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iMpulse is the SMALLEST wireless controller for mobile devices - it's also a key finder & media controller! (iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs)
iMpulse is the SMALLEST wireless controller for mobile devices - it's also a key finder & media controller! (iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs)
2,788 backers pledged $139,072 to help bring this project to life.

Return of Copper, Metal Pics and Shipping News II

Hi iMpulsers!

Copper is Back! We got a few emails from you steampunkers and copper-lovers. And we figured that we HAD to give it one more try. We needed to find a new plater in order to get this done (which was NOT easy!), but the payoff looks FANTASTIC.

WARNING: Copper Finish pledgers will have the SAME decision to make as Nickel- and Gold-plated pledgers - either the Full Copper "Copperall" finish with LOW Keyfinder range, or the "CopperTop" with the Copper upper shell and tough Black ABS lower shell (which looks fantastic, in our opinion!)

WARNING2: The Copper finish is a "living" finish - that means it will tarnish and age over time. You can wipe the Copper iMpulse down with some brasso every few months. However, the Copper Finish won't always look shiny and new like in these pictures. This is how copper works, people!

We STRONGLY urge ALL Metal Finish pledgers to pick the Hybrid finishes - because they look GREAT and the Keyfinder works great. Here are photos of both options, the Hybrid as well as the Full-Metal finish iMpulses


CopperTop Hybrid:



RoboCop Nickel Hybrid:

Full-Metal-Jacket Nickel:


GoldTop Hybrid:

Goldfinger Full-Gold:

And that's why the Metal Finish Surveys were a little delayed! They'll go out later today.

Shipping News II

Team Plastics delivered some amazing last-minute polish work on the Black upper/lower shells. The iMpulse looked pretty good before, but now the contrast sections absolutely GLISTEN! ALL iMpulse Controllers are shipping with these new parts, which makes the iMpulse look like a MILLION Buck$!

More soon,
Team iMpulse


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    1. Missing avatar

      John Owens on

      Cant wait for a software update so it will actually work with android games not just emulators.

    2. Preston Litchfield on

      When are the .50 Specials shipping out?

    3. ZippyFund Inc. on

      Any idea when we can see ours (:

    4. Daniel Cabrera on

      Ok Thanks for the response!

    5. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Daniel - just use the same email address that you used for your KS pledge, that's all we need to link your preorder with your KS record. Thanks!

    6. Daniel Cabrera on

      Got an email today about filling out the survey again. Where do I find my Kickstarter ID#?? thanks

    7. Taylor Roan on

      Hooray! Great news!!!! So you started shipping already! That is awesome!

      At like $2 or $3 each, you shipped hundreds today! Wonderful news!! We are proud of you guys and excited to be part of this KickStarter. Good work!

    8. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      All - we have been assembling, testing, packing, shipping as fast as we can... shipped over $1000 in postage fees just today! A lot of you guys are going to see your iMpulses in the next week to 10 days! We would post an update with pics - but every moment making updates means less time spent shipping!

    9. Missing avatar

      michael streather on

      Any idea when the white version will be shipping?

    10. Taylor Roan on

      Hi Guys! Any updates? I remember that something was happening around July 10th. Did I miss it? Is there anything else that we should be looking forward to? Thanks!!

    11. ZippyFund Inc. on

      Please please send us ours soon....

    12. pclabtech on

      I will be keeping the full metal jacket, but I promise I will be buying another one retail for friends and probably another one for myself.

    13. Missing avatar

      Allan Lee on

      Originally, when the description for the pledge wrote: "Hold on to your iMpulse! You qualify for a custom version of the iMpulse with a metal finish", I thought it meant it was a limited edition thing for the nickel version I pledged. Now that the hybrid versions are selling on the online store, I kinda wish I had gotten the gold since it's not being sold.

      Hence, I settled for the full metal since it is not being sold online. If there is still a way for me to get a gold version.... I'll gladly pay the difference.

    14. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Peter (cont'd) - the Hybrid Metal will give you nearly the maximum range for both Keyfinder and general connectivity functions. Hope this clarifies.

    15. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Peter - general range on a full-metal unit is also lower - about 50ft instead of 100ft, however this range is PLENTY for any gaming/media activity.
      On the Keyfinder however, a full-metal unit will give you perhaps 8-15 feet effective range, due to the way the Bluetooth technology functions. This is good enough for searching for the key within the same room, but not around the house.

      @pclabtech - the iMpulse is NOT designed to be user-opened or user-serviceable. The battery is a Lithium-Polymer rechargeable cell that will give you perhaps 1000 charges, enough to last several years. Your selection decision needs to be final.

    16. Missing avatar

      Allan Lee on

      Kinda regret I went for the nickel after seeing the gold now. Haha.
      Oh well. I like pclabtech's suggestion.
      Just completed the survey though.

    17. pclabtech on

      I have a silly question: Would it be possible to pay a little extra, for us metal people, to get a second, non-metallic back so when we want a larger keyfinder area and we feel that the full metal jacket just isn't working for us, we can swap? The unit has to come apart to replace the batteries somehow.

    18. Peter

      Is that faraday cage problem only affecting key finder range, or also the general connectivity as a game controller?

    19. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      Love it love it love it.
      Can't wait.
      Metal all the way...

    20. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @EvanTheGamer - Yes, the White/Green is all-ABS so no effect on the Keyfinder range there.

      @ya2ce - it is in order of pledges received!

    21. EvanTheGamer on

      Awesome! I think I'll be going with the Full Goldfinger now that I had a chance to check that version out in picture form!

      One question though: The White/Green iMpulse Controller offers high Keyfinder range, correct? I'm sure it does, but still want to make sure.

      Thanks guys, can't wait to receive both my iMpulses soon!

    22. Joanna Chia on

      Looks awesome! But no copper for me..... thanks... as i am pretty lazy to polish it and with my niece and nephews ard....

    23. Missing avatar

      ya2ce on

      These look amazing! I was just wondering how you order who gets their controllers sent out first. Is it by who submitted their survey in first or who backed first? I'm just curious because I'll be going on vacation this coming Saturday for two weeks and wanted to know whether I could get my hopes up on receiving my controller before then. Thanks for all your hard work, I'm really excited to receive my controller whenever that may be :)

    24. Zeital on

      Ahh WOW! They look awesome!

    25. Mario Sarno on

      Hi guys, some of you in the comments seem to be mentioning the survey, had it gone out now to pick the full/hybrid options? Because I haven't had mine yet.

    26. Steve Fish on

      I love the look of the copper finish, but I'm concerned that holding it in my hands for a while would make it smell like a fistful of sweaty pennies. If that's the case, I'll probably opt for the nickel finish. Either way, all the units look beautiful. Excellent work guys!

    27. Taylor Roan on

      Good discussion! Loving hearing more about my controller. Can't wait!!!

    28. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Zane - these are good ideas, but very expensive! We would be adding several $ to the cost to put all these features in, and they are not essential for the function of the iMpulse Controller. The low battery indicator is very effective and you typically have at least a day warning before the battery dies. That's all you really need.

    29. Zane Lee on

      Backlight wise, I suddenly thought of a good idea for future hardware revisions. Perhaps you guys could incorporate RGB LEDs in future, so that it could have red, blue and green light. That is especially useful if you are considering to use it as a battery indicator. Could flash red when low on power/charging, and green when fully charged. ;)

    30. Zane Lee on

      Indeed, I noticed that the iMpulse would go into standby mode within 5 seconds if it can't connected to the paired device after pressing the triangle button. And the bluetooth will stay off even if I press other buttons, and will only turn on for 4-5 seconds when I press the triangle button. That's indeed a very clever and well designed power management. (On the other hand, when paired device is available, iMpulse connects almost instantly when I press the triangle button)

      I guess what's left would be the ability to check battery life. Hopefully that's possible with software at a later point in time. Hardware wise, it would have been nice to have an LED to indicate full charge. But since hardware revision is not an option, software is the only way to go. I believe it would still be possible to indicate on the hardware side of full charge via the backlight. Perhaps turn the backlight on once it's 100% charged. Or you could do it the other way round (backlight on during charge, off after full charge), but to maximize charging efficiency, probably better to have the backlight off while charging and lit up when fully charged.

      And regarding the squeezing part.. heh, I would want to squeeze it so hard because I'm stress testing the iMpulse and trying my best to test it since you guys picked me to be a preview tester! Thanks again guys! ;)

    31. Pedro Fernandez Ruiz on

      hello guys! all that models looks great! when the plastic one will ship? I responde the survey four days ago :(

    32. Randy Graham

      Really wishing I'd gone for the metal finish now. All of those look amazing.

    33. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Ron - we tried that out (of course!). Just doesn't look as awesome as the black combination :)

    34. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Zane - the iMpulse has some very clever power management features. You can't turn it off completely because that would defeat the point of the Keyfinder. But it does know how to go to sleep very intelligently, and stretch out battery life.
      Next, if you squeeze into the controller with considerable strength, it is possible to trigger a button - the iMpulse is only 0.6 in thick, after all! But why would you ever want to squeeze so hard? In any case, you can't damage it easily; the iMpulse is super-tough - we routinely throw our test units against a wall to prove how tough they are :)

    35. Ron Katzir on

      Glad to hear the Copper is back :-) I wonder - how would the metal hybrids look with White ABS lower shell, as is the Kickstarter edition?

    36. Zane Lee on

      Thanks for the quick reply guys! Hope the polished letters are looking great! :D And regarding the backlight, yeah, I would agree that the battery drain would be pretty bad. Alright then, I'll look forward to your direct response to my email later on! Would love to know how to check remaining battery life etc.

      Also, I never found out what's the capacity of the battery in the iMpulse controller, all I saw was 10 hours playtime, 30 days standby in the initial specs. Was hoping there was a way to turn off iMpulse completely instead of it being in always standby/lock mode.

      Anyway, there was one other bug I found out after my email to you guys. If you press the sides of the controller hard enough (in vertical mode), sometimes it would give off a beep, as if I had pressed some buttons when I didn't. I tried this with the sleeve on too. It's not always replicable though, only occasionally. Might want to have it checked out. (:

    37. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Zane - We won't be painting the AVMW - this look is cleaner (and also, we've polished the letters since the preview units went out so they contrast well). But mainly, once you start using the controller you never look down to see the label on the button. Re: your other points - we will respond directly, however something like a permanent backlight is not on the cards. It can get annoying at nights, not to mention the huge battery drain :)

      @Abhimanyu - we'll manually update your option, not a problem.

    38. Missing avatar

      Abhimanyu Seth on

      Wow, these units look great! Too bad I didn't chose hybrid!
      Is it possible to change the response now to hybrid?

    39. Zane Lee on

      Ah no wonder the preview unit had the cheap plastic look! Great to know that the final polishing work went really well (awaiting pics)! Anyway, I emailed in my first hand report with the preview unit, so be sure to check it out!

      Oh yes, you guys still haven't answered the part regarding painting on the buttons. Is it the final decision not to have painted buttons (would love to have the "MVWA" painted black)? Also a few other issues I highlighted in my email (regarding backlight) - firmware issues I guess.

    40. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      Thanks, all!
      @Zane - the preview units went to you guys with no texturing or polishing, since we wanted to get them out for testing asap. We had always planned for the final units to have this great texture on it, however Team Plastics has outdone themselves with the final polishing work. We'll try to post some pics later!
      @pclabtech - true, they're both just beautiful. But fyi, we are going with hybrid units for our own use. Once you get hooked on that keyfinder, you won't know how you managed without it!

    41. pclabtech on

      I am torn!!! I love the look of the full metal goldfinger (which I pledged for) and hardly ever misplace my keys, and also pre-ordered a regular black plastic one for the wife who does misplace her keys. I think I will keep the full metal jacket and if I really need a keyfinder, I will just borrow the wife's unit ;)

    42. stew560 on

      So glad I went full Goldfinger! Looks Awesome! Can't Wait!!!

    43. Zane Lee on

      Definitely glad to hear the part about the polish work on the Black shells! I'm one of the Preview Testers and I found that the Black plastic didn't look as fantastic as I thought they were. Too bad I won't be able to see the final shipping version for the Black iMpulse since I ordered a Metal Finish + White one. Sure hope the polish work was good though! I would have sugguested giving it a glossy coating though.

      I will definitely be going for Full Metal Jacket version for my Metal finish since I already have a white one that is fully plastic, as well as the preview test black version. Besides, keyfinder isn't all that important to me. The Goldfinger version looks cool as hell, sure hope you would give us preview testers one as thanks (since I wasn't able to grab one during the funding period)! :P

      One other thing I wanted to make a note of, I noticed that there aren't black paint on the buttons. This means we can't distinguish the "MVWA" buttons at all. I remember that earlier prototypes had painted buttons, but the shipping/production versions don't. I was hoping the circle on the triangle button to be painted as well. Heck, I would even hope that the "UN" shoulder buttons be painted white too.

    44. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Looks great guys and thanks so much for helping out those who really wanted copper. I personally won't be going that route knowing what you indicated as to the long term finish. I can't wait to get my iMpulse remote controllers!

      You Rock!