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Amiga classic Wings gets re-mastered in high definition with all its original missions, dogfights, story and gameplay!
1,387 backers pledged $91,380 to help bring this project to life.

Wings! Remastered Edition - General Update

Posted by Cinemaware (Creator)

Esteemed Wings! and Cinemaware backers!

This is the latest general update to inform you of the news concerning Wings! Remastered Edition, platform availabilities and deliverables, along with some other Cinemaware-related news!

First & foremost, we apologize to all fans & backers for our months-long delay in posting updates. Our focus has been intensely on finishing the mobile (iOS & Android) versions of the game, which took more time than we expected due to QA testing and ensuring the touch interface was as fun as possible.

Wings! Remastered Edition Platform Releases

Android and iOS versions: We are really glad to announce the release of these versions are IMMINENT - by/before May 1st we should be able to start distributing copies to all backers who chose these platforms in their pledge! Again we are sorry for the delay but we hope you will agree that the extra development & testing time was time well-spent! Android players should get their version right away, and iOS owners should email us at to ensure each of you gets an exclusive key! 

Mac version: This has been available for backers since the PC release, and an official release on Apple's Mac Store should happen during May. Until then, anyone can purchase a copy of this version directly from us!

PC & Mac versions: Have now been fully delivered to all backers. If you did not get your copy, email us at 

Wings (Emulated Amiga Edition) Platform Releases

Mac version: This version has now been finished as well! A tough emulation job but it's now ready!

Android, iOS & PC versions: have been delivered to all backers! Please let us know if you have NOT received yours yet by writing us at

GOG Keys: We are also glad to announce that we have been able to secure GOG keys for all Wings (Emulated Amiga Edition) backers who desire to get keys for their GOG accounts!

Extra Add-On Copies & Gift Copies: If you are in a pledge level that allows you to choose multiple copies of the game OR gift them to others, please ensure you have answered the full BackerKit survey and inserted the name & email of your gift recipient OR picked the platform of your choice for those extra copies! :)  

For gift recipients, we add their name & email to our list and they will then get their own, unique survey to reply in order to get the game of their choice! Please remind them to answer the BackerKit survey they receive, otherwise we will not know what to send them! 

As always, if you are missing your game copy or have any issues, please contact us at! We really want to help ensure everyone is happy!

Physical Rewards

We have been naturally getting a good number of worried inquires about the state of the physical items included in many pledges, since the original game's release has been a few months back now.

We'd like to assure everyone that we have NOT forgotten or minimized the importance of getting these physical rewards to all of you, but we have had to establish priorities within our production team that unfortunately had delaying effects on the finalization and shipment of these items. 

For example, designs for many of the items (T-shirts, caps, etc.) have been done for a good time now, but a few others (like the graphic novel and medal) have taken us far longer to complete given the specialized nature of their development & manufacture. We can not start shipping all items out until the complete sets are done, as shipping piecemeal rewards would increase mailing costs too much.

Graphic Novel
Graphic Novel

Most of all, given the limited funds we raised and had for development, we have have had to be extremelly careful not to overspend on multiple suppliers, and spent time trying to consolidate the manufacture of all items from as few suppliers as possible - both in order to ensure budgets were met but also to ensure we had the necessary scale to demand a high quality for all items.

Yet, we recognize that many backers have been upset with our delay and for this we can only apologize. We hope you can all see we have been sincerely trying to deliver the best for this project in everything we have done and delivered to you - and considering the budget and our team size, that our extended delivery times for the physical rewards are acceptable and reasonable in light of so many other delayed Kickstarter projects.

Amiga-replica box
Amiga-replica box

As such, here's the state of all physical rewards and their estimated ship times:

T-shirts, caps, patch, calendar, poster: design is done, supplier chosen. Manufacture & shipping expected during May.

Amiga-box replica & USB stick: design is done, supplier chosen. Manufacture & shipping expected during May.

Limited-edition Medal & Farrah's Framed Photo: design is done, supplier chosen. Manufacture & shipping expected during May.

Wings! Graphic Novel: graphic design still under development. Supplier chosen. Manufacture & shipping expected during June/July.

Wings Patch
Wings Patch

Please make sure we have all your latest shipping info (name & full address) by getting into your BackerKit account using the original email you provided at This will avoid further delays in getting your rewards to you when they start shipping!

Again - if you have any problems, email us at backer@cinemaware

In other Cinemaware news...

It Came From the Desert: The Action Game - Extended Cut for Sega Genesis pre-order notifications are up-and-running! Sign up now and get a copy of this limited collector's edition!

The producers of It Came From the Desert - The Movie have released a teaser trailer and Visual FX concept test...see both at

The Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991 is out on Steam - it includes most of the original Cinemaware Amiga and PC classics in one bundle! Check it out now!

Get Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown now!
Get Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown now!

Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown for PC has finally been re-released and made available for the first time for online purchase! You can get it now at Amazon! All purchases further help us in development of new games and the ongoing development of Rocket Ranger Reloaded!

Once again, thanks for being a loyal (and patient) supporter of Cinemaware.

Team Cinemaware

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    1. xwormwood on

      Last week i bought on Steam the Cinemaware Anthology.
      What did I do first? Starting the AMIGA Wings.
      I was instantly back into the Game, it has aged quite well.
      But there is a pretty anoying bug (at least one, maybe more, didn't played too long because of this bug):
      it is nearly impossible to win the dogfights. And this because of the fact that you need to shoot down the enemy planes more than once. If you're flying to hight (=not NEAR the ground), the won't crash, but return, miracously healed. I had to shoot down one Eindecker at least four times before i won the very first dogfight. Only when i flew next to the ground the Eindecker crashed into the ground...
      Why do i write this here is because
      a) it is a pretty bad bug and no patch, no communication at all
      b) Cinemare oviously has abandoned the Cinemareware Forum at (today spam topic - no moderation at all!- ; Gay sex. Just great, thanks for nothing, Cinemaware!
      c) i didn't wanted to write a disastrous user review at steam, thought you might appreciate it to get this outburst in the rather private atmosphere of the Kickstarter update comments instead, where the amount of readers is rather limited.
      c) i with this experience (and I'm somehow sure I'm not the only one aroun) I'm beginning to lose confidence in Cinemaware.

      Guys, I'm pretty aware that you're struggling to keep everything running, to develop, and to keep your noses above the water line.
      But you make it very hard for customers to really LIKE what you're doing within the last years.

      Back in the day Cinemaware was rock solid, even in the early 2000 years.
      But right now you really need to improve. The least you should do is to star to comunicate with your customers again. Seeing falling apart is a BAD decision, as this should be YOUR place to COMMUNICATE with your CUSTOMERS.
      Seeing you not doing anything to change that is such an unbelievable bad sign.
      If you have no time to moderate the forum, than disable it. And offer a contact email address for technical problems. Next logical step would be to offer a timetable for your patches. Even if you don't have enough time today, show your customers that you haven't forgotten them once you've taken their money.
      As far as i know it there are problems with the Wings Remake, which didn't get even adressed here or at GOG or at Steam. And now I have learned there are problems with the Amiga emulated Wings too.
      Again: i know that your flying on a limited budget, with not enought manpower.
      But you need to communicate. Ignoring questions, problems ot technical issues is no solution, but the another step to scare customers away from your future projects.

    2. Iain Rockliffe

      Email sent I am missing a few things

    3. LosT_SouL_VL on

      GOG Keys: We are also glad to announce that we have been able to secure GOG keys for all Wings (Emulated Amiga Edition) backers who desire to get keys for their GOG accounts!

      How do backers get/ask for their GOG key?

    4. Stian on

      While I am happy to get updates, and am glad you are working on other versions as well as the classics, it would pay you to take a look at the game forums on the places where it is sold, like GOG and Steam, at least once in a while.

      The GOG version has been without voice-overs for a lot of people, a VERY LONG time now (since December patch) and we have been trying to tell you to fix it:

    5. xwormwood on

      "Willing to purchase" it should have been, sorry for the typo.

      Btw.: check your official Cinemaware forum, there is quite a lot of spam activity, you might want to stop that:…

      Otherwise other interested customers might be scared away if this becomes their first impression of Cinemaware ...

    6. xwormwood on

      Thanks for the update!
      Glad that you are finally ready to hand out information regarding the phsyical rewards.
      Keep up the good work.

      @ Robin Hood:
      right now it is not possible for non-american customers to purchase download-only games from
      Do you offer the game anywhere else? Would be great, as I'm more than will to purchase it.

      @ Hanss

      Will this ever stop? There was no "steam key" promise during the entire campaign.

    7. Hanss on

      And again no word about Steam Keys...