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Two lovers fall into a vampire death cult. A ritual turns awry and they're detached from reality. Is death the end - or the beginning?
Two lovers fall into a vampire death cult. A ritual turns awry and they're detached from reality. Is death the end - or the beginning?
Two lovers fall into a vampire death cult. A ritual turns awry and they're detached from reality. Is death the end - or the beginning?
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    1. Mark Brown

      What is going on with this? been very quiet lately.

    2. Faaris Alvarez on

      SWEET!!!!!! Awesome! Thanks for the continuous updates and looking forward to seeing the progress of the movie from development to full screen!

    3. Tomasz IADB Guy

      We made it!
      If you need any more help, don't hesitate to reach out.

    4. Bill Lafontaine on

      Congratulations of full funding!

    5. Chris Harden on

      Congratulations on funding, guys! It was fun to see your campaign, and I look forward to seeing the next step of your journey. :]

    6. Debi A. Bismarck on

      I so love everyone on this team. You are amazing friends my son is lucky to have, THANK YOU!!!

    7. Samantha McKee Neel on

      I can't wait to watch this film's journey to the big screen! You've done a fantastic job of involving the community in your campaign. Keep up the great work and best of luck to you all!

    8. Helpman Productions on

      keep rockin this campaign! you can do it!!!

    9. Noah Debonis on

      You rock, Aaron! Can't wait to see the film :)

    10. Philip Champagne on

      Blown away by the test footage. I can't wait to see this film's journey. Couldn't happen for a more deserving artist!

    11. Tatiana Bears on

      Love the new trailer! Super excited to see what you guys do with this <3 much love!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Jaffe on

      I like vampires almost as much as I like these filmmakers. Win-win.

    13. Paige Roberts on

      I love you all and can't wait to see this project come to life!

    14. Cody Holland on

      Best of luck guys! You are an extremely talented group and more than deserve the opportunity to create this film that will undoubtedly be just as awesome as you are.

    15. Kathryn Kerbo on

      Can't wait to see this!

    16. Missy Cook on

      Good luck sir...and don't forget to make Kyla an extra when your here filming! ; )

    17. Jacob Abrams on

      This movie is better than most, you could say it styx out from the crowd.

      I recommend you get the band Styx to do the soundtrack, they should be available, they already said they have too much time on their hands.

    18. Logan Rees on

      Buckets o' blood and existential quandary!! Can't wait!!

    19. Max Allman on

      Ever since you turned a nerd into an apocalypse, fallen-angel fighting hero, I've loved watching your worlds come to life. Excited for you, buddy!!

    20. Nina Gielen on

      Good work, team. Look forward seeing this come to fruition!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Rene Yescas on

      Can't wait to see this movie on the big screen!! Congrats Aaron, wish you the best on this exciting endeavour.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brendan Butler on

      I'm so happy for all the cast and crew especially my dude Pedro and my girl Rachel! But I'm super pumped for this movie. Finally a solid modern vampire movie unlike those Twilight movies #SunsetOnTheRiverStyx #TeamWill #TeamWreck

    23. Kody Wescott on

      I'm so excited for this movie. The crew is spectacular and the footage looks awesome. Can't wait for the finished film!

    24. Missing avatar

      Aubrey Lynch on

      This movie looks Awesome! I really hope you guys can pull it together and raise the money so that it gets made. Good Luck!!!

    25. Emily Pearse on

      I'm so excited for you guys! You're all so talented and dedicated. This looks amazing and filled with so much thought, time, and obviously love that there is no way it won't be incredible.

    26. Nicole Groton on

      FINALLY!! #VampireLoveForLife

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam Ruckersfeldt on

      If this movie turns out half as a good as it looks like it'll be, I might just see it as many times as I saw The Force Awakens in theaters.

    28. Jamie Sullivan on

      I am a huge fan of Jen Kerbo and anything she is a part of I am behind! This is exciting! Can't wait to see it!

    29. Missing avatar

      Samuel Goodwin on

      I'm so excited so many of my most talented and incredible friends are working on this. Can't wait to see this

    30. Chris Harden on

      Aaron, I believe you are a film genius, and I'm thrilled to see you working with Idan and Lexa. The film already looks beautiful. Wish I were there to be a PA. ;] Good luck!!

    31. memetrash666 on

      dankest movie i eva seen

    32. Missing avatar

      Walter Nealing on

      I'm seeing some awesome people, who's incredible work I've seen in the past. What they do together now I'm sure will be a phenomenal creation.

    33. Spencer Showalter on

      So stoked for this! Love the inspiration behind it too, all my favorite psych horror stuff!

    34. Missing avatar

      Mallory Ott on

      AHH! I can't wait to see all of your hard work pay off! This looks wonderful! <3

    35. Melia Jacquot on

      This looks so amazing. I'm super excited about it!

    36. Missing avatar

      Brenda Mills on

      Cool visuals all over your Kickstarter page! Who did those?

    37. Bradley Maurer on

      Enjoyed the video. Really comprehensive and thoughtful!

    38. Will Rocheleau on

      My love of vampires and quantum physics combining into one movie may be the greatest thing I've heard all year. I can't wait!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Montauk Media on

      These are storytellers, good or bad? Good.

    40. Missing avatar

      Riley on

      You had me at 'morose', and kept me at 'vampire death cult'. I can't wait to see this film!

    41. Ari on

      Vampires... AND quantum physics??? Please, go on....

    42. Missing avatar

      Tom Costello on

      I had the pleasure of being featured in an Aaron Pagniano film. This guy is so talented and I'm happy to lend a little support.

    43. Liliane Opsomer on

      I give with wholeheartedly to this project. Nothing short of a great movie will come out of this. Wishing the crew good luck. I know you can do it!

    44. Missing avatar

      Kevin Campbell on

      These guys know how to make movies. You can expect nothing less than a beautiful film. Good luck guys!

    45. Chelsea Stulen on

      While I have known several people that are behind this project since high school, I think that this film will be stunningly amazing. To finally have a modern film with the nuances and subtly like that of its predecessors (i.e. The Shining) would be absolutely incredible to see.

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