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$5,219 pledged of $25,000 goal
By Mega World Studios
$5,219 pledged of $25,000 goal

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GUI Overhaul

First and foremost, the support and comments we've been receiving in the past weeks is fabulous and incredibly encouraging. All the long nights are worth it!  We started out from just wanting to put out a portfolio piece, and have it be fun for whoever played it.  We can't wait to put it in your hands!!

We've also gotten lots of industry feedback and pushed for a complete GUI (Graphic User Interface) redo that's much more iPhone friendly.  We've found a lot of fun on the web version and now adapting that same level of engagement onto the HUD (Heads Up Display), camera, and controls.

Check out our new consolidated / simplified Display.  Everything you can do in the game can be done with one finger... including intelligent target-lock!  Other improvements include a higher contrasting toon shader to see more of the player's 3D geometry in the shadows.  Besides gaining better framerate under-the-hood optimization, the team is working on making the player control very smooth.  Also the scenery has been detailed to include dirtier decals and destroyed areas.. We're shooting for something that looks like a futuristic Occupied France of WWII.  And ahead is some more destroyed buildings.


Our "Mega-Voice" Forums are nearly ready and we'll be able to offer you first-look exclusive access to talk about the game and how you'd like it to shape up. This includes polls about the color of player's laser.. how the sound of the gunfire should be.. what kinds of military prop decorations you'd like.. and of course reactions to how the HUD looks.

Mega thanks from the entire team!

On the first couple days to have reached $2000!  I am beside myself with the generosity shown here.  It has literally stopped the presses and has everyone super pumped to know you guys are behind them so much!

I've never seen these guys so excited all at once like this.. it's incredible.