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Errant Heart is a Visual Novel—which is to say it's essentially a cross between a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book and a video game.
Errant Heart is a Visual Novel—which is to say it's essentially a cross between a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book and a video game.
357 backers pledged $10,111 to help bring this project to life.

Do you Yah—er, I mean, YouTube?

We've added two new backer levels!

The first is the $125 dollar level and is a "Naming Rights" backer level. There are only three slots, because there are only three locations that are used/mentioned through out the story which will be of relevance. For that donation level, you'll receive all of the previous levels, plus you will get the chance to name one of three locations: a street-side café, a history museum or a sea-side park. Below are small samples of each location.

Just keep in mind that we'll have to have final approval over the name. But, in exchange, you'll also get a special credit in the, uh, credits.

Secondly, we have a $200 dollar level. This one is pretty unique. For $200 dollars you get all previous incentives (except the naming rights level), plus you will get a printed, signed copy of an Errant Heart side comic. There are 20 slots available for this level.

Now, here's where the uniqueness comes into play. The number of pages that we generate is dependent on the number of backers that pledge at this level. So, if only one person donates at this level, they will receive a single comic page, printed and signed by us. If 10 people donate at this level, each of those people will receive a 10-page comic, printed and signed by us.

Obviously, the content of the comic will change, depending on how many pages we need to generate. Also, since our resources are prioritized on completing the Visual Novel, the comic will be delivered AFTER the Visual Novel is delivered.

The $400 dollar backer level will also reap the benefits of this reward level. So, if all 20 slots in the $200 dollar level are filled, and all five slots at the $400 dollar level are filled, all 25 people will receive a 25 page printed and signed comic from us. We will "meet" with all those who donate at this level and work out what they want to see as far as content, as well as printing options.

We don't often release artwork with our signatures. In fact (aside from signing an occasional book), we've only done something like this once before:

So, if you happen to be into rare and questionably valuable signatures, you'll want to give this donation level some serious thought!

For ease of reference, posted below are a few examples of our art style.

The final item in today's update is our promo video. Well, obviously, it's already been posted on the front page of the Kickstarter. However, we've posted it on YouTube (and created an account on YouTube in the process):

We'll be using the channel in the future to post more videos of things like game play and, with any luck, new additions to the game, like samples that include Jake's music. Of course, only if the Kickstarter succeeds, mind you. Anyway, add it to your feeds, give it a thumbs up, or whatever it is you crazy kids do with these series of YouTubes! Spread the word far and wide!


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    1. Venron
      on April 23, 2013

      Ah, I have switched to Chrome on my work machine because of Flash (it is not installed other than the one in Chrome), so I will try Firefox.

    2. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on April 19, 2013

      Hmm. I don't see the broken links on Firefox. Tho, if I use Safari, I can see what you mean. Those look to be failed attempts at adding in images. I tried editing the html before the 30 minute editing timer expired. Looks like all I did was manage to get one of the images to repeat. Whoops! Anyway, I can at least say that no images are actually missing.

    3. Venron
      on April 19, 2013

      Hmmm, this update has a number of broken picture icons in it. I am surprised you didn't get more of a boost from the Shovel Knight shout-out. I happen to be a fan of VNs (I find the best place to get them), so I jumped on board. Hope you have more backers soon!