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iMpulse is the SMALLEST wireless controller for mobile devices - it's also a key finder & media controller! (iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs)
iMpulse is the SMALLEST wireless controller for mobile devices - it's also a key finder & media controller! (iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs)
2,788 backers pledged $139,072 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping News and Metal Finish Decisions.

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Hi iMpulsers!

We are down to the wire now with iMpulse Controller Production!

Shipping News:
Our Preview Units were shipped out last week and are being delivered to Preview Testers, to be pushed to their limits. This week, 500 iMpulse Controllers are being pressed, hand-assembled and tested, and shipping out to you! Next week, our goal is to ship double as many controllers, and after that to increase to 1,500 per week, with the aim of delivering ALL pre-orders and Kickstarter pledges by mid-August. An ambitious schedule, indeed!

Metal Finish Units:
Full-Metal Jacket vs. RoboCop Hybrid Metal: Since the moment we received production plastic shells from Team Plastics, we have been experimenting with metal finish varieties, and locking down the best production processes possible. In the course of testing, we established that our "Full Metal Jacket" plated units exhibited a "Faraday Cage" effect and lost a significant level of Keyfinder range.

In response to this discovery, we developed the Hybrid "RoboCop" style Metal Finish - as the photos below show, the upper shell of these RoboCop Hybrids is brushed/ polished nickel, and the lower shell is a tough Black ABS. We are using the highest quality ABS for all iMpulse Controllers, so the lower shell should be just as scratch-proof and long lasting. 

Hybrid Metal: Part Man, Part Machine, All iMpulse!

The RoboCop Hybrid Metal Units look exceedingly cool, and allow optimized keyfinder range - around 80 feet in ideal circumstances, and 20-50 feet in average home/work environments, accounting for normal levels of electronic interference. (In comparison, the Full Metal Jacket offers 30 feet range in ideal circumstances, and about 15 ft in the same room of an average live/work environment).

We realize that some of you may have expected a "Full Metal Jacket" plating and so will offer the choice to YOU.

For those who value the Keyfinder function, we HIGHLY recommend the RoboCop version, but we respectfully offer the alternative as well.

Copper Finish:
The second factor involved in the Metal Finish units is related to Copper. While we thought a copper option might be cool, we didn't receive significant interest to make a copper run viable with our plater.  Therefore, current requests for Brushed Copper Finish will be substituted by Brushed Nickel Finish Controllers. Our apologies to our few 'steam punk fans' but this idea will need to be set aside for now.

Here is the Survey Question you will receive on the final KS/pre-order survey (going out tomorrow), to select your Metal Finish choice:You will be able to check a box to determine which finish you would prefer.  

You have pledged for one or more Metal Finish iMpulse Controllers. Please refer to our Update 35 - "Metal Finish Decisions", and advise which controller finishes you would like to receive.

1st Controller:
- Robocop Hybrid Nickel
- Full Metal Jacket Nickel

2nd Controller (if you have pledged for 2 controllers):
- Robocop Hybrid Nickel
- Full Metal Jacket Nickel

If you have more than 2 Metal Finish Controllers on pledge and/or pre-order, please contact us via email at, using the same email address that your pledge was made with.


If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know. We at Team iMpulse continue to stay fully committed to our backers, and to delivering a product that's every bit as good - or better - than we set out to build.


Team iMpulse.

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    1. Spencer Curtis on

      Got my survey. Will we get an email when it ships? Can you make a commercial like Kmart? I ship my impulse?

    2. Jonathan Gabriel on

      Got the survey today, yay! Thanks, guys!

    3. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      Metal Backers - sorry about the suspense, Update 36 is coming tomorrow, pics and all!

    4. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Michael - we've gone into this in great detail on our KS updates 14-17. The pricing post-Kickstarter was re-adjusted to be net of shipping costs. Even those who lost a dollar or 3 in the changeover have been compensated by us at our cost. We do strive to do our best for our backers, and to always be fair.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Reyes on

      I thought the metal finish controllers were exclusive to kickstarters. But they are on sale on your website for less than we pledged. At least the robocop versions are. I'm still looking forward to the controller.

    6. EvanTheGamer on

      Okay, excellent. Thanks for clearing that up!

      I'll just go ahead and wait until tomorrow to see what the Goldfinger and Gold-Top versions look like before sending in my Survey.

    7. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @EvanTheGamer - to be clear:
      Goldfinger - Gold upper shell and Gold lower shell, Low Keyfinder Range
      GoldTop - Gold upper shell and ABS Black lower shell, Good Keyfinder Range

      If you want your Gold iMpulse to look similar to the RoboCop Hybrid, you select "GoldTop".

    8. EvanTheGamer on

      So the "Goldfinger" Full Gold Finish and the Hybrid "Gold-Top" Finish both have low Keyfinder range? So I should just choose the Hybrid "Gold-Top" Finish option if I want my .50 iMpulse to look similar to the RoboCop Hybrid one, correct?

      Thanks for the timely responses guys!

    9. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      Metal Finish Backers - we will be sending out your surveys tomorrow. We are currently addressing the various concerns and questions raised by this Update.

      @Mario - some pics to come tomorrow!
      @benderTHC - every backer's color choice has already been determined by their pledge choice. You had pledged for the Black Controller, which comes in the one finish. Metal Finish backers are the only ones who can pick between RoboCop or Full Metal Jacket.
      @EvanTheGamer - The GoldFinger has a Gold plated upper and Gold plated lower shell, it's not similar to RoboCop, rather it's similar to the "Full Metal Jacket" model. We will upload some pics by tomorrow so you can be clear about the differences.
      Please note that the GoldFinger option will also have low Keyfinder range, just like the "Full Metal Jacket" Brushed Nickel.

    10. EvanTheGamer on

      Thanks for all the great updates guys, we really appreciate it!

      Just a quick question: Is the "Goldfinger" Full Gold Finish the same as RoboCop Hybrid Metal but with full gold?

      Thanks again, really looking forward to receiving both of my controllers soon!

    11. Greg Herman on

      I also still haven't received it. Will it be going out soon?

    12. Tom Chippy Richardson on

      When is the survey going out then? I still haven't received it.

    13. benderTHC on

      I filled out the survey but nowhere in there does it ask what color/finish we would like for our iMpulse controller. So are we just going to get an iMpulse with a random finish? How do we tell you want finish we want? I want the Robocop finish btw.

    14. Mario Sarno on

      Hey guys seriously torn between robocop and full metal jacket! Key finder is not overly important to me so not bothered about range, it's all about the aesthetics! Any chance of some more photos of both controllers to compare? :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Molero on

      i think it's just fantastic that i ordered the copper version and now suddenly it's not available. i would like a partial refund for backing you and not getting what was promised.

    16. Missing avatar

      David Serchen on

      Any word on when the survey is going to go out?

    17. stew560 on

      Definitely torn... I'd love to see the full Gold all the way around, but the Hybrid looks cool too!

    18. Jonathan Gabriel on

      Robocop? You mean the 90's version or the remake? :B

      Thanks for the update, glad to hear you're constantly tweaking the controller for more reliable performance. The better they get, the happier we play!

    19. Missing avatar

      Alan Henry on

      Awesome! Great work! Glad to be a part of this project. can't wait to get my controller. :)

    20. Yorik on

      I work as an RF engineer and totally understand what you are going through here. BT is low power and annoying. The ASUS Transformer Prime (TF201) suffers greatly due to metal coating around th Antennae. I was wondering what sort of finish you were going to use and how you'd get around it. I am happy with the RoboCop finish as I prefer the distance. My Pebble Watch has made me regain my faith in BT technology, it works from a long way away in my opinion and I want this to as well. I am definitely not fussed about a metal backing..

    21. Preston Litchfield on

      Thank you for the prompt reply! You guys are the best! I cannot wait to get my iMpulse!

    22. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Preston, @Abhimanyu - we will either put it on the KS address survey, or send out an updated version of the Survey4now form that we issued a few months back.
      @Allan - yes, ALL iMpulse Controllers are made of top-grade ABS, and the plated surfaces are real metal plating, not metallic paint.
      @Magnus - while it's very important to be aware of all allergies, we expect that most users would already know if they have some kind of Nickel allergy, as it is a very commonly used metal in plating, and is found in all facets of daily life.
      Again, the iMpulse is designed for casual gameplay and media control, not hours-long mash sessions. Next, most contact is with the buttons (which are plastic). Still, one should always be aware of the signals their bodies are relaying, and should be sensitive to skin reactions and other changes for their health and general well-being. Thanks for sharing some awareness on the subject!

    23. Magnus Lorentz on

      Adam: in the US; 10%
      BPM: have you made sure you can export to the EU since it contains nickel, plating or not?
      Given presumable long periods of use in sweaty palms, I wouldn't let kids use the metal finish models. Just my 2c...

    24. Missing avatar

      Allan Lee on

      Pretty cool.
      Is the normal black or white one using ABS as well?
      I might just get the complete metal instead of the robocop just to make it more unique. Especially since I don't see myself really using it as a keyfinder. My spaces are small anyway so don't need the range.

      As for the Faraday's effect, can't be helped I know. All these interference thing can't be really foreseen exactly until you build the controller.

      Your updates and improvements are awesome. And the effort to take the photos with robocop toys in the background haha.

    25. Missing avatar

      Abhimanyu Seth on

      Is there a form to tell which style I want? How do I inform what finish I want?

    26. Dietrich Werntz on

      I wish i got the metal one now

    27. Preston Litchfield on

      How will you notify of a new survey that includes the .50 Gold choices?

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Outstanding is all I have to say. As the other member stated its great to see the maker listening and providing choices for the supporters of this project. I will definitely go with the Robo Hybrid version as range is more important to me than looks.

    29. Temia Eszteri on

      @OP: That's too bad. Guess the second port is just a ghost caused by a driver bug on Windows then... Can't wait for my receiver to arrive so I can begin testing functionality on other, more R&D-friendly systems.

      Ah well, I'll go ahead and start writing up other issues of note for the report.

    30. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @Phil - sorry, no can do without major re-tooling. All sizes are locked down to the thousandths of inches (incidentally, that's what makes the unit fit together perfectly).
      @Temia - The iMpulse has only one RF-COMM port; and it's not designed to be accessed by users. If you are trying to hack into it, it's likely triggering the keyfinder alarm in complaint. So please don't continue that, and send in a report to us at so we can verify.
      @Adam - it's definitely plated nickel. We stayed far away from the cheap nickel-paint finish.
      @Sutures - an antenna requires a specific shape, pattern, length etc., not to mention massive FCC and CE restrictions involved...

    31. Phil

      Hmm, wondering whether you could plate the buttons on the back of the robocop hybrid, so plastic buttons on the metal front, and metal buttons on the plastic back - might work well for the styling.

    32. Temia Eszteri on

      Got my test unit today, currently putting it through the ropes. Some reports are definitely in order, as I'm getting bouts of weird behaviour already. Like, say, the device freaking out if I try to access one of its virtual COM ports, and the other providing nothing. Darn, I was hoping it provided debug output...

    33. Jason on

      Great job again. I don't need massive range so I think I'll go full metal but hats off to you for really listening to people and doing your best to please everyone by offering multiple options. This can't be saving you money and it shows that you care about your backers and your product.

    34. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      Also, what about those preorder from the website. What's going to happen to those?

    35. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      How is it that you just found out you CAN'T do the cooper?
      Shouldn't you already know all the numbers after the survey?
      That was done a while ago already.
      If you're not going to do it, don't offer the choice to begin with

    36. Adam Packard on

      Who the frick is allergic to nickel?

      Besides, I wonder if "brushed nickel" paint actually contains nickel. I would think it's just the style of paint finish.

    37. Sutures on

      Huh, for some reason, I had not even expected the idea of both pieces being plated...

      Out of curiosity, since plating both sides creates a Faraday Cage... couldn't you use that to your advantage and turn the case into your antenna?

    38. Taylor Roan on


      Any way to tell which number in line we are?

      Awesome work guys!!! Are you loving it?

      Also, testers, any gushing reports of sweeeetness??!??!

    39. Magnus Lorentz on

      Nickel? Allergies anyone?

      I know there's at least a ban on nickel related too all accessories in the EU...

    40. Black Powder Media 2-time creator on

      @David - There will be Gold versions. The same issue applies, we will make them available in Full and Robo Gold versions according to your choice.
      @Zeital - Yes, we will expand the question a little, or if the Survey doesn't support that we'll publish an updated version of the S4Now form.

    41. Missing avatar

      David Scarlett on

      No .50 gold versions of the impulse? :-(

    42. Zeital on

      Hmm looking good. Gonna be a hard choice between the mix and full metal. Also with the colour options for the LED lights how can we choose which finish + light colour to go with each. Will that be included in the survey??

    43. Mario Sarno on

      Wow that robocop finish looks bloody amazing! Definitely going to be selecting that on the survey! Absolutely amazing work guys, you've outdone yourselves yet again :)