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Clean and sterilize the air in your home, office or car with the true HEPA air purifier that fits anywhere
also wireless charger
Clean and sterilize the air in your home, office or car with the true HEPA air purifier that fits anywhere also wireless charger
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Join the PowerStrip Modular Revolution!

Posted by Marky (Creator)

Hi backers, 

First of all, I would like to thank you again for your great and warm support!  
If you love your Zunion Air Purifier, then you would probably adore PowerStrip Modular, a project currently running on Kickstarter that will revolutionize the way you use a powerstrip.

PowerStrip Modular is a revolutionary powerstrip that comes with modular add-on solutions which can be removed from or added to one base adapter as per the connection needs of the users. 

The PowerStrip Modular project just developed 3 new modules: 

- PowerModule | Wireless |: You just need to place your phone on the charging area to charge it! No cable needed anymore! It is equipped with a power output of 5W in order to charge your phone extra fast.

- PowerModule | SoundTap |: Turns your appliances on/off thanks to sound detection for 3 minutes. During this period, if a sound is detected again, 3 minutes extension is automatically added on. 

- PowerModule | SmartHome |: Turns on/off your appliances via your smartphone APP and via Alexa, Google Home, Tmall Genie. Also provide a Voice control and a Set timer function.

They will be available to choose once they get funded along with: 

- PowerModule | USB A+C |
- PowerModule | USB |
- Universal Module
- Switch Module
- Remote Module

I hope you are as excited as I am about this Kickstarter campaign and that you will support them before Thu, January 18 2018 7:00 PM AWST to make the PowerStrip Modular a reality! 

If you decide to support this Kickstarter campaign, you will receive with your PowerStrip Modular a FREE Dax VS - The wallet with a trick up its sleeve as a gift!

Dax V2 Wallet
Dax V2 Wallet


THANK YOU once again for your support! 

Best regards,

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    1. Missing avatar

      kbell08 on

      How can you start a new project when you haven't even completed orders on the first one? Stop ignoring your backers.

    2. Marky Creator on

      Dear Keith Holmes
      Still not get it?
      wow please email me
      Correct Zipcode / address / mobile / name again

    3. Marky Creator on

      Dear Marjorie and andreas
      we sent it replacement unit
      Still not get it?
      i hope it work well..

    4. Marjorie Murray-Ure

      I’m with you Andreas! And, I wouldn’t touch this new project if he paid me!
      I am still waiting for a working Zunion air purifier. I could bet that he’s sitting on a warm island with the first money.
      Why would Kickstarter allow him another money grab???

    5. Keith Holmes on

      Hi wondering where the replacement air filters are? Still not received them.

    6. andreas on

      The previous model, Zunion purifier, was only working less than 2 weeks since I received the item. Where I keep bumping the creator, Marky, and never receive any reply from him. Now he is creating next project without caring to answer his backer. What a creator!