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Amiga classic Wings gets re-mastered in high definition with all its original missions, dogfights, story and gameplay!
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Update 10/17

Posted by Cinemaware (Creator)

Hey Guys,

just a very short and good update.

There is a lot of stuff shipped to me right now. Poster, Manual, Aviation-Manual, CDs, USB-Drive and especially the Big-Boxes are on the way. Most of the parts will arrive at thursday. After this, their will be a big update with photos and else. The Comic is in production right now and will be not be delivered before this weekend. 



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    1. Ryan Barry on

      Isn’t it about time for some more empty promises for the new year? :)

    2. xwormwood on

      Guys, no need to punish Sven for things which are out of his control.
      Without Sven we would get NOTHING at all, and for all its worth, I would like to say THANK YOU to Sven, for not letting us down, where he could easily had abandon the project like the rest of the team.

    3. Stallone7 on

      Haha david sharp, ryan barry. you both nailed it

    4. Jeroen Dekkers

      Hi Sven - I hope you're able to answer my question below. I also sent you another message directly here through Kickstarter. Still looking forward to trying out the game.

    5. Tomlechti on

      Hi Sven

      What will the USB-Drive capacity ?

      almost 3 years and a half, and physical rewards are finally here ...

    6. Lee Swain on

      Yikes. People have still not gotten their rewards?!?! Crazy. One SUPERBACKER did not get the game yet?!?! NUTS! Hope you get this all sorted out ASAP!

      Also hope Starbreeze announce a VR It Came From The Desert soon too :D

    7. Ryan Barry on

      lol. Did you forget how many times over the past 5 years you claimed to have those rewards or are “on their way”?

    8. Missing avatar

      david sharp on

      Having had no game, no hat, and no hope, how about a picture? You have a lot to prove. Besides, I thought this was dead, long dead. May be better to stop posting and just send the rewards when ready - more of a surprise and less annoying

    9. Jeroen Dekkers

      Hi Sven, glad to hear the physical rewards are coming together. In the meantime I still haven’t received my game. I tried contacting you through here and through BackerKit. Could you please look into this?