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iMpulse is the SMALLEST wireless controller for mobile devices - it's also a key finder & media controller! (iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs)
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BigUpdate - Gamepad Firmware, Forums and More!

Posted by Black Powder Media (Creator)

Hi iMpulsers!

It's been several weeks since our last Update… we didn't want to bother you all until we had some major progress to share. Well, now we do!

Gamepad Firmware Update:
Our very first BETA firmware is now available for download/install.
 - We have added the much-requested GAMEPAD support on Android - thereby greatly expanding the number of games you can play on iMpulse!
- We have put in a test version of Siri remote activation for iOS users.

The new firmware is completely user-upgradeable (and reversible). All the usual caveats about using beta software apply, and we reccommend that only those experienced with computers and installing firmware should try it. But - it's FREE, and CANNOT DAMAGE YOUR iMPULSE!

We've been testing the iMpulse with such games as GTA3, Mongo Madness, Granny Smith and others, with great success and enjoyment. Please download, install and try out your favorite games!

Where is this update available, you ask? It's downloadable NOW from our new forums!

You have been asking, we have been busy shipping. However - thanks to the initiative shown by our own Kickstarter backer Jonathan Gabriel - the iMpulse forums are resurrected and BETTER than ever before! We will be moving ALL traffic and responses to the Forums, so please join and post to the forums insted of the Kickstarter Comments threads.

The forums are now LIVE at Sign up, it's FREE!

We have transferred a lot of the setup and tips information already, and will continue to do so over the next few days. You'll never again need to scroll through the long Kickstarter Comments thread for some crucial tip or hint! Other forum members will be available to share experiences and advice!

When you register and login to the forums, please waste NO time in sending backer Jon Gabriel a BIG "thank you" message for all his work on building this kickass forum site!!

Shipment Update: 
Here's our shipping status as of today:

A: Pre-Order Shipments (all orders placed PRIOR to the Kickstarter Campaign): All Pre-Order Shipments are current. If you have not yet received your iMpulse Controller or a "Welcome to iMpulse!" email, it's because we haven't received your final Shipment Confirmation Survey. Please fill one out at - sorry for the inconvenience, but we need to know if you have moved since you placed your pre-order!

B: Kickstarter Backer Status:
- All Black Controllers have been shipped to backers.
- White/Green Controllers - almost all units shipped, final batch will ship this week.
- Metal Finish: New Metal cases are in-house and shipments will resume Wednesday.
We are still awaiting the International Shipping fee from some of you emails have already been sent out). Please remit the payment via (purchase SKU MP_KSO or MP_KSC as applicable), so we can ship out your pledge reward.

C: Re-Order Status:(all purchases on since Dec. 1, 2012)
- We will be starting shipments of all units starting Tuesday Oct. 8. - Metal Finish orders will initially be backlogged by 1-2 weeks.

We expect to be current on ALL pre-orders by Nov. 10, 2013 or earlier.

Pre-Order/Re-Order Store: has served us well for 11 months now - far longer than we expected when we first set it up! At last, we're going to shut the site down on Friday Oct. 11 for a few weeks, as major changes are about to take place at Camp iMpulse.

Several large online resellers have already placed orders for the iMpulse Controller, and it will soon be available from their sites as well. Accordingly, when our new order store re-opens in November, the iMpulse Controller will go on sale as a retail product, at an MSRP of $39.99 (+s/h and tax where applicable).

That's all for now!
Team iMpulse.

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    1. Jose V Serpa on

      Hi, I received the email confirming the shipment over a month ago, nothing never arrived, contacted USPS and it seems they lost the package probably due to the cheap shipment service, who knows.. I need help getting my iMpulse or a refund. Thanks

    2. Daren Han on

      Thanks for the advice. Managed to get my keyboard back.

    3. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Daren - this is inherent in the design of all mobile phones - when an external keyboard is connected, the virtual keyboard slides away.

      Tap the iMpulse Controller's triangular USER button to toggle the onscreen keyboard. The tapping action also toggles the button lock feature of the iMpulse, making it perfect for stowing away or avoiding inadvertent button pressing during storage/transportation.

    4. Daren Han on

      I noticed my keyboard on my iPhone stopped working when I try to do messaging or notepad after I paired with impulse controller.
      I tried playing captain pix man using impulse on iPhone but the arrow keys are not working. I applied for membership to the forums waiting to get approved so that I can try the firmware whether it helps.

    5. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      All - please move questions to the forum! Many of your questions have answers and suggestions, and your own contributions will help the entire iMpulse Community :)
      @Papa - Metal Finish units are backlogged, your reward will ship soon!
      @Adria - looks like you're not doing the DFU reset correctly. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to nail it every time
      @Mystakill - Sorry, but a Mac updater solution is going to take a while. ITM please consider bootcamp or a Linux machine (on linux the updater is a simple command line executable).

    6. Mystakill on

      So, how do we update our controllers on a Mac?

    7. Papa Lozarou on

      Hey guys – I'm now just really confused. I'm an international backer, but I've not received any controllers or any email as yet to fill in any more details/pay any more for overseas shipping.

      I've filled in multiple address confirmation forms (at least three), and ordered the international delivery on the impulse website.

      Can you help me out?

    8. Adrià Amor on

      Hey guys this sounds as an awesome update but everytime I try to update the firmware using the DFU Wizard it keeps me giving this error "No USB Bluecores modules could be found connected to your computer; the devices may be in use by other software...".

      I have installed the BlueSuite on Windows 7 64bits and reset the controller as u showed on the guide. Could you help me? Thanks a lot ;)!

    9. Lars on

      Thanks for the response, BPM. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to play around with your cool gimmick.

    10. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @0mie - it's regrettable you feel that way.

      As we have told you MANY times in direct correspondence - we are still awaiting ANY form of transaction verification to prove that you actually pledged more than the $2 that is on record for you. The screenshot of a $50 pledge that you emailed us DOES NOT qualify as a valid pledge. We have the names and information of ALL those who pledged $50, and your name does not appear among them.

      When we receive proof of Amazon transaction (transaction ID and date) we would be happy to act further in your case.

      With regards to the Re-Order you placed on our site using a Shipping Coupon (which is reserved for backers who already had pledged for an iMpulse Controller), we have already informed you that it against our terms and moreover unfair to the other backers to expect us to honor it. Nevertheless, our offer to refund your money for this re-order (less the 5% transaction fee) still stands. Please email us your consent and we will process your cancellation/refund for the $25 asap.

      Thank you for your support.

    11. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      For those of you still wondering how well the Gamepad firmware is working... :)

    12. 0mie on

      STILL waiting on my refund, this project has been crap. I've emailed & messaged multiple times, no response from you guys

    13. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      This project keeps getting better and better. Thanks for adding Siri support! :)

    14. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @pclabtech - we were going to add the word "standalone" to that, but decided to avoid additional confusion :)

    15. pclabtech on

      Because I have a metal and a "black" one, both are being shipped together? So not "all" black ones have been shipped ;) ;) ;) *wink wink*

    16. Rukshan de Silva on

      @BPM - Thanks for the reply. I have just seen the new post on the forums and had already tried all the options. I've flashed the firmware 3 times so far and have also redownloaded the package with the native_gamepad.apk file with no success. I'll try a few more times but I have a feeling it might be something else. Might have to wait til it's out of beta..

    17. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Rukshan - we are continuing to add tips and advice for the firmware update in the forums, please keep looking there. For your specific situation, looks like you have 2 possible issues.
      1) The native_gamepad.apk is not displaying correctly. Pls see forums for advice on this
      2) Your firmware update may not have been completed correcfly. Make sure you follow all steps. Also, try unpairing and repairing the iMpulse with your Android.

    18. Rukshan de Silva on

      Any other tips for getting the gamepad update to work? I've had the same problem that Tommy has and have tried all suggestions so far. Keep getting presented with the UDLR and timer but nothing else. No buttons work in GTA3.

    19. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      Good to know, thanks Francisco! You can post tips like this to the forums directly as well :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Francisco Romero on

      You are right! it was a corrupted download, now I can run de installation program.
      By the way, if you have some USB bluetooth radio connected that has as Cambridge Silicon chip, it is detected and can be confused with the impulse controller!

      I simply disconnected mine and since there is just the IC connected y was detected fine.

    21. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Tommy Faasen - uploaded an image to the forums showing what your "native_gamepad.apk" display should look like. If your display does not look like this, then force-quit the native_gamepad.apk and relaunch until it does.
      You should be able to successfully test the "A,B,X,Y" and "L1,R1" buttons using this apk.

    22. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Tommy Faasen - The NVidia app is not displaying correctly, then (I had that happen one time). Please relaunch it. The display should show Dpad, 4 triggers and 2 shoulder buttons. Maybe an Android restart is in order?

    23. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Tommy Faasen - looks like your firmware update didn't "take". Did you remember to press reset again AFTER the dfu update was "finished" and you unplugged the unit?
      Also - make sure that you do the mode change (press the triangular USER button for 2 sec until the iMpulse beeps and flashes, then press the RIGHT shoulder button immediately after).

    24. Missing avatar

      Tommy Faasen on

      Still no luck, when i switch back to media mode, i can see volume go up and down, back to gamepad mode, i see no response with any button. The nvidia app only shows a timer running and the letters ULDR? I'm sure that I am in gamepad mode, it gives a short second beep when i enter gamepad mode.

    25. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      For now, you can use the included "native_gamepad.apk" test app to confirm that you are in Gamepad mode.
      Note that due to its limitations, the test app will only confirm that the trigger buttons and shoulder buttons are working. The DPad will not appear to respond, but actually works fine in-game.

    26. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      Note: No version of iMpulsify has yet been updated to respond to the new Gamepad mode. Sorry for any confusion, but we'll get to that once the firmware is out of BETA status.

    27. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      They support natively. Make sure you switch to Gamepad mode by pressing the triangular USER button for 2 sec (until it beeps), then immediately press the RIGHT shoulder button.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tommy Faasen on

      Upgraded the firmware without problems (win7-64bit), however no luck with the gamepad mode. I assume GTA 3/granny smith support them natively or do you need some kind of mapping?

    29. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Francisco Romero - Whatever the issue may be - if on Linux, you can anyway use dfutool from the Linux command line. Also, please re-check that you got the complete download.

    30. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Francisco Romero - we have it already installed on multiple Win7(64bit) machines - please advise what OS version you are using?

    31. Missing avatar

      Francisco Romero on

      Great news!
      Unfortunately, the upgrade software is incompatible with Windows 64bit, it needs a 32bit system. I will have to go to a friend's house or something since all my computers run windows 64 bit or linux...

    32. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Marcelo - we shipped your pledge reward on Sept.3. You would have received our "Welcome to iMpulse" email, please check your spam folder. Alternatively, please email us at info__att_impulsecontroller__dott_com and we'll re-send the tracking information.

    33. Cihan Deniz on

      I received my unit two weeks ago, I think and it is just so useful. I use Skype a lot on my mobile so it is incredibly useful to have it as a remote while Skype is on and I haven't had an issue with any games so far.

      The only criticism I have is that the etched marks on the white buttons collect dirt and they sort of interfere with pressing every now and then. I would avoid having those marks on the buttons for future units.

      Oh and the directional buttons would have worked far better and comfortable if they used a Sega style block (eg: or ) instead of the current Nintendo style. Diagonal key presses can be difficult.

    34. Marcelo Zani on

      I ordered twinpulse duel and bought the "Upgrade to USPS Priority International Mail".
      I did not received my confirmation status of my shipping. Is everything ok??


    35. Missing avatar

      grahf on

      I just want to know if there is a way yo make the impulse controller to be recognized by Windows and Mac a an gamepad so I can Play Bastión with it, that is for me the only issue I have with your controller that just came home some weeks ago, Thanks for the good job

    36. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Lars-Petter - no further action required by you. When Metal Finish units can ship out again, yours will ship with them.

    37. Lars on

      Guys... Don't tell me you never got my survey... Are you kidding me? And I backed you up with four Impulse controllers, two white green and two upgraded metal ones. I feels as I've done nothing but filling in surveys for your guys convinience. Yet I never recieved a "Welcome to Impulse" mail you mention in this update. So I guess I have to fill another survey?

    38. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      Badwin90 - we will PM you re: your pledge.

    39. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Lance is absolutely correct.
      Plus, you're all already approved.

    40. Baldwin90 on

      I never got my black iMpulse. How should I proceed?

    41. Lance on

      The registration is needed because the first forum got spammed to death. This is why we can't have nice things.

    42. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @DarrenR, @Abdulelah - you don't need to sign up to download the firmware.

    43. Abdulelah Almalhem on

      I just register for the forms, and got this message! "Your account is still awaiting admin approval."

      Are you guys serious???

      I already regret supporting this project because of the horrible software, then no response from the support/contact us, and now THIS!

      My iMpuls is useless ever since I got it a month ago...

    44. Boone Simpson on

      awesome, will have to give this a go.

    45. Darren R on

      Why not just link to the firmware, do you really need us to sign up that badly?

    46. Missing avatar

      Weston L. Myers on

      Are they shipping with tracking info?

    47. Peter Walkowiak on

      No news on iOS controller support?