knowing the details.
      Most importantly, the guys in Team One Technology made such a great design that everyone loves. Please, get back to this design and stop making phones that are Samsung and Apple ripoffs.

      Our eyes are really tired of those boring designs. That's why people loved your CSX project and heavily reacted with it.
      I voted for this project because of the stunning design, but now you took it over to those ugly cheap traditional designs.
      Please be clear about everything and don't kill this amazing project by that weird behavior.
      Thank you

    47. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel on

      If zte goes for mtk, my support is down, and go for an open source processor.... No develop at all for mediatek...
      Sd652 is my absolutly minium, 820 my choice

    48. Eugene Klein on

      I think if they choose the CPU, they would have to buy them now and in bulk to start making the phone soon, so the price of SD821 and SD835 for ZTE is going to be too expensive to use on a $200 phone, unless they make an order and start manufacturing in August when the older chips become cheaper.
      As for the ZUK Z2, there is a reasonable explanation for its price:

    49. Jan Wichanski on

      I think SnapDragon 835 would be epic and 6GB of RAM, but I have a feeling that for a phone in this price range it won't happen. Though, they are releasing the phone in Sept., so here's to hoping they will make it advanced for now so it's decent later.

    50. Leon Everton

      Snapdragon 821 or 835. That might be asking too much but why not?

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