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Your prayers have been answered! Feast on the Goodness. Everybody loves cheese!  Please come support us on Kickstarter.
Your prayers have been answered! Feast on the Goodness. Everybody loves cheese! Please come support us on Kickstarter.
286 backers pledged $25,604 to help bring this project to life.

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quick update.

hey everyone.  just letting you know that we're still on track to receive our first shipment later this month.  we thought may 16th, but now we're expecting to get them on may 18th. only a minor delay.

some of you haven't replied back with your addresses, so this is a reminder to do that soon!  we want to be ready to ship your kickstarter rewards as soon as we can.  so the sooner you get your information to us, the sooner you can start to enjoy your Grilled Cheesus!

we're already working on a couple new products, and i hope we'll be ready to share them with you soon!  we're working hard to make you guys proud of your investment in us. 

expect to hear more from us in the near future! and get us your addresses if you haven't yet!

Rob and Meg

on a boat in the ocean.

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Back to School.

Hello Backers-

 When I started college, my oldest brother encouraged me to study entrepreneurship.  Unfortunately, my school didn’t offer courses like that, but it was good advice.  If you can gain any real-world business skills while you’re in school, it’ll make the transition to starting/owning your own business much easier.  Without having that experience, it’s “learn as you go”.  And that’s certainly what we’re doing.

 Throughout the development of the Grilled Cheesus we’ve had the opportunity to talk with other small and large business owners, as well as with folks who are trying to get their own companies off the ground.  It certainly helps to hear that we’re not alone in the obstacles we’ve encountered.

 If I were ever to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, it would start with this:  Be prepared for things to take twice as long, as cost twice as much.  Some friends gave me this advice early on, but it didn’t really click with me until I started experiencing it.  But I know for the future, without a doubt, that things take longer than you want, and cost more than you originally anticipate.  Having this perspective and taking this into consideration at the beginning definitely helps in managing the stress that comes with starting your own business. 

I think kickstarter is a great resource for entrepreneurs.  Most project creators communicate with their backers throughout the entire process - from idea conception through creation.  You can learn a lot from the challenges and obstacles they face, and you can apply it to your own ventures.  So if you're interested in starting your own kickstarter campaign, find projects you like. Read what the creators have to say. Ask questions.  You'll find that most people are willing and enthusiastic to share their insight with you.

 I think the most exciting part of this is the education we’re getting.  As we keep learning, we’ll share our experiences.  If you have any questions about our approach, or about kickstarter, or about how to make a really great sandwich, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

 Everything is still on schedule per our last update.  Expecting our first shipment for the last week in April, then immediately sending out to you guys.  We’re working hard and staying focused … doing everything we can to be prepared for when they arrive. 

 More soon.


hot off the presses!

Last week we got our first Grilled Cheesus off the presses from our factory!  Until now, we've been using handmade prototypes.  This one is our first from the custom mold we made. This is what you'll be getting, and what will end up in stores.

Each step in this process is new to us, and so far, we've been pretty lucky.  Nobody on our team had experience designing anything like this.  Communicating with our factory in China was/is a bit cumbersome because of the language barrier. So when we got our first prototype in the mail 5 months ago, we had no idea if it would do what we intended.   Thankfully, it worked incredibly well.  We expected that some revisions/tweaks/changes would need be necessary, but fortunately that wasn't the case.  Last week, when we got our first Grilled Cheesus from the new mold, we had similar anxiety about it.  But, not only does it work great, we think it's even better than our prototypes! 

We still have a long way to go, but it feels incredible to have such an enormous amount of confidence that our product does exactly what we promise it will do.  These little milestones let us breath some small sighs of relief, but we're quickly back to focusing on our next steps  ------>  selling these things!

We'll keep you updated as things unfold. 

Also, have we thanked you guys lately?  If we haven't, shame on us.  No matter what we're dealing with over here, we're still in awe of your support and completely aware that we wouldn't be at this point if it weren't for you.  So again, sincerely, thank you!

Rob and Meg

ps- our new website should be up by the end of the weekend! (we hope!)

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