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When Paco, the ordinary popcorn kernel, gets upset, he transforms into a super popcorn! Candy package visuals and lots of judo action.

We want to make a pilot episode of an animated cartoon we call "Paco the Judo Popcorn.” Paco is a popcorn with superpowers. Although he spends most of his days like any other ordinary popcorn kernel passing time with his other friends in the kitchen, when he gets mad he transforms into a super judo popcorn!

We've already made an animated 1-minute teaser featuring Paco's origin story with lots of action in the same cute candy package visuals we plan to use in the pilot episode. Paco is the kind of cartoon we dreamt of watching as kids and it is our belief that kids of all ages will dig it also.

How we plan to do it

The plan is to make a ten minute pilot episode that we hope will lead to a Paco the Judo Popcorn animated series. The script for the pilot is about an evil leftover carrot trying to rule the kitchen Paco and his friends call home. To defeat Paco, the leftover carrot and his equally evil gang of nare-do-wells build a giant monster robot out of all the unwashed dishes in the sink and a battle for the sovereignty of the kitchen takes place!

What the money is for

We need money to live (like for food and rent!) while working on the project. We want work full time for a month drawing everything frame by frame on a Wacom Cintiq. Then we will put the remaining money in our budget towards legal and production fees while we work to bring Paco to as wide an audience as possible.

Got any questions?

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    You get a sheet of Paco-stickers, link to the finished cartoon and the official Paco song mp3.

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    Above + Signed art-print from the creators.

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    Above + the hand made Paco-doll.

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    All of the above, plus the creators dress up as characters from Paco and perform an entertaining show at your birthday party.

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