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Reclamation is a roleplaying game that combines sci-fi, fantasy, and survival horror themes with a 100% unique game system.
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Surveys and Fate Decks and Pictures oh my...

Posted by Chris Griesinger (Creator)

We are just a couple months away from the projected release of Reclamation! I am working very hard to meet this goal on time because--as I mentioned before--my intent is to demo Reclamation at the Origins Game Fair this year. It is something that I've wanted to do for the last three years, but every time I thought I was close to being finished, I would realize that I was nowhere near done... or I would make another drastic change to the game, etc. 

So... I have some more art to show... and I have much more coming down the pipe. A couple quick announcements:

If you have not yet completed the survey... please do!  If your incentive level requires me to mail you something, I need your address at the very least. 

This second announcement is important to those of you getting a custom Reclamation deck: I would like to start hearing your ideas as to how this should be done. The deck will say Reclamation on the back side (and maybe Architect Games as well), and I know the face cards will be replaced with pictures from the game... but if you have any suggestions on which pictures I should use, or how I should do this, I would love to hear your ideas. Maybe all of the black cards should be hero pictures and the red cards are monsters.  If you want to lobby for certain pictures, check out the gallery at and just email or message me your suggestions.  Thanks!

And here are a few more pictures. Enjoy!


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