Zunion | Smart multi functional Air purifier for your space

by Marky

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    1. Charmaine Ng on

      Hi, may I know when will shipment starts? I remembered the survey stated July 2017 although in one of the updates before campaign closed it was mentioned delivery would be by Aug 2017.

      As I am getting this as a gift; I am afraid the gift opportunity would be missed if the shipment process is still not started yet..

      Appreciate your response on this thank you!


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      JC Asis

      Cause if only you used backerkit, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Now it's on indiegogo. Does that mean that the initial link you guys provided (http://www.allocacoc.com/DesignNest/detail/id/246.html/Zunion-SmartmultifunctionalAirpurifierforyourspace) is no longer valid?

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      Hitch Heiker on

      Maybe it's really time for an update on shipment?