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Errant Heart is a Visual Novel—which is to say it's essentially a cross between a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book and a video game.
Errant Heart is a Visual Novel—which is to say it's essentially a cross between a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book and a video game.
357 backers pledged $10,111 to help bring this project to life.

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      David D. on

      I just watched & listened to the sample voice file. Color me impressed! The voice acting, the character designs, and the scenery all look excellent. I'm glad to see that things are moving along so well.

    2. FlamingFirewire on

      Aw man, I thought we were in the clear for the music... I guess all we can do is wait at this point...

    3. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      We started sending weekly requests to Jake at the beginning of February asking about his availability. I'm sure we'll eventually get a response. One of these months... ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      robotsheepboy on

      Hi, just wondering if there are any new updates on how things are going?

    5. FlamingFirewire on

      Hopefully we'll hear back from Jake about the music sometime in January so that we can see the final release of the game sometime before summer. That's just what I'm hoping for at this point though.

    6. Missing avatar

      David D. on

      I'm ok with investing some of the funds into royalty-free music, if the custom music doesn't materialize. Voice acting would be a nice bonus, but high-quality art and writing are more important to me. The sample art from the latest email looks great -- I'm looking forward to the finished game.

    7. Will on

      Yeah, you might want to make this an official update. I just randomly happened by to see if there was any news.
      Personally, I'd be absolutely thrilled by voice acting.

    8. FlamingFirewire on

      Hmm.... if the music were truly AWESOME (and it would have to be pretty fantastic), I think it would be okay to sacrifice Jake's music for having voice acting. That being said, the question then becomes who you would pay for that and how good the quality of the voice acting would be.

      Whenever we want to make that last push, I'd say make a kickstarter update (and send direct mass messages to all Kickstarter backers), wait a couple weeks to see if you hear back, and if we don't (and enough* backers agree to go with the alternate music) then you can mention which voice actors you had in mind/samples of what they'd sound like.

    9. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      So for those who are wondering, we're still plugging along. Do keep in mind that not only are we finishing up dozens of event CGs, but we have to generate half of the BGs which we couldn't get funded with the Kickstarter. And I suspect most of you would prefer that we match Owen's quality, rather than just crank out some poorly filtered photographs. That is...not a quick or easy task.

      That being said, neither of us want to continue working on this project forever. I want to have a finished product out before the calender reaches 2015. I suspect the most difficult part in making that deadline is going to be—you guessed it—the music.

      I don't think that there enough people who still check the Kickstarter to mass-spam Jake into paying attention. And that's really the issue: getting his attention. I think we can try one more time, but it will need to be a carefully planned, concerted effort, not just on our part, but on your part as well—the backers.

      However, we don't have all of our eggs in one basket. Something we're considering is foregoing custom-made music. Instead, we'll purchase some decent royalty-free music. But, with the savings from that, we could investigate the possibility of fulfilling one of our stretch goals: voice acting.

      Is that something that backers might be interested in?

    10. Joseph Huckleberry on

      Hey guys! Any news to share? :D

    11. FlamingFirewire on

      Considering the relative quiet over at the forums after the last build was released and the lack of updates over the last 3-4 months, should we expect some sort of update on how things are going soon? I'm perfectly understanding in that this certainly isn't a full-time occupation for you, but it would be nice to at least hear where we are in the project at this point. ^^

    12. François-Xavier Thomas on

      Hey guys! Did Jake finally manage to find some time for the music? How close are you to the finish line?

      By the way, I'm starting to have a little more free time on my hands than before, I'd love to check out the beta and give some feedback, but I wasn't able to find a link to register on the forum. Any help regarding that?

    13. FlamingFirewire on

      Keep up the marathon guys! Any word on final assets for music or outsourced backgrounds yet?

    14. Joseph Huckleberry on

      Thank you guys for responding! I think releasing a "beta" would definitely help tide people over until whenever you guys can finish up a RC. Just out of curiosity, are you guys waiting on resources or has life just not given you the time to work on the project the way you wanted?

    15. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Closer to completion? Yes. As close as we'd like. No. Real life is a PITA sometimes. Okay, most times. ;)

      At this point, we're thinking instead of giving out a RC (release candidate) to all of the $50-or-higher backers, we'll give out more of a beta. It'll allow those backers to get their hands on the game sooner and will be something that incorporates the fixes and suggestions provided during the first test build, but still with some incomplete resources. The biggest change between the two will probably be in how we handle "dead ends".

    16. Joseph Huckleberry on

      Hey guys, April has almost drawn to a close, any news on getting closer to completion since March? :)

    17. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      No songs ready yet. However, the BGs are starting to roll in fast and furious. Woo!

    18. FlamingFirewire on

      If you have any songs completed for the final release (like the game's main theme), maybe you could let us listen to it while we wait? Would love to see what he's done for the music in this game - on that note, do we have a final number of songs that'll be in the final game yet?

    19. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Expect an official update next week.

    20. Missing avatar

      Xamuel Jones on

      I mean, I "hope" they're going very well.

    21. Missing avatar

      Xamuel Jones on

      Since it's October, how are things going with the game? I have they're going very well!

    22. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Got the edits back from Lillian and more test-renders and final renders of various BGs. Working on the backer-created character sprites currently.

    23. Kristi on

      It's August, any news guys? :o

    24. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Yeah. Slow but steady. Gonna shoot for a "real" update some time this week.

    25. Joseph Huckleberry on

      So, haven't heard anything from you guys in almost a month; what's up? Things going well?

    26. FlamingFirewire on

      I think that all 357 of us backers would really appreciate it if you were to put even these "mini-updates" as regular updates as that is the only way these messages will be sent directly to us is by the "Updates" section.

    27. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Mini-update #2.

      All the text reformatting has been completed, and the current build of the game has been shipped off to Lillian. Will hopefully get some much valued editorial feedback in the coming weeks.

    28. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      I've thought about it. But even if we worked up an algorithm to automatically clear out the buffer and start printing on an empty screen, there's still the matter of artistic license, which an algorithm can't possibly handle.

      There are a lot of instances in which we want/need to have dialog appear as the first thing on screen due to dramatic effect. Even with a workable algorithm, I'd still have to through every single page of text to make sure it's formatted the way we want. And if I'm gonna do that, there's no way we'd waste time on icky math. :P

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. FlamingFirewire on

      @jim p Why would you want to do that?

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    32. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Wanted to post a mini-update. I figured it would be best in the comment section, because it's just a simple, really mundane update. But I figured folks would want to be kept abreast of our progress.

      The font that was used in the demos is actually a relatively new addition to the game. As such, I'm going through and reformatting every single screen (in the full game) so that text displays nicely. Unfortunately, Ren'Py has no feature to automatically stop text once it reaches the end of the screen. That all has to be done manually. And it's very tedious and boring and mind-numbing.

      So, yeah...I'll be doing that for the next week while we wait for Amazon to give us a final tally.

    33. FlamingFirewire on

      Can't wait to see what the final product is like - but I'm willing to wait for this one :)

    34. Missing avatar

      mayor meathammer on

      Awesome! CONGRATS!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Hussain Ahmadi on

      7 minutes to go! 10K is good, but I wanted to see the stretch goals happen. I thank everyone
      who contributed!

    36. Missing avatar

      Hussain Ahmadi on

      7 minutes to go! 10K is good, but I wanted to see the stretch goals happen. I thank everyone
      who contributed!

    37. phreakar on

      Wish I could up my 50$ pledge :( It was as far as I could push my funds for this.

    38. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Nine hours left!

      And it looks like one of the "Naming Rights" slots has opened up. So, if you have a burning desire to put your own little stamp on the game by naming something, now's your chance! Your last chance, in fact.

    39. Mister-Nep on

      I'm so glad the minimum has been met. I'm going to continue promoting the game until the end. Hopefully we can start hitting those stretch goals.

    40. Missing avatar

      Still Gaming on

      Extra thanks to those that pledged on April 14. $2K came out of nowhere. Kicktraq says one dude actually pulled out of a $160 pledge. Who does that?? That can kill a project like this, man! Nonetheless, I'm glad to see this beat the odds and pass 100%. It was on pace for $3K, so that makes this extra special. This really deserves a lot more, especially the $15K goal with voice acting, but it got buried for some reason. I only found it because I looked through a list of every single game currently on Kickstarter. At least the injustice was rectified. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    41. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Thanks everyone!

      And while I'm not sure what sort of organizational tools Kickstarter will provide us after the drive has ended, there will be some way of declaring the specific name or handle you want to show up in the game credits. We'll see what's available after the KS ends.

    42. Andrew Darovich on

      Congrats on reaching your goal. Looking forward to the end product!

    43. FlamingFirewire on

      When the drive is finally done, there will be a survey that goes out for names and such right? I would hate to be forced into using my username on kickstater as my name in the credits since I have some ideas for a middle/nickname for the name.

    44. Benjamin Youngman on

      47 hours to go :D Hopefully my name new name will go into the credits rather than the old one :/

    45. Missing avatar

      Eric Liu on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal!

    46. Will on

      Have you considered moving the stretch goals up a little higher on the main page? It's kind of hard to see them where they're at now.
      Maybe something like an image with "Funding Achieved" and the amount of the next stretch goal so that new backers can see it immediately upon looking at the front page? Only 6 hours to the 48 hour reminder e-mails after all.

    47. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      Each path is definitely its own story. As Sam earlier surmised, they're more akin to the paths in FSN--Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel.

    48. FlamingFirewire on

      So would you say that each route is an individual story (with obvious branching paths as you point out), or will it be akin to "play all routes and then be presented with a 'true' ending" type scenario?

    49. Pseudomé Studio LLC Creator on

      FlaminFirewire and Sam—Each path through Errant Heart makes "stops" at various characters "branches" along the way. It's kinda hard to illustrate since ASCII characters won't really format properly here, but if one were to flatten out everything, it'd sorta look like this:

      Intro -> Character 1-A -> Character 3 -> Character 7-A
      Intro -> Character 1-B -> Character 4 -> Character 7-B

      Intro -> Character 2-A -> Character 5 -> Character 7-C
      Intro -> Character 2-B -> Character 6 -> Character 7-D

      Each character branch has its own beginning, middle and sort of "soft ending" before continuing on to the next character branch.

    50. Sam Garamy

      Sounds a lot like the F/SN route system - I assume that the route split off would be an early one, then, and tell completely different stories? I do hope that they get released at a later date anyway, though. If you aren't in a good enough situation to make them yourselves, I'd certainly be up for backing another KS for the other routes, and that'd probably cost less since you'd be able to rely on resources from this one.

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