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Reclamation is a roleplaying game that combines sci-fi, fantasy, and survival horror themes with a 100% unique game system.
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Hybrid Multi-Classing and Other Updates

Posted by Chris Griesinger (Creator)

Hey Kickstarters!

I just wanted to give you another update on the progress of the game.  I am roughly 30 pictures away from having the entire book outfitted in icons of pure dystopian horror!  Not only have these artists done tremendous work taking my ideas and shaping them into visual art, but they have been willing to work with me on my tight budget. Even with the advent of the kickstarter income, I was VERY ambitious with how much art I wanted to plug into the book, and without these talented individuals meeting me halfway, I would have had to completely reformat the book.  

Also... as part of the stretch incentive, I have now included special rules to "multi-class" your Reclamation protagonist. These individuals are called Hybrids--they are doubly marked by the fallout, meaning they can wield powers from multiple hero classes. While I was initially reluctant to add this nuance to the core game, after working on it for a while, it really has opened the door to a multitude of new game mechanics and plot elements. So thank you again, Kickstarter Community, for pushing me to improve the interest of my game!  

To read about the new hybrids, go to my blog.  Also... "LIKE" Reclamation RPG on Facebook (you can do that through my blog). After Reclamation goes to print, the Reclamation page will be how I communicate news and updates. 

Oh... and here are a few more pictures!


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    1. Chris Griesinger Creator on

      I will also have updates on my blog, and once the game is published, I'll throw up a full-blown website where you can get updates as well.

    2. Torolf - Alchemist of the Obsidian Order on

      Are you saying that all updates after printing will be via Facebook? I don't have a Facebook account and won't get one unless they stop their data-mining (unlikely). Would you consider doing an email newsletter or something?

      Oh, and the Hybrid rules look good!