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1989 Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure videogame!
942 backers pledged $90,715 to help bring this project to life.

Rocket Ranger Reloaded - Refund Process

Posted by Cinemaware (Creator)

Hello everyone,

As promised, this update covers specific instructions on how everyone can get a refund for their RRR pledge on Kickstarter (or PayPal, if that is what you used to pledge).

We are aware that we let our fans down during this campaign ,in spite of our best efforts to seek all the funding that was necessary to proceed with the project after the campaign ended. Yet, as previously mentioned, the best decision is to refund all of you and hope that most of you will still see fit to support us in the future and with our other ongoing projects (like the Cinemaware Retro lineup). 

The End?
The End?

To get a refund:

A) Email us at and inform us:

- your Kickstarter USERNAME used to pledge for the game

- your PayPal account/email

- confirm how much you pledged (this will help expedite the refund process)

You don't have PayPal? Here's what to do:

B) Open a PayPal account. It's free. It's fast.

C) Use a relative's/friend's PayPal account, so we can send the refund to them instead

We WILL NOT be able to send wires to bank accounts - that is a very expensive process. We are already making full refunds, even though Kickstarter kept 10% of all the funds pledged, so Cinemaware is having to add another 10% to all the funds being returned so that none of our backers are shortchanged.

For accounting reasons, we need to refund everyone by December 31st, so please ensure you send us a request as soon as possible!

Once again, we thank EVERYONE for your great support, the great feedback and even all the criticism - we humbly apologize for not delivering on this project. As me move forward, we hope we can count on your ongoing support. Game development is very hard work and only the most passionate keep going on - and our passion is Cinemaware!

Team Cinemaware


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    1. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @All: Everyone that has not yet claimed a refund, please do so! We have only a few days left before year's end, and it is very important we get your refund back before then. If you know others who have backed but have not claimed a refund yet, please let them know!

      Email us at

    2. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      Guys, please read also the updates here. We are working on the list, but can´t answer any request. There are still a couple of 100s to go.

    3. Lee Gregory on

      Still no refund for me and no reply to any emails and messages.

    4. Dean Demon on

      I'm sure that we will all receive our refunds by the 31st deadline, still waiting for mine also but i'll admit it would have been good to get it by christmas but it's also nice to see some of you receiving your refunds so it's just a waiting game and i'm sure that CW are working hard to get everyone finished.

    5. Carl G. Hughes on

      I am also still awaiting my refund. I really hoped this project would come to fruition but I'll keep an eye on any of your future projects.

    6. Marcel Beringer on

      No refund and no updates from CW yet. Resent to and

    7. Joerg Droege on

      I have just received my refund, thanks guys! :)

    8. Trond Lunde on

      I have also resent the data to you, and to I take it for granted that this process is still ongoing. Please keep us updated.

    9. Marcel Beringer on

      No refund here either yet, @CW: update please? The refund procedure still in progress?

    10. Wojtek Sal

      @Cinemaware: Since I still did not receive a refund I've resent my data to you.

    11. Anthony Hinds on

      Hi guys

      So sorry to hear the news, I don't want a refund, keep it and please stay in touch or let me know a mailing list I can subscribe to. More than happy to back you guys in future whatever your next venture may be.


    12. Terry Bowbanks on

      Thanks cinema ware my money's refunded have a great xmas

    13. xwormwood on

      Toady i've received my refund.
      Thanks a lot for this!
      Can't wait before you update the Retro-Shop with some new items.
      Will be looking there every now and than from now on.
      Thanks again, CW / Sven!

    14. Terry Bowbanks on

      Thanks for the update

    15. Cinemaware 3-time creator on


      we are working on the refund. Everyone gets his money back before Dec. 31. We working every day on the refund list.Right now, we can´t answer every mail. If you send a mail and don´t get a response after Dec. 20 then please contact us.

      @Keith: We add the fee with a calculator, how much is missing? Please write a mail at the refund adress.

    16. Keith Gunn on

      I have received my refund but was charged a recipient fee from PayPal so was refunded a little bit less than I paid.

    17. Terry Bowbanks on

      It's been promised so I'm sure we will all get refunded the money before the 31st.
      C/w do need to sort out there communication to stop us all stressing but as long as it's sorted I don't mind.

    18. Marcel Beringer on

      No refund yet, and no reply on my email from November 23rd...

      As said before, CW lacks the ability to communicate. Without good communication all future projects shall fail as well.

    19. Trond Lunde on

      No reply here either and no refund.
      Cinemaware knows that if they fail on this, the last grain of trust will be gone.
      If you fail to pay me back the money i spent on this failed project then I will never buy a Cinemaware product again.

    20. Wojtek Sal

      Here too: Nor reply, no refund.

    21. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Same here, no reply or refund yet :(

    22. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      we started with the refunds end of last week. Tomorrow we will move on. Also then everyone who got a refund last week and also the following will get an update mail.

    23. Lee Gregory on

      I have not received a refund or a reply email either. Would at least like to know that the email has been received and the details are correct....

    24. Joerg Droege on

      Me neither, so I assume that nothing is coming as a reply is normal?

    25. Ricky Derocher on

      I sent an email to with how much I pledged along with my PayPal account info on November 22. I haven't received a reply back yet - I just wanted to make sure that my email was received and that I have correctly given the required information for the refund. Thanks.

    26. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      Thanks for all your comments. And thanks for those that we can keep the pledges. This will help a lot. We will start the refund in the next week. but please be patience with us, it need a bit time.

    27. Rob Crowther

      Please keep the money and buy a book on Linux programming ;)

    28. Stallone7 on

      Sent out the email with my re-funding informations. If my money gets back to me this is the first positiv action from u guys in the last few month.

      Aftre that im thinking about to buy this "new" Defender of the Crown Edition... But the Box Layout, better said the colour.... Dosn´t like it at all. Why such a green colour? It looks like the Green & Pepper Cheap Line releases. And doesnt fit to all the classic Game boxex i got from CW.

    29. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @All: Thanks to all of you who have been so kind and supportive about the refunding process. As we have always said, Kickstarter is a platform to enable dreams to come true, whatever that might be. We will always stand by our fans and have your best interest in mind.

    30. BigD on

      I'm all good. Like Stian, I view this as an investment.

    31. Stian on

      While I am really sad nothing will happen with RR, at least for the near future, and I am worried about other Cinemaware games I'd like to see remastered, I will not need a refund.

      I've never considered Kickstarter a store. You invest what you are willing, to support a project that you want to see made into reality. If you get physical goods as well, ok fine, but there is no guarantee for success even for funded projects. Murphy's Law and all that.

      As a backer, if I can give one tip for the future; focus more on post-release support, this has been really bad for Wings! There is still (last I checked) people missing voice-overs on the GOG version. If you mess up post-release on this, people will not come back.

      Anyway, best of luck on other projects guys!

    32. Tom

      Same here, I don't need a refund, you can use it anyway you want, no need to track it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Wes on

      Appreciate the honesty and how you handled all this. I've been burned by less scrupulous characters on kickstarter before and was never upset about the money, just the lies.

      Don't need a refund, enjoy a few beers on me.

    34. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Refund email sent. I'll definitely look to support again & am now patiently waiting for the DOC collectors edition. ;-)
      FWIW: I'll like to mirror xwormwood's comment. You've handled a very difficult situation well & I have full confidence in you all.
      Thanks again Sven and all the very best to you and the Cinemaware team.

    35. Przemek Zawadzki on

      @Cinemaware: Thank you for your answer. Anyway: I will not follow the procedure, so keep my funds, do not keep track of it, and use it for any project you want. Including some beer for the Cinemaware Team :-) or a charity project of your choice. Regards!

    36. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @xwormwood: Thanks Claus! You have always been a good fan and always very clear in your opinions. We wish we could have been more efficient in our communications or faster in getting the refunds going, but we really tried to find additional funding for the project as far as we could. We will keep on working on new things and hope everyone here will see fit to keep up with us!

    37. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @Przemek Zawadzki: We will keep it as a credit under your account name, that you can claim in the future for a piece of merchandise or another game. But it is best to refund you since keeping track of too many credits is not what we are set up to do :)

    38. xwormwood on

      I can't even imagine how much it might hurt to do this refund.
      But i appreciated it very much.
      You've proven to be a) trustworthy up to the point where it really hurts, and you made a big statement: we're here to STAY.
      And I can promise you, that i will stay at your side.
      Bring on new items, may it be retro fan articles, new / old games, or even a new cround founding project.
      Well done guys, well done Sven.

    39. Przemek Zawadzki on

      And if we do not follow the procedure you will keep the funds for future projects?

    40. PR Taylor

      Might be a good idea to add the backer number as well - Ensure you've selected Backed projects, see under collected pledges and press the plus icon and it will show just under the title of the project.

    41. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @Rob Crowther: We would really like to refund you but there is no other practical way, as the credit card system used by Kickstarter is not available for issuing refunds (unfortunately). What we can do is keep your funds as a credit which you can use in the future (for merchandise, or some other product we offer). We hope this is fair?

      Please do email us anyway letting us know what you prefer us to do.

    42. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @Joerg Droege: We can only refund via PayPal, regardless if you funded via Kickstarter or after via PayPal. There is no way to issue refunds via Kickstarter and their credit card system used by Amazon.

    43. Joerg Droege on

      I guess PayPal is only for usage if somebody pledged after the kickstarter was over already? If somebody pledged inside the campaign it probably went off a credit card via Amazon Payments system and will be refunded this way? The post is pretty unclear in this aspect.

    44. Rob Crowther

      I refuse to have a PayPal account. Guess you get to keep my money then.