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We plan to transform an abandoned New York City trolley terminal into a vibrant community green space using new solar technology.
3,300 backers pledged $155,186 to help bring this project to life.

Where we're building our park demo in September...

Posted by Dan Barasch (Creator)

Here are a few photos from our site visit to the abandoned warehouse on Delancey Street, where we are planning to build our full-scale park mock-up this September.  

The space was formerly used as a community market but is now an entirely raw space: no electricity, no climate control.  It feels very exciting to be inside the space and we left energized to continue planning our transformation.

Check out in particular the old "Orchard Essex Meat Market" sign-- it's inspiring to think about how we can bring something modern and new to a site with such rich New York city history.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move ahead with design and engineering... and keep spreading the word, to help us make this demo even more brilliant.

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    1. Rune Eskildsen on

      Looking good! i can't wait to see the project up and runnign!!

    2. Walter L. Bazzini on

      "Check out in particular the old 'Orchard Essex Meat Market' sign..."

      That's a nice piece. Oh. Yeah. And the project is great, too!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gibbs on

      I agree with "For Good Measure". I'm eager to see your solar lighting in action, that's the coolest part of the project.

    4. For Good Measure on

      I didn't know the mock up was above ground. No problem, but I trust that all daytime lighting will be delivered via the devices described on the front page. In other words, the wall windows should be completely covered and a barrier should be placed near the entrances to block excess light. Otherwise, it will be difficult to evaluate this demonstration. (Apologies for stating the obvious.)

    5. Missing avatar

      Libby Bibby on

      Watching your progress from New Zealand. I think what you are doing is fantastic!

    6. Missing avatar

      Shy on

      Delancey and what? I live right down the street. Want to go check it out. Will it eventually be open to the public?

    7. James Bewley on

      I think the folks at Creative Time used this space for the exhibition, Living as Form. Great space. Exciting to see this come together.

    8. Nancy Rose on

      Having lived in that neighborhood back in the early '80s, I am so excited for this to be a reality. I love going down there to the Tenement Museum, so we could make a day of it!

    9. Mat Weller on

      Does the mock up remain operational after you go to production on the real thing? Seems like it would be a horrible waste if it didn't.

      Congrats on meeting your goal! I'm looking forward to making a trip to NYC just to see the finished product.

    10. Andrés L. Pacheco S. on

      Thank you for this posting! It is by far the best way to begin the Week with a creative, upbeat pace! How does a college student with a declared double major in Architure Studies & Anthropology at Brown University can get involved with this project?

    11. Missing avatar

      bridget qualey on

      Spectacular , inspired, historic space! Sky lights rock!!!