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Hardcore Survival Horror Role-Playing Game in a world haunted by the nightmares of dead psychics.
Hardcore Survival Horror Role-Playing Game in a world haunted by the nightmares of dead psychics.
Hardcore Survival Horror Role-Playing Game in a world haunted by the nightmares of dead psychics.
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    1. FeralGames 5 days ago

      What's happening with the print copies of this are they close?

    2. John Bowlin

      Glad to hear that the printing issues are working out. I have read most of the PDF (going slowly as my RPG time is very limited these days), and I must say with as much respect as possible, Xas Irkalla is the most FUCKED UP and demented game I've ever read before. And that's saying a lot because I've read a lot of CoC, Kult, and lots of other very dark books. Kudos for out-creeping-out the creepiest RPGs!

    3. James Vail Creator on

      Hey Daniel, I'm sorry to say we don't have any 2XL shirts. All the shirts were ordered months ago, and 2XL were only ordered by request because of the cost difference.

    4. Daniel Cafone on

      Is a 2xl shirt available?

    5. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      The printing process has started! Please see our newest update for more information.

    6. James Vail Creator on

      Hey Irfon, you should be able to update your address by clicking on "View pledge" next to "You're a backer" on the project page. I don't have the physical copies yet, I will post an update when they arrive.

    7. Missing avatar

      Irfon Rickard on

      Don't worry about it, I've sorted it now. Didn't realise I could simply do the survey thing again. Apologies!

    8. Missing avatar

      Irfon Rickard on

      Hi there man, really excited for the project! I've had to move for work, so the original address I supplied for the physical edition is no longer correct. Is there a way to change the address you have and can send the physical copy? Thanks man, appreciate your time. Irfon

    9. Missing avatar

      Víctor Merino López on

      Ok my bad, I already got it lol

    10. Missing avatar

      Víctor Merino López on

      I don't know if I missed something. I saw the strain book is already on drivethrurpg. I guess that's the true strain book we were going to get. How do I get it?

    11. James Vail Creator on

      Awesome Dan! I could definitely see that working. As for XP per session, I don't really like giving a specific number since it should vary based on the players' strategies, but I'd consider 10 XP to be an average per session, taking into account XP from Disadvantage/Psychosis, some sessions with no XP for players that had a character death, and also some sessions with bonus XP for significant events.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Thanks James! I like the idea of doing it that way to avoid micromanagement. The last question I had (Sorry, forgot to add it to the other question), was what you felt was a good amount of XP per a session to keep the players from falling too far behind the level of the session (as each session opponents get tougher)?
      Overall, I really like this game. I want to get a game going regularly at my local gaming cafe, where players can freely drop in/drop out. The world in the game makes it feel that would be easy to pull off.

    13. James Vail Creator on

      Hey Dan, that section is intentionally designed to be up to the players - though as an example, a furnace might allow ores to be smelted, and a clay pit might allow molds to be created for those ores, and a blacksmith shed might allow tools to be made from the molds. Other effects would be based on what the players want to achieve, such as subjugating the population by building a temple or a prison. Since material costs are abstracted into stockpiles and sources, there's no real telling how many materials a building would need, since something can go wrong at any time and materials are only depleted on a partial success/disaster - if necessary though, I would probably gauge it by equating it to the progress goal.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      What kinds of effects would buildings have and how would you gauge the material costs for the settlement section?

    15. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      Rate, review, and spread the word! All digital edition PDF books funded by this campaign are now available for anyone to buy via DriveThruRPG. All actions help promote Atramentis Games! Click here to go to the Atramentis Games publisher page:

    16. Raven Shadowz

      Thank you very much, if I have the money at the time you have them I shall by one directly from you. :)

    17. James Vail Creator on

      Sure thing Raven. As for Xas Irkalla hardcopies, they will be available on drivethrurpg as Print On Demand after the print run has been sent to backers, which looks to be about 8 weeks from now. I will also have some extras from the print run that I will be selling personally.

    18. Raven Shadowz

      James, I have one more question, when will I be able to buy a hardcopy of Xas Irkalla?

    19. Raven Shadowz

      I will just the one in the back of the book, I try not to add programs to my computer. Thank you though!

    20. James Vail Creator on

      Inside the .rar archive there are two .pdf character sheets which are for digital use. These are archived to avoid watermarks. If you just want printable character sheets, all are included in the back of the book. Otherwise, you will need a program like WinRAR to open the .rar archive. If you still need assistance, send me an email at

    21. Raven Shadowz

      Hi James,
      the only character sheet that I saw was the .rar file the PDF opens just fine.

    22. James Vail Creator on

      Hey Raven, I'm sorry to hear that. Are you having a problem with the .pdf or the .rar file?

    23. Raven Shadowz

      I cannot open the True Strain character sheet.

    24. Missing avatar

      Víctor Merino López on

      That's cool. It's good to know you are working on it :)

    25. James Vail Creator on

      Hey Víctor, I am actually working on True Strain right now. I don't want to give a date, since I've been bad about my estimates, but I should have it finished soon.

    26. Missing avatar

      Víctor Merino López on

      Do you guys know when the core rule set is gonna be out? Im talking about the 10 $ pledge, the true strain book

    27. Missing avatar

      Elegiac Catalyst on

      Sorry to hear about the issues with your printer. Print quality aside, I love the art style for this game, and the cover looks awesome!

    28. Missing avatar

      The Cesspit of No Ideas on

      Sorry to hear about the trashy proofs. Obviously not your fault at all, and I hate to think it will impact your bottom line :(

    29. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      We're very sorry that you'll all have to wait even longer for the print copies of XI. Please view the latest update if you haven't. We're very frustrated with the delay and had good expectations for the proofs. I'll see if I can mail out the posters ahead of time, at the very least.

    30. James Vail Creator on

      Thanks Daniel

    31. Daniel Björkman on

      Beautiful book, with a clearly strong idea and uncompromising execution. Very inspiring! There are some minor question marks, but nothing that can’t be worked out by the GM. Gonna throw this at my gaming group and see what emerges.

    32. Daniel Björkman on

      Mina: Well, put that way it’s hard to argue :-). Glad to hear about the progress, nonetheless!

    33. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      Daniel Björkman, James has finished the book. We are now combing over the PDF before we send for a print proof and upload the digital version. Would you be alright waiting just a little longer, given you can have the entire experience very shortly? :)

    34. Daniel Björkman on

      Would it be possible to get just a slight preview of the world of XI? While the rules seem fine and the art is excellent, it whets my appetite for seeing the world that ties them together.

    35. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      Bryce, I've emailed you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bryce McCall Ray on

      Looking through my records and can't find a copy of the survey you sent. I know I'm past deadline, but is there anyway to confirm my information?

    37. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      We've submitted our order for the t-shirts today! We'll show you guys a photo once we get them.
      Apologies to anyone who did not fill out their report in time. As stated, you will receive a men's large size shirt, should you eventually fill out your report to claim your pledge rewards.

      James will finish the Plague God character sketches today, as well.

    38. James Vail Creator on

      On my end, as far as the artwork goes, I'll definitely meet my deadline. I've made 40 paintings this month. The rest depends on cooperation with the editor, he just completed his first pass of the manuscript and I returned it for the second pass. Once this process is complete I'll be doing the layout design.

    39. David South on

      Are things still looking good to release in February?

    40. Missing avatar

      Sherry on

      Filled out my Survey as well.

    41. James on

      Sorry took me awhile to send in the survey i missed the email.

    42. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      Shaun Cobble, Thank you! It's great to know you're excited to play XI. I can do the XXL for you.

      Cardinal, James will be sending you a Kickstarter message shortly.

    43. Missing avatar

      Cardinal on

      Have the questions about the custom character artwork for high tier backers already been sent out?

    44. Shaun Cobble on

      I'm really stoked to play this! My friends are gonna be brutally surprised. I do have a question though. Is there any possibility of getting some shirts in XXL, by chance? I'm a big dude and the largest option was XL. I went ahead and selected that, but if XXL is possible that would be awesome.

    45. James Vail Creator on

      Daniel, thank you. I really do appreciate that. Regarding the stickers, I think we might have jumped too far ahead with what we thought was in our budget. We didn't notice that the stickers we looked at were only 3"x2" which would be pretty ridiculous, and basically a waste of money. Stickers larger than that would cost too much, so I think a better solution will be for me to just personalize the books with an autograph.

    46. Daniel Björkman on

      @Mina and James: Nice gesture! However, I think most of us Xi backers are aware that this is a small project handled by a couple of enthusiasts rather than an established game publisher. As such, at least I backed mainly to make the game happen, and view it as an “it’ll get here when it gets here” thing.
      In other words, don’t sweat it!

    47. Mina Korzan Collaborator on

      Since James was unable to meet his original deadline, we've wanted to give you guys something extra. Those of you getting a package from us will find two stickers inside. One will be of the XI logo, and the other of an artwork. We know it isn't much, but we wanted to find something within our budget to thank you for your patience.

      Many additional thanks to those of you who are taking the time to rate the books James put on Drivethru! That tiny action is very meaningful to us and helps the potential sale of his products.

      Jose Alarico Teixeira Manzano, James will resend you the information very soon.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jose Alarico Teixeira Manzano on

      James, I'm sorry but I cannot find the mail with the link to Google Drive. Can you resend me, please?? Thank you very much and thanks for your amazing work :)

    49. James Vail Creator on

      Hey John from Detroit, the deadline I've given myself is February release for Xas Irkalla. I will be posting a detailed progress update after Abomination is released in a few days.

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