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Errant Heart is a Visual Novel—which is to say it's essentially a cross between a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book and a video game.
Errant Heart is a Visual Novel—which is to say it's essentially a cross between a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book and a video game.
357 backers pledged $10,111 to help bring this project to life.


So, even before we launched our Kickstarter, we've had trouble thinking of good, worth-while incentives for donations. Now that we're live and people are looking around, kicking our digital tires, as-it-were, we were wondering what others think about potential rewards? A digital art book? Posters? Physical CDs of the game sound track (complete with inserts)? Physical copies of the game (complete with box)? Plushie dolls? Something else entirely?


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    1. Andrew Darovich on

      Stickers, pins, mousepads, and stuff. Definitely.

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    3. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      So, after giving some thought to incentives, I came across one that *I* thought might be kinda interesting. Seems to me that shipping a physical product in a cardboard box is kinda boring. Now, given some of the themes of this project, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in receiving a painting canvas—say, 8x10—with a printed title image for the game, signed by us? It would include a physical copy of the game, of course.

      That being said, such a solution wouldn't be cheap. By my back-of-the-envelope calculations, this would probably have to fill the role of a donation level between $150 to $200-ish. And it would have to be pretty limited. But does that sound like something interesting? Or is that too odd (and too expensive)?

    4. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      You make some good points. While we can't make any drastic, immediate changes, we have made one:

      The $100 dollar donation level has been removed. In its place, the $50 dollar donation level will now include not only a digital download of the sound track, but early access to our release candidate version of the game, and a copy of the final build of the game.

      Again, since we already had donations in the original $50 dollar level, it couldn't be edited. However, rest assured that anyone who donates $50 or more will gain access to the early release candidate.

      Inclusion of more rewards will take more time to properly hammer out, however. Keep the ideas coming.

    5. Teresa Manco on

      I'd say stuff that's easy to send around - a physical copy of the game (make a mock-up, too! people love to see that kind of stuff, like the people at Dreamfall Chapters did) with artbook containing production sketches, a walkthrough of one particular process you employ (eg: we follow this process to streamline the production of our sprites, or here are the stages at which we colour our sprites, or here's a walkthrough by our BG artist on how he makes our backgrounds... etc.) and the CD of the soundtrack would be very enticing.
      Split this kind of thing in different "heights". For a lower, more accessible price you can get a copy of the game, add however much to your pledge and you can have the soundtrack, add another much and you can have the artbook, or you can have all three for a tiny bit less than you'd pay if you were to go for game+soundtrack+artbook.

      Add other small perks that can be considered add-ons, too and can be added via comment. Set of bookmarks? Set of keychains? T-shirt with a logo on (characters are cool, but more subtle t-shirts often are better and more wearable). Try and make it so one can buy the soundtrack and artbook on their own as well. For all you know, you're marketing to people that may only be interested in the digital download of the game and the physical soundtrack or the artbook, for example. The easier it is for prospective pledgers to mix and match and buy only what they want, the more people will give you money.

      While we're on the subject, I thought I'd mention that 100$ for early access to the game is a bit steep - apparently 30$ is the most common amount of money people pledge - I'd really place something like that around there, instead. Also, personally I think 20$ for a VN from a group that hasn't made VNs before (VVH may not really entice people to buy your VN, it's a different product possibly with a different audience) is pushing it a bit - most VNs which didn't go through KS go for around that price - I'd have placed it around 15$ instead. What sort of price are you going to ask for it once you start selling it? Is the price pledgers pay here for it a decent cut down compared to the final price? All of this should be made much more clear, as it puts off people from pledging, as it makes you look unorganised.

      * There's a typo in your only question so far, I'd correct that too, as every little bit helps in giving a better imrpression.

      ** I'd find high-sounding/imaginative names for your "packages" if you make those: don't just call them "game+soundtrack", maybe use some location names or other terms from your own universe, so you can even take the opportunity to expand upon those as you present the package on Kickstarter.

      "Clairvoyance of Cinnamon announced! Cinnamon is the wonderful land of stuff that is introduced after the fall and rise of Lira after she discovers her powers as a baker! This superpower allows her to nail cooking times and present her cakes in the best possible way - just like that we're offering to you the most delicious package containing a physical copy of the game, the artbook and the soundtrack!" *insert mockup of the covers and stuff* <- something like that.

      Those are all the things I could think of, good luck!