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iMpulse is the SMALLEST wireless controller for mobile devices - it's also a key finder & media controller! (iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs)
iMpulse is the SMALLEST wireless controller for mobile devices - it's also a key finder & media controller! (iPhone/iPad, Android, PCs)
2,788 backers pledged $139,072 to help bring this project to life.

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Black Friday Bonus from Black Powder!


Hi iMpulsers!

Hope you are all enjoying a great weekend (holiday weekend, for those of you in the U.S. :)

Just a quick Update to inform you that for this weekend only, you can pick up an iMpulse Controller for yourself or a friend, for a special Black Friday price of $29.99 (plus s/h). Simply go to the iMpulStore at and enter the Coupon Code "BlackFriday" when you check out.

All Controllers are the latest "2014" version, with new plastics and updated Rubber Pads for fantastic improvements in responsiveness and tactile feedback. Those of you who would like to upgrade the Rubber pads on your existing First Generation iMpulse Controllers can get the new Rubber Set from the iMpulStore as well (in the "Accessories" section).

iMpulse Controller - 2014 Model
iMpulse Controller - 2014 Model

While supplies last, we have available the Limited Edition "Superhero" color iMpulse Controller (see pic below).

iMpulse SuperHero Limited Edition
iMpulse SuperHero Limited Edition

For those who haven't updated their controllers in a while, our latest ver. 1.2.1 firmware (released Oct.2014) is available at (fixes latency issues experienced by some users with certain Windows Desktop configurations).

Team iMpulse


It's a Wrap!!


Hi iMpulsers!

Hope you are looking forward to the Holiday Season, your mobile phones packed with games and media that you will play with your iMpulse Controllers! After an incredibly long and challenging 2013, Team iMpulse has completed Kickstarter and Pre-Order deliveries, and are currently cleaning house in preparation for 2014!!

There remain a handful of pledges for which we haven't received surveys yet (and therefore don't have an address to send your controller(s) to) - we have sent email reminders to these backers. So if you haven't received a survey reminder OR a "Welcome to iMpulse!" email, please contact us at info__att_impulsecontroller_dott_com.

The "St. Nick" RoboCop Nickel Sale:
 We have a very limited number of RoboCop Hybrid Nickel Controllers (with Blue or Green LED) available NOW at These RoboCop units look fantastic - also, we currently have NO plans to ever bring back Metal Finish Controllers. If you've been hoping to add to your iMpulse collection - or iMpulse-ively gift a friend this holiday - snap one up now while you still can!

We will ship via 2-day Priority in the U.S., so all orders placed today will reach you before Christmas :)

Firmware News: 
In the last month, we have released our firmware update ver.1.1, which adds Siri control (and iOS home button control) to the Media Mode "V" Button (replacing the 'mute' command). The iMpulse Controller is now the perfect in-car (or in-anywhere) mobile accessory and keyfinder for you iPhone users!

Note: If you are an Android user with ver.1.08 firmware installed, there is no need to upgrade to ver.1.1.

Future of Kickstarter Updates: 
We are transferring user communications to forums at If you have any questions, please post them to the forums or email us at:
info_att_impulsecontroller_dott_com - for general questions about deliveries, usage etc.
tech_att_impulsecontroller_dott_com - for tech support.

We will be posting more firmware versions in the future, and will notify you via email. If you would like to receive our notifications at an email address other than that used for your Kickstarter pledge, please send us an email mentioning your current email address and requested email address.

That's all, folks!

Happy Holidays from Team iMpulse!
Happy Holidays from Team iMpulse!

(click image to play video)

BigUpdate - Gamepad Firmware, Forums and More!


Hi iMpulsers!

It's been several weeks since our last Update… we didn't want to bother you all until we had some major progress to share. Well, now we do!

Gamepad Firmware Update:
Our very first BETA firmware is now available for download/install.
 - We have added the much-requested GAMEPAD support on Android - thereby greatly expanding the number of games you can play on iMpulse!
- We have put in a test version of Siri remote activation for iOS users.

The new firmware is completely user-upgradeable (and reversible). All the usual caveats about using beta software apply, and we reccommend that only those experienced with computers and installing firmware should try it. But - it's FREE, and CANNOT DAMAGE YOUR iMPULSE!

We've been testing the iMpulse with such games as GTA3, Mongo Madness, Granny Smith and others, with great success and enjoyment. Please download, install and try out your favorite games!

Where is this update available, you ask? It's downloadable NOW from our new forums!

You have been asking, we have been busy shipping. However - thanks to the initiative shown by our own Kickstarter backer Jonathan Gabriel - the iMpulse forums are resurrected and BETTER than ever before! We will be moving ALL traffic and responses to the Forums, so please join and post to the forums insted of the Kickstarter Comments threads.

The forums are now LIVE at Sign up, it's FREE!

We have transferred a lot of the setup and tips information already, and will continue to do so over the next few days. You'll never again need to scroll through the long Kickstarter Comments thread for some crucial tip or hint! Other forum members will be available to share experiences and advice!

When you register and login to the forums, please waste NO time in sending backer Jon Gabriel a BIG "thank you" message for all his work on building this kickass forum site!!

Shipment Update: 
Here's our shipping status as of today:

A: Pre-Order Shipments (all orders placed PRIOR to the Kickstarter Campaign): All Pre-Order Shipments are current. If you have not yet received your iMpulse Controller or a "Welcome to iMpulse!" email, it's because we haven't received your final Shipment Confirmation Survey. Please fill one out at - sorry for the inconvenience, but we need to know if you have moved since you placed your pre-order!

B: Kickstarter Backer Status:
- All Black Controllers have been shipped to backers.
- White/Green Controllers - almost all units shipped, final batch will ship this week.
- Metal Finish: New Metal cases are in-house and shipments will resume Wednesday.
We are still awaiting the International Shipping fee from some of you emails have already been sent out). Please remit the payment via (purchase SKU MP_KSO or MP_KSC as applicable), so we can ship out your pledge reward.

C: Re-Order Status:(all purchases on since Dec. 1, 2012)
- We will be starting shipments of all units starting Tuesday Oct. 8. - Metal Finish orders will initially be backlogged by 1-2 weeks.

We expect to be current on ALL pre-orders by Nov. 10, 2013 or earlier.

Pre-Order/Re-Order Store: has served us well for 11 months now - far longer than we expected when we first set it up! At last, we're going to shut the site down on Friday Oct. 11 for a few weeks, as major changes are about to take place at Camp iMpulse.

Several large online resellers have already placed orders for the iMpulse Controller, and it will soon be available from their sites as well. Accordingly, when our new order store re-opens in November, the iMpulse Controller will go on sale as a retail product, at an MSRP of $39.99 (+s/h and tax where applicable).

That's all for now!
Team iMpulse.

Ready, Set.... SHIP!!

Hi iMpulsers!

The last 4 weeks have been more hectic than ever before here at Camp iMpulse! We normally have an update for you every 2-3 weeks, but July had every member of Team iMpulse working their ****s off to get iMpulse Controllers into your hands!

Thousands of plastic parts are pouring in from Team Plastics. Now that the molds are completed, they are working INCREDIBLY well, and the parts fit together perfectly and look amazing! The facility has 2 pressing machines running 24/7 to get parts completed, and Team Plastics are just screamin' along!

At Camp iMpulse - testing, assembly and packaging operations...

Printed Circuit Boards:
We are currently moving Printed Circuit Board construction to a new facility, also based in Los Angeles. They are equipped with VERY high-grade machines capable of managing high volume orders, and will also be able to maintain our high quality standards - check out their cool factory!

QuickStart Guide:
To ensure that it's at your fingertips at all times, we posted all our documentation online. Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about connecting, testing, keyfinding and more at our portal - - please visit as soon as you tear open your mail package!

Fun Fact: By NOT adding a paper quickstart guide, we save 8000 sheets of paper (yay ecology!) and also avoid stepping into the next postal weight tier, saving $2500 on shipping (yay economy!)

iMpulsify Application:
You can test your iMpulse Controller and learn what the buttons are doing with the help of iMpulsify, our cool cross-platform App. Remember, the iMpulse DOES NOT require iMpulsify in order to work with your devices - our App is just a great way to learn about what your Controller is doing, how to change modes, have easy access to supported games, and much more. Plus, it's FREE. Links to the iOS, Android and Mac/Win versions are on our portal

Where is my iMpulse Controller?!
We hear you - you all filled out your survey, and now you're concerned that your iMpulse Controller hasn't already reached you. Why so long, you ask?

First - we have already shipped out nearly 500 Controllers. Second - we have 7500 controllers to assemble, test and ship out over the next 2 months, to countries all over the world - New Zealand to New Mexico, Norway to New Guinea! We're working hard and ramping up production as we go.  It feels great to have overcome all the obstacles of development, and now to also successfully defeat so many issues relating to assembly, production, packaging, postage, logistics, customs and customs forms, and more...!

Email Notifications:
We WILL email each of you as soon as your iMpulse Controllers are in the mail, and advise tracking information where we can (currently, USPS provides tracking info for the U.S., Canada, and also several countries, for First Class Package Mail as well).

That's it for now!

Team iMpulse.

Return of Copper, Metal Pics and Shipping News II

Hi iMpulsers!

Copper is Back! We got a few emails from you steampunkers and copper-lovers. And we figured that we HAD to give it one more try. We needed to find a new plater in order to get this done (which was NOT easy!), but the payoff looks FANTASTIC.

WARNING: Copper Finish pledgers will have the SAME decision to make as Nickel- and Gold-plated pledgers - either the Full Copper "Copperall" finish with LOW Keyfinder range, or the "CopperTop" with the Copper upper shell and tough Black ABS lower shell (which looks fantastic, in our opinion!)

WARNING2: The Copper finish is a "living" finish - that means it will tarnish and age over time. You can wipe the Copper iMpulse down with some brasso every few months. However, the Copper Finish won't always look shiny and new like in these pictures. This is how copper works, people!

We STRONGLY urge ALL Metal Finish pledgers to pick the Hybrid finishes - because they look GREAT and the Keyfinder works great. Here are photos of both options, the Hybrid as well as the Full-Metal finish iMpulses


CopperTop Hybrid:



RoboCop Nickel Hybrid:

Full-Metal-Jacket Nickel:


GoldTop Hybrid:

Goldfinger Full-Gold:

And that's why the Metal Finish Surveys were a little delayed! They'll go out later today.

Shipping News II

Team Plastics delivered some amazing last-minute polish work on the Black upper/lower shells. The iMpulse looked pretty good before, but now the contrast sections absolutely GLISTEN! ALL iMpulse Controllers are shipping with these new parts, which makes the iMpulse look like a MILLION Buck$!

More soon,
Team iMpulse